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Divi is an excellent theme for WordPress. He is the subject of a lot of talk... Ah, you want to test him, adopt him and why not become a PRO of Divi? You will certainly need a little help at first to take it in hand. Then comes the time to add features and find inspiration, but that will come later!

This "Starting with Divi" section is then made for you! You will find articles for beginners or even for insiders who need some tips and tricks to get started with Divi.

We will talk, for example, about how to install Divi, how to get automatic updates, how the Divi Buider works, why choose the Divi theme and many other topics!

So are you ready to discover the exciting world of the Divi theme? Let's not waste any more time and start at the beginning... Let's go!

Divi Layout Block : des modules Divi au sein de Gutenberg !

Divi Layout Block: Divi modules within Gutenberg!

Good news! Version 4.1 of Divi allows Divi Builder modules to be inserted into the WordPress Gutenberg editor. Your imagination knows no bounds! Can you imagine how much you can achieve with Divi and WordPress?

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Mon avis sur le thème Divi !

My opinion on the Divi theme!

Tips Divi is used to give his opinion on everything... But in this article, it is YOU who give your opinion on the theme Divi! I invited you to participate in a collaborative article, you played the game and I thank you for it!

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Divi 4.0 & son Theme Builder : la révolution continue !

Divi 4.0 & its Theme Builder: the revolution continues!

Theme Builder's functionality comes in Divi 4.0. Thanks to the "Theme Builder", your site will look like no other: you can create your header, footer and all the other areas of your site using the Divi Builder!

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Les options de Divi : l’onglet Créateur

Divi's options: the Creator tab

This article explains all the options available in the Creator tab of the Divi theme. If you have any questions about this, the answers are here.

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Comment mettre à jour le thème Divi ?

How to update the Divi theme?

How to update the Divi theme? It's simple though, but if you're new to Divi, you might want to look a little harder... In this article, I explain how to enable automatic updates of the theme. Here is the program of this article: How to know...

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Comment importer-exporter un layout Divi ?

How to import and export a Divi layout?

Did you know that Divi's import-export functionality will make you highly productive? This article explains in detail all the ways to import and export your layouts built with the Divi Builder.

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Combien coûte le thème Divi ?

How much does the Divi theme cost?

How much does the Divi theme cost exactly? Under which licenses is it sold and what do they include? This article will explain ElegantTheme's pricing policy and compare it with other very "trendy" WordPress themes such as Ocean WP, Astra or even Avada.

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Ne pas confondre le thème Divi et le Divi Builder !

Don't confuse the Divi theme with the Divi Builder!

If you are just discovering the Divi theme, remember not to confuse Divi and Divi Builder. They are two very distinct products: one is a theme and the other is a plugin. In this article, discover all the differences in detail.

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Le module Formulaire de Contact de Divi et le RGPD

The Divi Contact Form module and the RGPD

Since the new DGMP, we have a lot of work to do to upgrade our WordPress site. You have to think of everything! Have you already added a field to your Divi form to comply with this new law? In this article, find out how to do it...

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Options du Thème Divi : focus sur l’onglet Général

Divi Theme Options: focus on the General tab

This article dedicated to the options of the "general" tab of the Divi theme answers the questions you have about how to handle this theme. Which options to choose, what they correspond to, etc. This article details each of the options.

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L’onglet Navigation des options du thème Divi

The Navigation tab of the Divi theme options

In this article, we will see in detail what can be configured in the "Navigation" tab available from the Divi theme options. You will see, some of these options are useless and others are essential...

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Comment installer le thème Divi sur WordPress ?

How to install the Divi theme on WordPress?

In this article, you will find a step-by-step tutorial to really get started with Divi. How to acquire the license, how to download and install the theme, via FTP or via the back office etc.... So many questions that will be answered here!

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Thème Divi : 10 bonnes raisons de le choisir !

Divi Theme: 10 good reasons to choose it!

Not sure which WordPress theme to choose? Haven't you ever heard of the Divi theme? In this article, discover 10 good reasons to choose this theme, which is very popular with developers, freelancers and web agencies.

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