Your inbox has certainly been invaded in recent times following the implementation of the new RGPD on May 25, 2018. If you maintain your site yourself, you have certainly looked into the matter and have done some corrective actions. What about Bloom? is Bloom natively compatible with the RGPD? What actions do you need to take to make Bloom RGPD friendly ? That is what we will see in this article.

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A new box appeared in Bloom's options

There have been two updates of Bloom hit on hit after the release of the RGPD but none has included the box so important for the RGPD which we will see below. In the meantime, a new box has appeared and it is important: this box offers you to store or not to store the IP address of the person who entered his email or his contact details.

Bloom RGPD-Harvest IP Address

You are free to make your choice, but if you decide to collect the IP addresses in your database, you will be sure to specify it in your Privacy policy. The new version of Bloom leaves you a choice, whereas before the IP was harvested by default.


No checkbox in Bloom, for now...

That's the most annoying thing. Although Bloom is being developed by a world-renowned company, I still can't figure out why they didn't put in place the option to add a checkbox that users would have to check if they want Send the form. This small box is one Obligations of the RGPD... I guess it's only a matter of time and that this option will soon be available in Bloom. I also waited a few days before writing this article in the hope that an update of the plugin make it to the standards of RGPD. what to do in the meantime to make Bloom RGPD friendly? You will need to find an explicit way to inform your users and give them easy access to your privacy policy.


How do you inform visitors about your privacy policy?

Below I will give you two possibilities to make Bloom RGPD friendly Knowing that the first solution is not really up to standard and that it can be a transient solution before finding better.


Option 1 – Add a link to the privacy policy directly in Bloom

Since Bloom offers visitors the minimum of their email address and more so refined (name + FirstName + IP), this means that you collect personal data and that you must be at the standards with the RGPD. If you have not yet updated your opt-in forms, you can edit them and add a link to your privacy policy. Then go to the Bloom tab > Optin forms and then edit all your forms to add a sentence in the "Optin Message" or "footer" field such as:

By subscribing to this newsletter you take notice and accept our Privacy Policy.


Bloom OptIn Message

Don't forget to add the "nofollow" attribute on the link of your privacy policy in order to avoid wasting too much time on crawlers and giving too much importance to a page that is not worth it 😉


Option 2 – Add a Privacy policy acceptance box in Bloom

If we follow the RGPD to the letter, it would seem that the above solution is not quite suitable since the user must really check to give his consent. But Bloom's fields do not allow that. You will then need to use a third party plugin that allows this functionality as the Bloom GDPR Overlay Plugin. This plugin will allow you to add a layer on the form of Bloom in order to propose a link to your privacy policy and a check box to accept these conditions. Thus, your form will conform to the RGPD or almost...


Bloom RGPD... or almost???

Indeed, this is not all to be fully compliant with the RGPD. There is one last small step that is not really transparent: Bloom will share the data of your users with the Google API if you have activated the Google fonts for Bloom. Bloom Google Fonts In itself, there is no gravity but you must report it in your privacy policy if you chose to use Google fonts because their use works thanks to the Google API which can collect the personal data of your Users. Otherwise, you can turn off this feature by going to Bloom > Bloom Setting (gear icon at the top of the module).

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In conclusion...

Have you thought about updating Bloom so that it complies with the RGPD? Feel free to add your comments on the topic...


Make Bloom compatible with the RGPD

Make Bloom compatible with the RGPD


How to make Bloom RGPD friendly?
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