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Are you new to Divi?

Perfect, I advise you to navigate this way. The color code is the PURPLE, it will allow you to find your way quickly! In this section, you will find the basics to get started with Divi: how to get Divi, how to install this theme, how the Divi Builder works etc... Sometimes, wasting a little time with the basics can save us a lot of time afterwards, think about it!

8 fonctionnalités du Divi Visual Builder que vous devriez utiliser !

8 Divi Visual Builder features you should use!

Are you using all the features offered by the Divi Visual Builder? Some of them are little known and yet so effective! Discover now the 8 Divi options that will save you a lot of time! A great user experience in perspective!

Divi Layout Block : des modules Divi au sein de Gutenberg !

Divi Layout Block: Divi modules within Gutenberg!

Good news! Version 4.1 of Divi allows Divi Builder modules to be inserted into the WordPress Gutenberg editor. Your imagination knows no bounds! Can you imagine how much you can achieve with Divi and WordPress?

Do you want to customize Divi?

The Divi theme is already highly customizable from the options available in the administration or even in the visual builder. However, you may need more or even want to stand out from what is already being done... So you've come to the right place! The "Personalize Divi" section will give you some tips (tutorials) to do extraordinary things with this theme. The color code is the FUCHSIA, you will not get lost....

Responsive Design Divi : comment gérer les différentes tailles d’écran ?

Responsive Design Divi: how to manage different screen sizes?

Many users are asking the question: how can Divi's Responsive Design be optimized? Many options are available natively in Divi to enhance the design on your various screens. But sometimes you will also have to modify the Media Queries. Find out how in this complete guide!

Créez un bouton « retour vers le haut » personnalisé en quelques clics !

Create a custom "back up" button in just a few clicks!

When I tell you we can do anything with Divi! No need to code or install many plugins... You just have to know where to look: the options are there! In this article, I'll show you how to create a back-to-top button in just a few clicks!

Parallaxe sur mobile avec Divi : comment le rendre compatible ?

Parallax on mobile with Divi: how to make it compatible?

It's such a shame that parallax sections don't work on a Divi site in a mobile version! Parallax" or "background fixed" designs are so much fun... I have THE solution and it is so simple that even beginners can implement it on their site in only 2 clicks!

Do you want to add features to Divi?

The "Plugins for Divi" section will highlight extensions that match the Divi theme. You probably already know some of them, but I'm sure you could discover some fantastic ones! There is nothing like a good plugin to add features to your WordPress site. The color code is BLUE....

Popups for Divi : un plugin gratuit très malin !

Popups for Divi: a very clever free plugin!

Free plugins for Divi are quite rare, but "Popups for Divi" is very effective and easy to use. This plugin converts any Divi section into a pop-up window. I'll explain how to use it.

Divi Switch : un plugin multifonction qui vous veut du bien !

Divi Switch: a multifunctional plugin that wants you to feel good!

You are looking for ways to remove the grey line under the menu, make your phone number clickable in the top menu, change the hamburger icon or even the color of the "back up" button... Don't waste any more time coding and install Divi Switch ! A multifunctional plugin in-dis-pen-sa-ble!

14 plugins gratuits pour Divi

14 free plugins for Divi

Do you want to add some features to your Divi theme or Visual Builder? Discover this ultimate list of the 14 best free plugins for Divi.

Need some inspiration?

In the "Resources for Divi" section, you will find various articles: some will give you inspiration by showing what it is concretely possible to do with Divi, others will show you the way to get free layouts or child themes... and more! You will easily find yourself thanks to the colour code of this section: GREEN.

Inspiration : 9 exemples de sites de sport Divi

Inspiration: 9 examples of Divi sports sites

Looking for examples of Divi sports sites? I offer you a selection that will meet your expectations and boost your inspiration! This list offers some really original sites!

Inspiration : 6 blogs de voyage faits avec Divi

Inspiration: 6 travel blogs made with Divi

We can do anything with WordPress and you know it! And it is particularly easy to create travel blogs with the Divi theme. In fact, among this list, you will certainly find inspiration!

Les plus beaux sites de mode Divi

The most beautiful Divi fashion sites

Divi fashion sites offer excellent examples of what can be achieved with this WordPress theme. Indeed, each hobby or field of activity has its own needs.... But Divi adapts perfectly and very easily to all situations. If you want....

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