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Inspirations: 6 examples of web agency websites made with Divi

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If you are a freelancer, close to becoming an agency, I suggest you to discover a selection of web agency websites made with Divi. An inspiring selection that could even give you ideas for your future web creations...

It is always good to look at what web agencies are offering in terms of design. Generally speaking, their sites are cutting edge and give off signals of confidence. I say "generally " because this is not always the case...

Besides, web agency websites are rarely made under WordPress. But it is becoming more and more popular, and the theme of choice is often Divi...


Discover the Divi theme now!

Announcement: this article contains affiliate links that you will easily recognize. The classic links are in purple and the sponsored links are in pink.


1 - The Studio

thestudio - site pour agence web fait avec Divi

The originality of this web agency site lies in its header hero. That is, the image on the homepage. A beating heart that ejects inspiring words.

The rest of the homepage is simple and sober. Little text and only 3 colours: white, red and black.

The main navigation appears under the icon of a "sandwich" and leads us to the main pages of the site. A simple portfolio page displays a gallery of web projects already completed.

Discover the website


2 - The Black Panther

pantere-noire - site pour agence web fait avec Divi

Unlike the previous one, the originality of this agency website does not only lie in its homepage...

There is this header heroon the home page, which shows a kind of yellow magma whose shape changes when the mouse passes over it, it's bewitching, I love it!

But there is also this attraction that occurs when you move your mouse over the images in the portfolio. It's like our mouse is magnetised. It's super addictive. I played with it for a little while before getting back to work 😉 !

Finally there is the menu - the main navigation - which is intended to be minimalist. On hovering, items are "crossed out". It's a pity because, for me, it evokes a negative feeling (when I cross out something, it means I don't want it anymore) but it has the merit of being original and of getting away from the typical navigations usually found in Divi.

This web agency site made with Divi is one of the most successful of this selection.

See the website


3 - 2DSIGN

grafisch - site pour agence web fait avec Divi

Here, the sections alternate between white, green, black and grey. The graphic charter is very punchy, I love it! The site does not lack content either.

I would say that the CREATE page is even better than the HOME page.

The portfolio page is filterable but the elements have been kept as is, according to the Divi basic module. On the other hand, the effort has been made on the single project pages.

I find this site sober and coherent even if I don't understand a word of Dutch 😉

Discover the site


4 - WolfByte

wolf - site pour agence web fait avec Divi

Wow! The home page is a real eye-catcher! Very up to date graphics, flashy colours, moving clouds and wolves that want to communicate with the mouse...

That's what this web agency site made with Divi offers us!

If you scroll down, a background image is fixed and sections with very graphic shapes slide in. Not to mention a few customer reviews that allow potential customers to reassure themselves...

The main navigation is "overlapping" and leads to rather basic pages with little content. It's a shame! Let's hope users enter via the homepage 😉 !!!

Discover the site


5 - TeixWeb

teixweb - site pour agence web fait avec Divi

The layout of the homepage is quite nice. The sections are separated by dividers which can easily be done with the Divi Builder.

The main navigation displays images in its menus with rounded corners. Just above, you can see a breadcrumb trail which allows the Internet user to know quickly where he is.

On each page, there are original elements that make you want to visit each page to look for new ones...

The colours and vector images are very nice.

See the website


6 - SunflowerCreative

sunflower - site pour agence web fait avec Divi

SunFlowerCreative is a web agency composed of 5 specialists. Their creations are mainly made with WordPress. Their website is rather simple but coherent.

The somewhat corporate design can help to gain the trust of some customers.

The colours are soft, in anthracite, brown and gold.

Discover the site


exemples de sites pour agence web faits avec le thème Divi

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