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Welcome to the "Personalize Divi" section... Are you a Divi PRO now that you have become familiar with this topic through the "Getting Started with Divi" section? Now we can get down to business! In this section you will find many tutorials that will help you customize your WordPress site using the Divi theme. Some of these articles will help you exceed all your expectations and you will be surprised at the customizations you will be able to make. You will have to put your hands in the sludge but don't worry, everything is explained step by step so you won't make any mistakes. Each one of these articles will meet very specific needs and I hope that you will find your happiness to personalize your Divi so that it corresponds as well as possible to your philisophy, your image, your project! Are you ready? Let's do it!
Effet zoom sur image avec texte cliquable

Zoom effect on image with clickable text

This article explains how to get a simple zoom effect when hovering over images with text and a clickable link. No need for an extension, Divi makes it easy!

Polices personnalisées Divi : comment ça marche ?

Divi custom fonts: how does it work?

In this complete step-by-step tutorial, I show you 3 ways to import custom fonts into Divi. I also show you how to fix bugs 😉

Images rognées (recadrées) dans Divi : comment éviter cela ?

Cropped (cropped) images in Divi: how to avoid this?

Why does Divi display cropped images? This is often the case for the thumbnails of the Blog and Portfolio modules... Without forgetting the Divi Gallery... In these 3 modules the images are trimmed, cropped, cropped ! Here's how to fix this...

Responsive Design Divi : comment gérer les différentes tailles d’écran ?

Responsive Design Divi: how to manage different screen sizes?

Many users are asking the question: how can Divi's Responsive Design be optimized? Many options are available natively in Divi to enhance the design on your various screens. But sometimes you will also have to modify the Media Queries. Find out how in this complete guide!

Créez un bouton « retour vers le haut » personnalisé en quelques clics !

Create a custom "back up" button in just a few clicks!

When I tell you we can do anything with Divi! No need to code or install many plugins... You just have to know where to look: the options are there! In this article, I'll show you how to create a back-to-top button in just a few clicks!

Parallaxe sur mobile avec Divi : comment le rendre compatible ?

Parallax on mobile with Divi: how to make it compatible?

It's such a shame that parallax sections don't work on a Divi site in a mobile version! Parallax" or "background fixed" designs are so much fun... I have THE solution and it is so simple that even beginners can implement it on their site in only 2 clicks!

Comment ajouter « mis à jour le » à ses articles Divi ?

How do I add "updated the" to my Divi articles?

Find out how to add the mention "updated on" in your Divi articles. This allows you to tell your readers when the article was updated and to remain competitive.

Comment obtenir un menu « sticky on scroll » avec Divi ?

How do I get a sticky on scroll menu with Divi?

This tutorial will allow you to create a menu in the middle of your page, and to fix it at the top of the screen when you scroll the page!

Comment supprimer le menu principal de Divi ?

How to delete the Divi main menu?

If you want to hide the main menu of your Divi site, it is possible. In this article, find out how to delete the menu on a single page or on your entire site.

Comment obtenir un menu fixe en pied de page avec Divi ?

How do I get a footer docker menu with Divi?

This tutorial will explain how to set the main menu of your Divi site at the footer. You don't need to know how to code to do it!

Les Dividers de Divi : c’est quoi ?

Divi Dividers: What are they?

Dividers are very useful if you want to create an original layout. They will allow you to visually separate your sections. I explain everything about Divi's Dividends in this article.

Comment harmoniser les couleurs de sa boutique WooCommerce avec Divi ?

How to harmonize the colors of your WooCommerce store with Divi?

How to harmonize the colors of your WooCommerce online store under Divi? Change the color of the buttons, the color of the messages as well as the color of the promotional badge... This quick tutorial will help you in less time than it takes to say it!

Comment faire défiler une image au survol de la souris (hover) avec le DIVI BUILDER ?

How to scroll an image when hovering with the DIVI BUILDER?

If you are looking for an idea to display your creations in your portfolio in an original way, I suggest you discover this trick... You will learn to make a scrolling effect of long images when you hover the mouse. Only in CSS.

Un arrière-plan qui change de couleur dans Divi

A background that changes color in Divi

Put a little fun in your WordPress sites! Easily create a background that changes color and brings your monotonous page sections to life. It's very simple....

Comment créer un footer qui apparait au scroll avec Divi ?

How to create a footer that appears on the scroll with Divi?

"A footer that appears on the scroll", I have found nothing better to name this superb effect that can be found in some WordPress sites. Some premium themes offer this option but not Divi. How then to get a fixed footer that...

Comment ajouter plusieurs images à la une dans Divi ?

How to add multiple images to the front page in Divi?

WordPress offers the feature of inserting a highlighted image to illustrate an article or page. In this tutorial, we will see how to add several images to the front page in Divi (4 in total)

Comment modifier la taille des images de Divi ?

How to change the size of Divi's images?

Are you tired of images on the front page of your blog articles being trimmed? Why does Divi reframe your images? What sizes should I use? In this article you will understand everything and above all you will learn to modify the most used sizes.

Comment réaliser un effet de scroll de page dans un iMac avec Divi ?

How to achieve a page scroll effect in an iMac with Divi?

I'm back in shape with a new tutorial that a reader of Divi Tips asked me to do. He wanted to know how I had managed to achieve this scroll effect in an iMac on my homepage. Do you see which one? Discover the complete tutorial.

Comment ouvrir les icônes du footer de Divi dans une nouvelle fenêtre du navigateur ?

How to open Divi's footer icons in a new browser window?

It's a shame that your reader leaves your site just because he's curious to discover your social profiles! In this article, discover a quick and easy way to open Divi's footer icons in a new browser window.

Comment ajouter de nouveaux icônes sociaux dans le footer de Divi ?

How to add new social icons in Divi's footer?

Want more icons in the footer of your WordPress site with the Divi? theme? It's possible! It's possible! Follow this little tutorial that explains how to add the Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Youtube and more!

Comment créer un thème enfant pour Divi ? Et comment s’en servir ?

How to create a child theme for Divi? And how to use it?

The advanced customization of a theme requires the creation of a child theme. In this article, I explain what a child theme is, how to create it and how to use it. So, are you ready to create your own child theme for Divi? It's so simple!

Comment insérer des images dans le Méga Menu de Divi

How to insert images into the Mega Divi Menu

This article will help you to add images within your main navigation. This is a tutorial to simply explain how to insert images into the Mega Divi Menu. Don't worry, you don't need to know how to code....

Comment insérer un fil d’Ariane dans Divi ? Et où le mettre ?

How to insert a breadcrumb trail in Divi? And where to put it?

The Divi theme does not natively offer the option of inserting a breadcrumb trail. However, this functionality is very important for the user experience of Internet users but also for the natural referencing of your site. Find out how to insert a breadcrumb trail on your Divi theme.

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