How to create a child theme for Divi

How to create a child theme for Divi? And how do you use it?

Updated on 13/07/21

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Is it still necessary to use a Child Divi theme Since the arrival of the Builder Theme? Indeed, it is a legitimate question that you can ask yourself, because the Theme Builder allows to go very far in customizations of your site...

However, the (very) advanced customization of a theme, whether it is the theme Divi or another WordPress theme, requires the creation of a child theme. Let's say this is the only way to add new files to your theme...

If you're worried about coding a child theme, there are other solutions:

  • You can use plugins for add code without having to create a child theme
  • You can install a special plugin to create child themes in one click.
  • There are even generators that can do it for you if you prefer the easy solution...
  • You can also download your children's theme Divi free and freely bottom of this article!

Or you can Create yourself your child theme for Divi ? It's so simple!

1 – What is a child theme?

A child theme is a "satellite theme" that depends on a parent theme and which allows to make alterations and modifications without impacting the original theme (Divi theme). A child theme inherits the features of a parent theme and takes precedence over it, i.e. all CSS styles you will enter will be taken into account instead of the parent theme.

A child's theme is essential if changes to a parent theme are to be made so that they can be retained during updates to the parent theme.

Create a theme child for Divi protects your original theme, so you can copy files used by the parent theme into the child theme, in order to modify them without fear. There are only advantages to using a child theme.

The creation of a child theme is not complicated, however you can help yourself with the WordPress codex If necessary.

To build a child theme, you will need:

  • a text editor
  • of the Theme Divi
  • create a file style.css
  • create a file functions.php

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2 – Creating the file functions.php

If you don't already have one, download a text editor such as Bracket or SublimText. Then you will be able to start creating your first file => the file functions.php :

  • Open Sublim Text (for example) and go to File > New File
File - New File
  • In this file simply enter these few lines:
Code to be inserted in the child theme functions file for Divi
add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'theme_enqueue_styles' ); function theme_enqueue_styles() { 
wp_enqueue_style('parent-style', get_template_directory_uri() . '/style.css'); 
  • Save this file to your desktop by going to File > Save As
File - Save As
  • Name this file functions.php, all tiny, then click on Save
name file functions php
  • The SublimText application can send you a notification: confirm by clicking Use .php
use php

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3 – File creation style.css

Always using a text editor like SublimText, you will be able to create the second file necessary for the design child theme for Divi, this is the file style.css. This file is mandatory, just like the file functions.php, and it is in this file that you can write all your CSS changes and rules.

If you are starting in CSS and you need to see it clearer, I have selected for you the best site – and I weigh my words – to understand the CSS, it is easy, there is no bla-bla and it is very educational, it is about LearLayout, don't hesitate to take a walk.

Let's go back to our sheep, to create the file, here's what you need to do:

  • Open the file in SublimText style.css content to the root of the Divi theme original. It is in this file that you will find useful information to create your child theme.
  • Find the header at the beginning of the file: these are the items entered between /* and */
Divi theme style-css file header
  • Select these elements from the header and copy them (Ctrl+C).
  • Also in SublimText, create a new file by going to the menu File > New File then paste (Ctrl+V) file header style.css the Divi theme you just copied.
  • Edit the line ‘Theme Name: Divi' in «Theme Name: Divi Child» (see row 2 of the catch below). Add a line called ‘Template: Divi' (see line 3). Do not insert space between word Template and two points which follow.
Header Divi Child
  • You can add the URL of your site, your name, modify the description and possibly delete any lines you would consider unnecessary.
  • Save this file to your desktop (desktop) File > Save As (the same procedure as for saving the file functions.php).
  • Name this file style.css, all tiny, then click on Save.

Find out everything you can do with the Divi theme here!

4 - Establishment of screenshot.png

The screenshot.png is the image that illustrates your child theme in the administration part under the tab Appearance > Theme. It's a superfluous step but it's a small "plus" that adds value to your child theme, especially if it's for one of your customers.

  • Choose an image to represent your child theme
  • Resize it in 1200 pixels x 900 pixels
  • Save it under the name of screenshot.png
Image to illustrate the child theme for Divi
Image to illustrate the child theme for Divi visible from the Appearance tab > Themes

5 - Creating the children's theme folder Divi (theme directory)

Now you have 3 files:

  • file functions.php
  • file style.css
  • file screenshot.png

You're going to be able to bring them together in a file that become the folder of your child theme for Divi.

  • On the desktop (desktop) of your computer, create a new folder you will name "Divi-child".
  • Move the 3 files to this new folder.
  • If needed, compress your child theme folder to get a folder .zip (right click > compress).

6 - Sending the child theme to your accommodation

A child theme settles down like any WordPress theme, I had already explained to you how to install the Divi theme, but I suggest a little synthesis here:

Option 1: Using GirlZilla

Once the directory of your child theme is complete and complete, you will only need to send it to your hosting in the folder: www > wp-content > themes (or public_html > wp-content > themes) using Filezilla.

Attention: this method requires sending the NOT ZIPPE folder!

Once your folder is present on your server, you can activate it from the back office of WordPress on the tab Appearance > Theme. Be careful not to delete the parent theme.

In this child theme folder, you can add as many modified files as necessary, this step is optional and can be done later.

Option 2: Directly from WordPress

There is an easier method to send your child theme folder to your server: you can do it directly from the administration of your WordPress site as follows:

Go to tab Appearance > Theme > Add > Put a theme online > Browse > then choose the child theme for Divi that you just created.

Be careful, this is the you must send. The one that was compressed.

Once imported, activate it without deleting the parent theme.
When you need to add files to this child theme, you will need to go through FTP (the Filezilla method).

7 – Download your Child Theme Divi for free

I suggest you freely download my child theme here. You don't need to sign up or leave your e-mail...

Download free and free download from Divi Child Theme – Téléchargé 14807 fois – 58,51 Ko

8 - A children's theme list for Divi to discover

Here you go, it took you 10 minutes to make your watch. theme child for Divi. Was it difficult? Now you will be able to leaving on good bases and thus customize a max your site or blog. You have the cards in your hands, you only have to follow the other tutorials available on my "Customize Divi" section.

However, the child theme you just created is virgin, gold, the advantage of a child theme is to be able to add custom files to get a site similar to no other... Also, here is a small list of children themes for Divi Designed by Developer-Designer:

The above-mentioned children's themes come from the Official marketplace ofElegantThemes. These are "developed" child themes, far from the one you just created with my tutorial. They have been developed to offer more design options... If you want to buy a personalized child theme of this type, I advise you to do so from merchants who maintain this child theme in time and the ElegantThemes marketplace is a safe value.

How to create a child theme for Divi
How to create a child theme for Divi? Say it on Pinterest!

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