Divi + WordPress 5: how does it work in practice? As I write these lines, WordPress is expected to be released tomorrow, Thursday, December 6, 2018. We should all, then, update our WordPress.

However, this major update is well named: WordPress is taking a new turn! All the experience of writing and creating pages/articles will be put to the test.

I hear it's for our own good....

In a previous article, I told you that Divi was compatible with Gutenberg. This is what Nich Roach promised us on July 31, 2018. As a reminder, here is the video:

July 31st was "yesterday", but it's been a "lease" in terms of technology! The new version of WordPress 5 has been updated dozens of times since this announcement....


EDIT of Thursday, December 6 at 9:00 pm

So, WordPress has just officially been released. In the meantime, ElegantTheme has released a new version of Divi: version 3.18.

My Divi test with WordPress 5 - which was done 24 hours ago - had been done with version 3.17.6. Since then, the experience and cohabitation has improved!

ElegantTheme has fixed some concerns I mentioned below. So I just did a new test with WordPress 5 and Divi 3.18... And it's working, as shown in this new video :

But that's not all! The Visual Builder is now implemented in the backoffice! A super powerful editor that switches in one click from back to front and vice versa! I didn't make a video because the next one explains everything:


In addition, Divi has added two new options to its settings. Now, in the tab Divi > Theme Options > Creator > Advanced you will find that:

option Divi Classic Editor

    1. Option Enable The Latest Divi Builder Experience "Disabling this option will load the interface inherited from the Divi Builder when editing a publication using the classic WordPress publication editor. The inherited editor lacks many features and improvements to the interface, but it can still be used if you have problems with the new interface. In other words, only enable this option if necessary.
    2. Option Enable Classic Editor "use Classic Editor instead of Gutenberg / Block Editor". This means that you no longer need to install the Classic Editor plugin. This option provides the same functionality. All you have to do is activate or deactivate it.

But this is only the beginning... As Nick Roach explains in his last article from only a few hours ago (not to say a few minutes), the theme Divi and its Divi Builder will continue to evolve in the coming months.

Oh yes, last thing: it is recommended to update Divi and all your plugins before updating your site to WordPress 5!!!

To be continued...


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Gutenberg fits into the heart

That is the real reason for this update. This summer, when I tested Divi with Gutenberg, it was just a plugin. The two publishers then coexisted in complete serenity. You could create or edit an article either with Gutenberg, with Divi, or with the classic editor. That's what I explained in my article.

Now, Gutenberg is an integral part of WordPress 5 and you no longer have a choice of how to build your page or article. That is to say, by default, when you add a new page, Gutenberg takes over....


Divi + WordPress 5 = construction with VISUAL BUILDER only !

Since WordPress 5 is coming out tomorrow, I thought it would still be nice to test Divi with WordPress 5 without installing the Classic Editor plugin (which we will discuss later). Because until now, I had only tested Divi with Gutenberg as a plugin...

To my great surprise, I noticed that the purple button "use the Divi generator" was no longer visible from the back office.

ElegantTheme had mentioned that the integration was for the moment "partial". and that it would improve in the future. But I expected better. With all the delay in releasing this new version of WordPress, ElegantTheme should have anticipated more and been in the start-in-block... That's just my opinion.

In the following video, you will see how you should use Divi once you have updated to WordPress 5:

As you can see in this video: at the moment, you can no longer build your pages from the back office. You will then have to:

  1. save your page or article under construction
  2. preview the article
  3. activate the Visual Builder to start build your layout

For now, this is the only way for this Divi + WordPress 5 experience, even if you activate the display options available via the small icon at the top right (see capture below)

option Divi WordPress 5

Classic Editor: quiet until 2021?

Earlier, I was telling you about Classic Editor plugin. This one gives us the choice. Let's say it gives us a little respite until 2021... After that date, it will no longer be officially maintained.

In the meantime, thanks to this plugin, you can choose to create or edit a page with the old editor, with the Divi Builder (in back office), with the Visual Builder or with Gutenberg. It's nice to have a choice, isn't it?

If you install and activate the Classic Editor plugin, you will find the old WordPress editor by default. In this case, you will easily find the purple button that will allow you to build your pages from the back office.

Here is the demo video:


As shown in this video, once you activate the Classic Editor plugin, you will find the old working of WordPress.


Can we create some pages with Divi and others with Gutenberg?

The answer is yes, the two coexist in parallel. Let's say it's either one or the other (this question is often asked by my students).

If you have not installed Classic Editor, you will only be able to use the Visual Builder. If you have installed the plugin, however, you will have all the choices available to you.

To get the various choices, you will still need to activate a small option in the tab Setting > Writing.

For the option Settings of the classic editorthen choose Use the new default editor and include optional links to the classic editor.

Thus, you can choose to add a new page with the classic editor or by default with Gutenberg. This video shows you this in detail:


Discover the Divi theme now!


So, ready for the update?

These little explanations may seem trivial to you if you are an experienced WordPress user. However, if you are a beginner, I hope I have helped you to see things more clearly.

The future release of WordPress 5 has been quite noisy lately... I even invited some bloggers and bloggers to test Gutenberg several weeks ago! I hope you won't wake up one morning and see that everything has changed...

But anyway, don't worry, by the official end of Classic Editor support, in 3 years, ElegantTheme will have made a good few hundred updates and will have perfectly integrated the Divi Builder into the back office....

comment utiliser Divi avec WordPress 5 ?

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