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The Divi Contact Form module and GDPR

Updated on 02/06/24

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We saw in a previous article how to put GDPR standards the form of optin generated by Bloom. However, if you use the Divi theme, there is a lot to bet that you use the Contact Form module proposed by the Divi Builder. In this article, I will explain how to render the Contact Form module Divi RGDP friendly!

Create or edit the Divi Contact Form module via the back-office

Either you create a new form or you edit an existing form: the procedure remains the same...

Add field to comply with GDPR

Here is the procedure for the numbered pellets in the image above:

  1. Following your classic fields such as surname, first name or email, you will need to add a new field.
  2. Enter the field ID: you can name it as you like but this ID must be unique on your site, it must not be used elsewhere. It must be composed of tiny letters without special characters.
  3. Enter a title: This field is required and will be visible on the visitor side.
  4. Select the field type: CHECKBOX. Your field will be a check box.
  5. In the options, add your text as "I have read and accept your Privacy Policy". This field must be Required.
  6. Save your field and module and update your page.

Optimize the Divi Contact Module for GDPR via Visual Builder

In the previous step, we did only half the work. Indeed, to be according to GDPR, you must propose a easy access to your Privacy Policy, in other words, a link to this page. The Divi Builder does not allow you to do this from the back office, so we will use the Visual Builder (front-office side).

Insert link to your Privacy Policy via Visual Builder
  1. Once you have updated your page (stage 6 of the previous chapter), you can click on "Use Visual Builder"
  2. The page opens front-office side and you can modify the module Contact Form by clicking on the icon of toothed wheel (Grey cobblestone!)
  3. Configuration options will open in a popup and you can act on your field CHECKBOX.
  4. Click Link icon to add the link to your privacy policy.
  5. Check that the option SCOPE REQUIRED is activated.
  6. Enter this link in the field "Link URL".
  7. Save the field.
  8. Save the module and remember to save your page so that your changes are taken into account.

Check the link to your Privacy Policy

Link directly in the contact form

Here, a new checkbox has appeared and will have to be checked to ensure that the form is actually sent. The link to your privacy policy is very clickable and you are in good standing in front of the GDPR!!!

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Divi + GDPR contact form module
Add a GDPR field to the Divi contact module

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