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No need to bother designing your child theme, download it for free here! This child theme for Divi is blank and compatible with a WordPress site where the Theme Divi is already installed.

For more information, read this article dedicated to the child theme.

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What is a Divi Child Theme?

In WordPress, it is quite common to talk about the notion of Parent/Child. For example, this notion is used for themes (parent theme / child theme), for categories (parent category / child category) or for pages (parent page / child page).

As far as themes are concerned, a child theme is created to modify the parent theme. This child theme will inherit the features of the parent theme, but you will be able to code your own customizations.

For example, you will be able to customize the footer of your site, code a specific page, add features in the functions.php file... In short, you will be able to do almost anything!

Moreover, the Personalize Divi section of this blog is precisely dedicated to advanced customizations that may require the use of a child theme like the one provided here.

But if you don't plan to code in PHP or CSS, you don't need a child theme. Don't bother with that...


What is the purpose of a children's theme?

The child theme protects the changes you want to make to your parent theme.

Indeed, when the parent theme is updated by the theme developer, WordPress throws out the parent theme folder and replaces it with the new folder. This is how updates are made.

Therefore, if you make changes directly in your parent theme, they will be discarded in the next update. You will then have to restart your lines of code.


Children's theme to download for free

This child theme is very simple, you can very well make it create yourself by following this tutorial but if you're just starting out, you may need to reassure yourself that the child theme you've created is consistent.

Download it for free directly from this product sheet or as a free download from the tutorial page!


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