Plugins for Divi

Ah les plugins… Ils sont certainement à l’origine du succès de WordPress, c’est sûr ! Toutefois, bien que Divi soit déjà bien outillé pour créer un site ou un blog de qualité, vous pourriez avoir besoin d’ajouter certaines fonctionnalités.

Certaines extensions se marient à merveille avec le thème Divi et dans cette rubrique, nous allons découvrir régulièrement de nouveaux plugins qui pourraient bien vous être utiles !

Les articles de la rubrique « Plugins pour Divi » pourront être des articles à vocation de découverte ou bien des tutoriels qui vous permettront de personnaliser votre thème Divi… Je suis sûre que vous y trouverez votre bonheur.

Maintenant que vous vous êtes familiarisé avec Divi et que votre thème vous ressemble, il est temps d’ajouter et de paramétrer des plugins « qui tuent »… C’est parti !

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DiviGrid : ajoutez 27 modules au Visual Builder !

DiviGrid : ajoutez 27 modules au Visual Builder !

J’ai testé DiviGrid et ses 27 modules. Découvrez avec moi ce que nous offre ce plugin premium pour Divi, comment l’utiliser et comment importer les démos. Vous allez certainement adorer le module « Justified Gallery » !

DiviFlash : 31 modules supplémentaires pour Divi !

DiviFlash: 31 additional modules for Divi!

I have tested DiviFlash, a premium extension for adding new modules to the Divi Visual Builder. In this article, I present you its features. Don't miss the demo video!

Divi Supreme Pro : ajoutez 49 modules supplémentaires au sein du Divi Builder !

Divi Supreme Pro: add 49 more modules to the Divi Builder!

I tested for you Divi Supreme Pro which adds 49 new additional modules in the Divi Visual Builder... As if the 46 already existing modules were not enough 🤣 ! Bottom line: this plugin for Divi is a must have!

Product Carousel pour Divi et WooCommerce

Product Carousel for Divi and WooCommerce

If you're looking for a way to scroll through your WooCommerce shop's products in a stylish carousel, the "Product Carousel" extension can help. It's quick and easy to use, and the results live up to expectations.

Popups for Divi : un plugin gratuit très malin !

Popups for Divi: a smart free plugin!

Free plugins for Divi are pretty rare, but "Popups for Divi" is pretty effective and easy to use. This plugin converts any Divi section into a popup. I explain how to use it.

Comment ajouter une table des matières (sommaire) dans ses articles de blog ?

How to add a table of contents to your blog posts?

Adding a table of contents - also known as a table of contents - at the beginning of your blog posts can be a real plus, both in terms of optimising your blog's SEO and improving the user experience (UX) of your readers. Display a...

Divi Switch : un plugin multifonction qui vous veut du bien !

Divi Switch: a multi-functional plugin that's good for you!

You are looking for how to lift the grey line under the menu, make your phone number clickable in the top menu, change the hamburger icon or even the colour of the "back to top" button... Don't waste time coding anymore and install Divi Switch! A multi-functional and in-disposable plugin!

Divi en (bon) français et en 1 clic : c’est possible !

Divi in (good) French and in 1 click: it's possible!

I tested for you Divi French, a plugin that translates Divi's backoffice into "proper French" in just 1 click! I finally discovered things I didn't understand before, when Divi was "badly translated"!

20 plugins gratuits pour Divi !

20 free plugins for Divi!

Feel like adding some features to your Divi theme or Visual Builder? Check out this ultimate list of the top 20 free plugins for Divi.

Comment ajouter une bio à vos articles de blog ?

How to add a bio to your blog posts?

You want to display a bio at the end of your WordPress & Divi posts? Discover in this article two easy to do methods: one uses a plugin, the other makes you put your hands in the code... The result is pretty good!

Divi + WordPress 5 : à quoi doit-on s’attendre ?

Divi + WordPress 5: What to expect?

WordPress 5 is coming and you're hesitating to upgrade? Divi + WordPress 5 coexist without any problem. I did a little test for you though! I give you my tips in this article...

Weglot : un site multilingue en 15 minutes !

Weglot: a multilingual website in 15 minutes!

Are you thinking of offering your website or blog in several languages but are discouraged by the idea of spending hours and hours translating your content? I translated my blog in only 15 minutes thanks to Weglot, a solution compatible with WordPress and Divi.

Divi et Gutenberg seront-t-ils compatibles ?

Will Divi and Gutenberg be compatible?

Many Divi users are already asking the question "Will Divi and Gutenberg be compatible? The most curious among them have already installed the test version of Gutenberg on a website using Divi and have already noticed that there was no compatibility between the two...

Comment fixer la sidebar de Divi ? (fixed sidebar)

How do I fix the Divi sidebar? (fixed sidebar)

When you write long content, your sidebar rises with your text and is quickly more visible to your readers. So how do you fix Divi's sidebar to increase its visibility as your post is read? Find out how to implement this feature with an easy-to-use plugin.

Comment rendre Bloom RGPD friendly ?

How to make Bloom RGPD friendly?

How to make Bloom RGPD friendly? How to display a field or a link to its Privacy Policy in order to be RGPD compliant? In this article, I propose two solutions.

9 extensions à désactiver lorsqu’on utilise le thème Divi

9 extensions to disable when using the Divi theme

Plugins are almost indispensable for a WordPress site. However, the Divi theme is so rich that it allows you to do without certain plugins that have become useless. Discover in this list the 9 plugins that you can deactivate when using Divi.

Bloom est-t-il le meilleur plugin d’Opt-In pour WordPress ?

Is Bloom the best Opt-In plugin for WordPress?

Bloom is a plugin that allows you to collect emails from your visitors. You can then send them newsletters. This extension integrates perfectly with the Divi Theme but it is also compatible with all WordPress themes. Discover its features in this article.

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