Here you will find everything for Divi!

Are you new to Divi?

Perfect, I advise you to navigate this way. The color code is the PURPLE, it will allow you to find your way quickly! In this section, you will find the basics to get started with Divi: how to get Divi, how to install this theme, how the Divi Builder works etc... Sometimes, wasting a little time with the basics can save us a lot of time afterwards, think about it!

Mon avis sur le thème Divi !

My opinion on the Divi theme!

Tips Divi is used to give his opinion on everything... But in this article, it is YOU who give your opinion on the theme Divi! I invited you to participate in a collaborative article, you played the game and I thank you for it!

Do you want to customize Divi?

The Divi theme is already highly customizable from the options available in the administration or even in the visual builder. However, you may need more or even want to stand out from what is already being done... So you've come to the right place! The "Personalize Divi" section will give you some tips (tutorials) to do extraordinary things with this theme. The color code is the FUCHSIA, you will not get lost....

Comment supprimer le menu principal de Divi ?

How to delete the Divi main menu?

If you want to hide the main menu of your Divi site, it is possible. In this article, find out how to delete the menu on a single page or on your entire site.

Les Dividers de Divi : c’est quoi ?

Divi Dividers: What are they?

Dividers are very useful if you want to create an original layout. They will allow you to visually separate your sections. I explain everything about Divi's Dividends in this article.

Comment harmoniser les couleurs de sa boutique WooCommerce avec Divi ?

How to harmonize the colors of your WooCommerce store with Divi?

How to harmonize the colors of your WooCommerce online store under Divi? Change the color of the buttons, the color of the messages as well as the color of the promotional badge... This quick tutorial will help you in less time than it takes to say it!

Do you want to add features to Divi?

The "Plugins for Divi" section will highlight extensions that match the Divi theme. You probably already know some of them, but I'm sure you could discover some fantastic ones! There is nothing like a good plugin to add features to your WordPress site. The color code is BLUE....

Divi Switch : un plugin multifonction qui vous veut du bien !

Divi Switch: a multifunctional plugin that wants you to feel good!

You are looking for ways to remove the grey line under the menu, make your phone number clickable in the top menu, change the hamburger icon or even the color of the "back up" button... Don't waste any more time coding and install Divi Switch ! A multifunctional plugin in-dis-pen-sa-ble!

14 plugins gratuits pour Divi

14 free plugins for Divi

Do you want to add some features to your Divi theme or Visual Builder? Discover this ultimate list of the 14 best free plugins for Divi.

Comment ajouter une bio à vos articles de blog ?

How to add a bio to your blog posts?

Would you like to post a bio at the end of your WordPress & Divi articles? Discover in this article two easy methods to realize: one uses a plugin, the other makes you put the hands of code... The rendering is not bad!

Need some inspiration?

In the "Resources for Divi" section, you will find various articles: some will give you inspiration by showing what it is concretely possible to do with Divi, others will show you the way to get free layouts or child themes... and more! You will easily find yourself thanks to the colour code of this section: GREEN.

7 fonctionnalités cachées de Divi pour Gutenberg

7 hidden features of Divi for Gutenberg

You think you know everything about Divi? Discover these hidden features of Divi for Gutenberg: you can insert buttons and shortcodes without activating the Visual Builder! The complete list is available for free download!

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