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Welcome to Divi Resources! If you've come to this page, you're certainly no longer a Divi beginner, you may have already spent many hours customising your WordPress site and you may even have added many features to your theme... And yet, you want more? Then you've come to the right place! The Divi Resources section will give you lots of tips on where to get ideas for Divi, how competitors use Divi, what designs you can build with Divi, where to find ready-made Child Themes, layouts etc. If you have all these questions, you will probably find the answers here in the following articles. Have a good discovery!
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Comment personnaliser le curseur de la souris sur votre site ?

How to customise the mouse cursor on your site?

Do you want a site that is customised down to the last detail? I have a quick and easy tutorial to help you customise the mouse cursor on your site. This way, when your visitors hover over a link, the cursor is fully customised!

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La bibliothĂšque des Snippets pour Divi

The Snippets Library for Divi

This article offers you a summary of code snippets that you can copy and paste into your site to fix some visual/graphical details. You will love it!

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Comment fixer la barre d’outils du module Texte de Divi ?

How do I fix the Divi Text Module toolbar?

Check out this quick tip to fix the toolbar of the Text module so that it is always accessible (when scrolling). This way you'll be more efficient and productive when creating content with Divi.

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Vidéo mise en avant dans les articles Divi avec ACF

Video featured in Divi articles with ACF

This step-by-step tutorial shows you how to create a new custom field in your Divi posts to add highlighted YouTube videos. You can do this easily with the Theme Builder and ACF.

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Inspiration : 9 exemples de sites de sport Divi

Inspiration: 9 examples of Divi sports sites

Are you looking for examples of Divi sports websites? I propose you a selection that will fulfill your expectations and boost your inspiration! This list proposes really original sites!

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Inspiration : 6 blogs de voyage faits avec Divi

Inspiration: 6 travel blogs made with Divi

You can do anything with WordPress and you know it! And it's especially easy to create travel blogs with the Divi theme. By the way, you're sure to find inspiration in this list!

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Les plus beaux sites de mode Divi

Divi's most beautiful fashion sites

Divi's fashion websites are excellent examples of what can be achieved with this WordPress theme. Indeed, each hobby or field of activity has its own needs... But Divi adapts beautifully and easily to any situation. If you want to...

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7 fonctionnalités cachées de Divi pour Gutenberg

7 hidden features of Divi for Gutenberg

Think you know everything about the Divi theme? Discover these hidden features of Divi for Gutenberg: you'll be able to insert buttons and shortcodes without activating the Visual Builder! The complete list is available for free download!

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De Hungry Ă  Divi : cas pratique d’une refonte de site web

From Hungry to Divi: case study of a website redesign

The Hungry theme is a WordPress theme specialized in the "restaurant website" theme. In this article, I offer you my experience of a redesign with Divi. I explain the various steps I took to switch from Hungry to Divi.

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Des icÎnes supplémentaires pour Divi : 300 icÎnes gratuits !

More icons for Divi: 300 free icons!

The icons included in the Divi theme are pretty good... However, you may be looking to add some new ones... Whether it's for your personal blog or for your clients' projects, it's nice to be able to vary the design. In this article, I explain how to add 300 icons for free.

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Comment améliorer la performance de son site Divi

How to improve the performance of your Divi site

As of August 18, 2021, Divi (v4.10) has become the fastest WordPress theme of the moment... But you still need to do some performance optimization work on your end. Here are my 8 essential tips.

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Layouts Divi : +1500 mises en page prĂȘtes Ă  utiliser sur votre site !

Divi Layouts: +1500 ready-to-use layouts for your website!

Don't know what pre-made layouts are? Discover the layout packs available directly from the Divi Builder: in one click, you'll create beautiful and efficient pages, you'll just have to customize them. What a time saver!

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Inspirations : 10 exemples de sites de coaching faits avec Divi

Inspirations: 10 examples of coaching websites made with Divi

Personal development coach, diet coach, sports coach, coach to fight against anxiety, fears, stress... All these "new professions" need a nice showcase on the web! In this article, you will find inspiration in a list of 10 examples of coaching websites made with Divi.

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De BeTheme Ă  Divi : cas pratique d’une refonte WordPress avec Divi

From BeTheme to Divi: case study of a WordPress redesign with Divi

In this article, we'll look at the practical case of a WordPress redesign with Divi. I explain the basics of a redesign, the steps to remember before taking action and how I did a redesign from BeTheme to Divi. Screenshots and before/after videos are also shown.

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