Divi Video Boost

Divi video training: create professionally designed websites

⏱ 6h15 theory / 🎬 96 videos / 🤝 30min. individual coaching

Divi is the perfect tool for designing elegant, polished, and dynamic websites that inspire confidence and inspire people to browse. With this training, you'll understand how it works, master the intricacies, and save time when creating.

Formation WordPress éligible CPF
« Je suis web Designer et voulais me former sur Divi. La formation est découpée en petits modules, ce qui est très pratique et le WorkBook associé est devenu ma bible. Je recommande à 100% »



3 days of training for an immediate application

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Progress at your own pace without blocking

I show you all the steps to follow on my screen. I answer all your questions within 48 hours and during our individual coaching (video tutoring).

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Save time

This course is straight to the point and focuses solely on Divi. I'll spare you the filler that inflates the hourly volume without helping you progress.

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Acquire the right reflexes

I share with you my practical advice, shortcuts and tricks to gain fluidity. You discover new uses that enrich your inspiration.

"Thanks to a great pedagogy and a step by step progression, we can access all the secrets of DIVI. A big thank you to Lycia for this training which allows me to have more control over my site and which even makes me want to go further.



Get to grips with all the riches of Divi in less than 2 days

Divi opens up every imaginable creative possibility. However, it's easy to become paralysed by all the options. Some people give up on their project thinking that it will take months to start mastering Divi.

The participants of this course, including complete beginners, have all achieved results. I can confirm that if you follow the videos carefully and practice immediately, you will be able to create professional layouts and designs in less than 3 days.

What's more, you are never alone: I answer all your questions and accompany you personally during a 30-minute individual coaching session.

This course is primarily aimed at web designers and entrepreneurs.

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(and future web designers)

Whether you want to start up, retrain, reinforce your skills or better invoice your services, this Divi training course will guide you step by step.

If you are already using Divi or have used it, I propose to professionalise your approach with practical and immediately actionable tips and advice.

In addition, Divi is constantly evolving. You can find the procedure to follow in a few minutes without having to search the internet.

Express your creativity freely with Divi.

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You will find all the explanations to personalise, improve or redesign your site.

This training is accessible to all entrepreneurs, even those who are new to WordPress.

You can easily adapt page templates or complete websites from Divi's graphic designers.

You can also modify your web design with Divi.

Express your creativity freely with Divi and benefit from an invaluable asset for your business.

Your Divi training includes :

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96 Videos

6h15 of step by step tutorials + 14h00 of practice

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free access to future updates

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pour valider votre compréhension des vidéos

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Response within 48 hours

Make continuous progress without ever getting stuck

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30min. de tutorat individuel en visio (seulement CPF / OPCO / AIF)

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Divi trial version

Offert, pour vous former (licence non-incluse)

pack workbook

Divi le WorkBook

Support PDF de 640 pages à télécharger

woocommerce guide

WooCommerce Suivez le Guide

Support PDF de 275 pages à télécharger

"I've been producing WordPress sites in DIVI for several years now, but thanks to this training, I'll be much more accurate and productive. His tips and "pro tips" galore will save me hours and hours on my client projects."



Benefit from grants to finance your training

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Votre OPCO ou Pôle Emploi peuvent financer l’intégralité de la formation Divi.

offre cpf blanc


Le package WordPress + Divi est pris en charge par le CPF.

Divi will no longer hold any secrets for you

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Divi Builder

Create beautiful layouts

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Découvrez les astuces de pro pour sauver votre temps

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Adaptez votre site à toutes les tailles d’écran

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Theme Builder

Customize theme templates

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Showcase the store

All the keys to create spectacular layouts and visually customize your WordPress sites

What is the programme of this training?

Module 1 - 1h00 - included in "Divi Visual Builder

Divi theme: installation and settings

🎬 9 Videos: 35 min - 👩🏻💻 Practice: 25 min

  • Get the Elegant Themes license
  • Install Divi and activate the license
  • Divi theme options
  • Le personnaliseur : en-tête et navigation, pied de page…
  • Manage menu locations
  • Offert : le guide Divi en PDF (675 pages – 97€)

Module 2 - 1 hour - included in "Divi Visual Builder

Visual Builder: the basics

🎬 9 Videos: 27 min. - 👩🏻💻 Practice: 33 min.

