We saw in a previous article how to put to the RGPD standards the opt-in form generated by Bloom. However, if you use the Divi theme, it is likely that you will use the Contact Form module offered by the Divi Builder. In this article, I will explain how to make the Divi RGDP Contact Form module friendly!


Create or edit the Divi Contact Form module via the back office

Either you create a new form, or you edit an existing form: the procedure remains the same...

Ajouter le champ pour être conforme au RGPD

Here is the procedure corresponding to the numbered tablets in the image above:

  1. Following your classic fields such as last name, first name or email, you will need to add a new field.
  2. Enter the ID of the field: you can name it as you wish but this ID must be unique on your site, it must not be used elsewhere. It must be composed of lowercase letters without special characters.
  3. Enter a title: this field is required and will be visible on the visitor side.
  4. Select the field type: CHECKBOX. Your field will be a checkbox.
  5. In the options, add your text such as "I have read and accept your Privacy Policy". This field must be REQUIRED.
  6. Save your field, then your module and update your page.


Optimize the Divi Contact Form module for the RGPD via the Visual Builder

In the previous step, we did only half the work. In order to comply with the DGMP, you must provide easy access to your Privacy Policy, in other words, a link to this page. The Divi Builder does not allow this to be done from the back office, so we will use the Visual Builder (front office side).

Insérer le lien vers votre Politique de Confidentialité via le Visual Builder

  1. Once your page is updated (step 6 of the previous chapter), you can click on "Use the Visual Builder".
  2. The page opens on the front office side and you can modify the Contact Form module by clicking on the gearwheel icon (on the grey block!).
  3. The configuration options will open in a popup and you can act on your CHECKBOX field.
  4. Click on the link icon to add the link to your privacy policy.
  5. Verify that the REQUIRED FIELD option is enabled.
  6. Enter this link in the "Link URL" field.
  7. Save the field.
  8. Save the module and don't forget to save your page so that your changes are taken into account.


Check the link to your Privacy Policy

Lien directement dans le formulaire de contact

Here it is, a new checkbox has appeared and will have to be ticked for the form to be sent. The link to your privacy policy is clickable and you are in good standing with the RGPD!!!!

You haven't yet opted for the Divi theme ? Click here to learn more about it (affiliate link).


module formulaire de contact de Divi + RGPD

Add an RGPD field to the Divi contact module


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