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Start with Divi

You do not know at all Divi? You should take a walk around here! In this topic, you will discover the other side of the décor of this theme and how to start serenely.
Tutorials to personalize your site with Divi

Customize Divi

In the "Personalize Divi" section you will find tutorials that will allow you to customize your theme. With a few pieces of code, you'll do great things!
All useful plugins for Divi

Plugins for Divi

In the "Plugins for Divi" section you will find useful plugins for your blog or site. The extensions brought to light here will make "the pair" with Divi.
All Resources for Divi

Divi Resources

Lots of resources for Divi! This topic will give you inspiration for your next designs: design ideas, layouts, child themes and more!

We'll learn everything together!

Say goodbye to the hair grubbing and to the impending migraines... Divi tips will help you!


Good plans and discoveries for your site using the Divi theme.


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The comments are there for that! Let's talk passionately...


You will surpass yourself with the tutorials step by step to Divi tips.

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page layouts and child themes for your Divi theme.

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Design that will inspire you for your future projects...

In this blog, we will only talk about DIVI!

In every small detail... Here are the latest articles:

How to harmonize the colors of his WooCommerce shop with Divi?

How to harmonize the colors of its WooCommerce online store under Divi? Change the color of the buttons, the color of the messages as well as the color of the promo badge... This quick tutorial will help you in less time than it takes to say it!

Divi switch: a multifunctional plugin that wants you to be good!

Looking for how to lift the gray line under the menu, make clicable your phone number in the top menu, change the Hamburger icon or even the color of the button "back up"... Don't waste time coding and install Divi switch! An in-DIS-pen-ble multifunction plugin!

Divi en (good) French and in 1 click: it is possible!

I tested for you Divi French, a plugin that translates the BackOffice of Divi into "suitable French" and this in 1 click! I finally discovered things that I did not understand before, when Divi was "mistranslated"!

How to update the theme Divi?

How to update the theme Divi? It is simple but if you start with Divi, you may look for a little... In this article, I'll explain how to enable automatic theme updates. Here is the program of this article: how to know...

From Hungry to Divi: Practical case of a website redesign

The theme hungry is a WordPress theme specializing in the theme "restaurant site". In this article, I propose my experience feedback from a redesign with Divi. I expose you the various steps made to switch from hungry to Divi.


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