  • Better understand how Divi works
  • The concept of Layout
  • Sections, lines & modules
  • The logic of options
  • Display modes
  • Other interface options

Module 3 - 2h00 - included in "Divi Visual Builder

Visual Builder: the simple features

🎬 8 Videos: 28 min - 👩🏻💻 Practice: 1h00

  • Handle margins and texts
  • Margins, sizing and gutters
  • Shadows & borders
  • The filters
  • Transformation options
  • Entrance animations
  • Section dividers
  • Forms (RGPD + ReCAPTCHA)

Module 4 - 2h00 - included in "Divi Visual Builder

Visual Builder: advanced features

🎬 10 Videos: 25 min - 👩🏻💻 Practice: 1h35

  • Hover effects
  • Gradients, patterns and masks
  • Anchors and CSS IDs
  • Visibility conditions and triggers
  • Attributes and transitions
  • The Fixed position
  • Scroll effects: rotation, enlargement and horizontal

Module 5 - 2h30 - included in "Divi Visual Builder

Tutorial: Reproducing a creatively designed layout

🎬 7 Videos: 39 min - 👩🏻💻 Practical: 1h50

  • Reproduce the homepage of an existing site
  • Finishing touches: animations and scroll effects
  • Exporting or importing a layout

Module 6 - 1h00 - included in "Divi Visual Builder

Responsive: managing screen sizes

🎬 6 Videos: 24 min - 👩🏻💻 Practice: 0h36

  • Views vs. Options
  • The cause of 99% of responsive problems
  • Not all designs are mobile friendly
  • Fix the responsive menu + Media Queries

Module 7 - 1h00 - included in "Divi Visual Builder

The Divi Library and Premades Layouts

🎬 7 Videos: 0h25 - 👩🏻💻 Practice: 0h35

  • Premade Layouts
  • Importing a layout part
  • Save to Divi Library
  • The overall elements
  • Create a template from the library
  • Import / export from the library
Tutorial 0h30 - included in "Divi Visual Builder

Video tutoring

👩🏻💻 Practical: 0h30

  • Private tutor
  • Screen sharing
  • Personalized help
Module 8 - 1h30 - included in "Divi Theme Builder

Site design

🎬 7 Videos: 0:30 - 👩🏻💻 Practice: 1:00

  • Understanding the usefulness of the Theme Builder
  • Global header and footer
  • Global body of the default web template
  • Different header and footer on a specific page
  • Hide the header and footer on a landing page
  • Delete, duplicate or reassign a template
Module 9 - 1h45 - included in "Divi Theme Builder

Blog design

🎬 8 videos: 0:45 - 👩🏻💻 Practice: 1:00

  • Blog page template
  • Template for blog posts
  • Add a floating sidebar to blog posts
  • Decline the style of the articles according to their category
  • Add related items to the bottom of the articles
  • Category and Author Archive Model
Module 10 - 1h15 - included in "Divi Theme Builder

Other pages & tips

🎬 4 Videos: 0:15 - 👩🏻💻 Practice: 1:00

  • Template of the 404 errors page
  • Search results page template
  • Export or import theme templates
  • Save a theme template to the Divi library

Module 11 - 1h15 - included in "Divi Theme Builder

Petites for your designs

🎬 6 videos: 0:15 - 👩🏻💻 Practice: 1:00

  • Sticky menu at the top or bottom of the screen
  • Header hero with original sticky menu
  • Customized back up button
  • Footer that reveals itself on scroll + custom "back to top" button

