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Welcome to the "Resources for Divi" section! If you've come to this page, you're certainly no longer a Divi beginner, you may have already spent long hours customizing your WordPress site and you may even have added many features to your theme... And yet, you want more? Then you've come to the right place! The "Resources for Divi" section will give you lots of tips: where to find ideas for Divi, how competitors use Divi, what designs you can build with Divi, where you can find ready-made Child Themes, layouts, etc. If you're wondering about all these questions, you'll probably find answers here, in the articles that follow. Good discovery!
Inspiration : 6 blogs de voyage faits avec Divi

Inspiration: 6 travel blogs made with Divi

We can do anything with WordPress and you know it! And it is particularly easy to create travel blogs with the Divi theme. In fact, among this list, you will certainly find inspiration!

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Les plus beaux sites de mode Divi

The most beautiful Divi fashion sites

Divi fashion sites offer excellent examples of what can be achieved with this WordPress theme. Indeed, each hobby or field of activity has its own needs.... But Divi adapts perfectly and very easily to all situations. If you want....

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7 fonctionnalités cachées de Divi pour Gutenberg

7 hidden features of Divi for Gutenberg

You think you know everything about Divi? Discover these hidden features of Divi for Gutenberg: you can insert buttons and shortcodes without activating the Visual Builder! The complete list is available for free download!

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Comment supprimer les shortcodes de Divi après un changement de thème ?

How to remove Divi shortcodes after a theme change?

This article breaks the common misconceptions that you can't change themes after using Divi... I'll show you that you can change themes and that it won't take you more than 10 seconds to clean and delete Divi's shortcodes.

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Des icônes supplémentaires pour Divi : 300 icônes gratuits !

Additional icons for Divi: 300 free icons!

The icons included in the Divi theme are not bad... However, you may be looking to add new ones... Whether it's for your personal blog or for your customers' projects, it's nice to be able to vary the designs. In this article, I explain how to add 300 icons for free.

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Comment améliorer la performance de son site Divi

How to improve the performance of your Divi site

It is high time to boost your site's performance to improve the user experience but also increase traffic because a fast site will lose fewer visits than a slow site. In this article, I give you 8 tips to improve the performance of your WordPress site.

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Inspirations : 10 exemples de sites pour restaurant faits avec Divi

Inspirations: 10 examples of restaurant sites made with Divi

You are going to open a restaurant and you need a website? Are you a freelancer and you need to create a website for a restaurant? In this article, get inspired for your next web project and discover 10 restaurant sites made with Divi.

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Inspirations : 10 exemples de sites de coaching faits avec Divi

Inspirations: 10 examples of coaching sites made with Divi

Coach in personal development, coach in dietetics, sports coach, coach to fight against anxiety, fears, stress... All these are "new jobs" that require a beautiful showcase on the Web! In this article, you will find inspiration in a list of 10 examples of coaching sites made with Divi.

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De BeTheme à Divi : cas pratique d’une refonte WordPress avec Divi

From BeTheme to Divi: practical case of a WordPress redesign with Divi

In this article, we will study the practical case of a WordPress redesign with Divi. I explain the fundamentals of a redesign, the steps to remember before taking action and how I made a redesign from BeTheme to Divi. Screenshots and before/after videos are also presented.

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