Module 12 - included in "Divi for WooCommerce

Understanding the WooCommerce Builder

🎬 2 Videos: 0:08 - 👩🏻💻 Practice: 0:15

  • Divi's native options for WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce modules (WooCommerce Builder)
  • WooCommerce Builder or Theme Builder?
  • Important to avoid conflicts
  • Offert : guide WooCommerce en PDF (275 pages – 97€)
Module 13 - included in "Divi for WooCommerce

Create the design of the store

🎬 5 Videos: 0h20 - 👩🏻💻 Practice: 1h15

  • Store page template
  • Shopping cart page template + optimization
  • Order Validation Page Template
  • My Account page template
Module 14 - included in "Divi for WooCommerce

Create the product design

🎬 5 Videos: 0:15 - 👩🏻💻 Practice: 1:30

  • Model of the product sheets
  • Act on the design of a particular product
  • Different product sheet depending on the category
  • Product sheet in a "landing page" style
Module 15 - included in "Divi for WooCommerce

Create the design of the archive pages

🎬 4 Videos: 0:17 - 👩🏻💻 Practice: 1:00

  • Custom category archive model
  • Dynamic model for the entire product category archive
  • Attribute archives & label archives

The estimated times for practice are calculated for users already mastering the WordPress universe, if you are a complete beginner, you can multiply them by 2 😅 ...
The colors used for the frames allow to visualize to which module the lessons belong: purple for the "Divi Visual Builder" module / pink for the "Divi Theme Builder" module / orange for the "Divi for WooCommerce" module.

⚠️ This course does not cover :

❌ Installing, setting up and building your WordPress site.
❌ L’installation et le paramétrage de WooCommerce : seulement le design de la boutique avec Divi est abordé MAIS mon guide « WooCommerce : Suivez le guide » en PDF vous est OFFERT !

Examples of sites created by students

site 5
site 1
site 3
site 2
site 4

Discover immediately 3 videos of the training

Video from the Divi Visual Builder module

Video from the Divi Visual Builder module

Video from the Divi Theme Builder module

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Tutoring session included

At the end of the course, you book a 30-minute video meeting with me. I answer your last questions live. This is an opportunity to give you tips tailored to your project and to help you professionalise your approach.

(Video session only valid on the versions financed by CPF or by the OPCO of your company).

« Construite pas à pas, avec des vidéos courtes et très bien faites, des PDF très complets en compléments, cette formation est un petit bijou. Beaucoup d’astuces et de bonnes pratiques qui font gagner du temps en productivité. »



Register for Divi training

divi video boost

Divi Video Boost without funding

***For those who already know WordPress***

✅ Unlimited access

✅ Updates included

✅ 48-hour response to your questions

Divi theme included - license not included

✅ 55 "Divi Visual Builder" videos

✅ 25 videos "Divi Theme Builder"

✅ 16 "Divi for WooCommerce" videos

✅ Inclus le Guide Divi PDF (97€)

✅ Inclus WooCommerce PDF (97€)

💰 Paiement en 1, 3, 5 ou 10 fois

(valeur réelle 714€)


You opt for a registration without financing. Access is immediate after purchase. The prices shown are inclusive of 20% VAT.

divi formation

Divi Video Boost with funding

***For those who already know WordPress***

✅ Unlimited access

✅ Updates included

✅ 48 hour response to your questions

Divi theme included - license not included

✅ 55 "Divi Visual Builder" videos

✅ 25 videos "Divi Theme Builder"

✅ 16 "Divi for WooCommerce" videos

✅ Inclus le Guide Divi PDF

✅ Inclus le Guide WooCommerce PDF

0.5 hours of video tutoring

✅ Fundable OPCO


You opt for a Training Action. The prices displayed are exclusive of VAT. We discuss during a short interview, you then receive the documents to request the coverage from your OPCO. The access to the training is immediate after the payment. At the end of the training, you will receive all the documents to request reimbursement from your OPCO.

Formation WordPress et Divi CPF

WordPress +
Divi + Certif. Tosa

***For those who are starting from scratch***

✅ Unlimited access

✅ Updates included

✅ 48 hour response to your questions

Divi theme included - license not included

✅ 55 "Divi Visual Builder" videos

✅ 25 videos "Divi Theme Builder"

✅ 16 "Divi for WooCommerce" videos

✅ Inclus le Guide Divi PDF

✅ Inclus le Guide WordPress PDF

✅ Inclus le Guide WooCommerce PDF

81 vidéos WordPress

1.5 hours of video tutoring

Fundable OPCO

Éligible CPF

Certification TOSA WordPress


offre cpf blanc

You opt for a Training Action. The prices shown are exclusive of VAT. You register on the official " My Training Account" website. Access to the training is not immediate. A period of 11 days is necessary to create your file and carry out our compulsory preliminary interview.

Satisfied or your money back

I will refund your entire Divi training by simple email request without asking a single question if you have not spent more than 30 minutes on the platform within 30 days of purchase.

Unfortunately, administrative constraints do not allow me to offer this guarantee to training courses covered by financing (CPF - OPCO).


"Divi à la carte".

Buy only the Divi Module you are interested in

Il est maintenant possible de vous former à la carte. Vous choisissez seulement le module dont vous avez besoin ! C’est idéal si vous n’avez pas besoin de vous former à la totalité de la formation Divi Vidéo Boost qui comprend les 3 packs suivants (valeur de 520€) + le guide Divi PDF d’une valeur de 97€+ le guide WooCommerce PDF d’une valeur de 97€. Soit un total de 714€ si vous achetez tout séparément.

formation divi visual builder

Page design

For those who want to create professional layouts.

✅ Unlimited access

✅ Updates included

✅ 48 hour response to your questions

✅ 55 videos (approx. 3:30)

🎁 Inclus le PDF « Divi le WorkBook » (vendu séparément à 97€)


Not eligible OPCO / CPF. You opt for a registration without financing. Access is immediate after purchase. The prices shown are inclusive of 20% VAT.

divi theme builer light

Site design

For those who wish to create a custom design for the entire site

✅ Unlimited access

✅ Updates included

✅ 48 hour response to your questions

✅ 25 videos (approx. 1h45)

🎁 54 mises en page bonus à télécharger


Not eligible OPCO / CPF. You opt for a registration without financing. Access is immediate after purchase. The prices shown are inclusive of 20% VAT.

divi woocommerce light

Design Boutique

For those who want to get a WooCommerce store with a professional design

✅ Unlimited access

✅ Updates included

✅ 48 hour response to your questions

✅ 16 videos (approx. 1 hour)

🎁 Inclus le PDF « WooCommerce Suivez le Guide » (valeur 97€)


Not eligible OPCO / CPF. You opt for a registration without financing. Access is immediate after purchase. The prices shown are inclusive of 20% VAT.

Would you like to learn more about your trainer?


My name is Lycia. I am the founder of the Divi Tips website. I have written over 120 articles on my favourite theme. I use it on all my sites and those of my clients.

I have been training entrepreneurs and web designers to create websites with WordPress for more than 5 years. I am the author of the book "Je crée mon site avec WordPress" published by Eyrolles.

This course is action-oriented. I want to get you up to speed on Divi as quickly as possible. I will show you the features to get you excited about experimenting and creating your own style. The tutorial module is an opportunity to put into practice what we have seen together.

➡️ My Divi training takes you from beginner to pro in 2 days... It saves you months and helps you sell your website designs better!

Why take a Divi training course?

Divi is by far the most popular paid WordPress theme. It offers beginners templates made by talented designers to get an attractive look right away.

Many agencies and freelancers use this theme. It frees up creativity without requiring coding skills. Every web designer must master Divi to meet the needs of agencies or to redesign a site made with Divi for their clients.

And don't forget that Divi is certainly the most profitable solution on the market: you buy it once, you use it unlimitedly, on all your next sites! With just one license, you can create unique, original and ever more creative websites!

Answers to your questions


Is personal guidance included?

It all depends on the formula you choose:

❌ No coaching for open access (unfunded) packages.

👉 30 minute visio for the OPCO eligible formula.

👉 Visio of 1h30 for the WordPress + Divi certified version.

In any case, you will receive an answer to all your questions within 48 hours via the chat within the platform.

Les guides PDF sont-ils inclus ?

Tout à fait !

Divi Vidéo Boost (le pack complet) inclus Divi le WorkBook (valeur 97€) et WooCommerce Suivez le Guide (valeur 97€).

⚠️ Si vous n’optez pas pour le pack complet :

Divi le WorkBook (valeur 97€) est inclus dans le module Divi Visual Builder

WooCommerce Suivez le Guide (valeur 97€) est inclus dans le module Divi pour WooCommerce.

– Le module Divi Theme Builder, quant à lui, inclus de nombreux bonus en téléchargement (mais pas de guide en PDF).

Mais concrètement, le Pack Divi Vidéo Boost inclus de nombreuses ressources et vous fait économiser beaucoup d’argent (et de temps).


Can this training be financed by the CPF?

The WordPress + Divi + Tosa Certification package can already be financed by the CPF. To register, simply go to the official card. A telephone interview is necessary to validate the registration.

If you are already familiar with WordPress and just need to learn about Divi, then you can buy Divi Video Boost training here or use your company's OPCO to have it financed.

⚠️ Divi training (without WordPress) is not eligible for CPF.

Je n'ai pas de crédit CPF, que faire ?

My trainings are eligible for CPF and OPCO.

If you are a self-employed professional, you may not credit your CPF account, but there are other ways to pay for your training.

Dans ce cas, c’est auprès de votre OPCO que vous devez vous renseignez. Il est tout à fait possible de faire prendre en charge votre formation Divi ou WordPress et Divi.

Si vous êtes demandeur d’emploi, il est également possible d’établir un devis via KAIROS.

Just contact me so that I can help you build your case. Let's discuss it here.

Also, it is possible to buy the course directly on my e-learning platform by benefiting from a preferential rate.


Do I need to buy a Divi license?

The Divi license is not included in this training, as it is illegal. However, I offer you a free trial version to train you.

Then you can purchase a license from the Elegant Themes website to unlock the full potential of Divi: access to automatic theme updates, support and the layout library.

Does "Divi Video Boost" deal with the Theme Builder and WooCommerce?

Yes, the Divi Video Boost Complete Package walks you through learning the Divi theme, Visual Builder, Theme Builder and WooCommerce Builder. It helps you become more professional in creating websites with Divi.

Is there a free version of the course?

No. A "money back guarantee" is offered instead, as well as 3 free videos available here. Also, you can get 2 more videos here.

Will I get my money back if I am not satisfied?

I will give you a full refund for your Divi training upon request by email, no questions asked, within 30 days of your purchase, provided you have not spent more than 30 minutes within the platform.

⚠️ My e-learning platform allows me to check your progress and your logs:

satisfait rembourse

⚠️ This guarantee is not valid for training courses leading to a qualification and financed by the CPF or the OPCOs.

What are the access times?

You go straight to the course if you buy it without financing.
A period of 11 working days (approximately 14 days) is required if you use your CPF.

In any case, you keep your accesses without time limit.

What is the TOSA WordPress?

To be eligible for the CPF, this training must prepare you for a certification. I have chosen to become an Isograd partner and an approved centre.

This means that at the end of the course, you will take an exam to validate your increased competence, this is the TOSA WordPress certification.

This exam is compulsory, it is an unavoidable condition for using your CPF training credits.

This is a maximum 60-minute test that must be taken online with e-supervision and will certify the successful implementation of the exam.

Find out more, go to the official website. You can also take a free test to get an idea.

Note that this WordPress certification is nationally and internationally recognized, which is an additional argument to better sell your website creations or get a new job!

Can I access the course without an internet connection?

The videos are only available in your personal space when you are connected to the internet.

Les guides PDF que vous téléchargez sur votre ordinateur sont accessibles hors ligne.

What do you mean by lifetime access to updates?

You have unlimited access to the training platform. You will have access to all the updates of this training, without paying extra.