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The Divi Marketplace is now available!

Published on 30/07/2020 | 2 comments

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On 6 February 2020, Nick Roach (the CEO of ElegantThemes) announced the upcoming arrival of the Divi Marketplace... Today it is official: the official marketplace for Divi products is already available! I suggest you take a closer look at the consequences of this major project...

Divi Marketplace 2
Divi Marketplace

1 - What is the Divi Marketplace?

The Divi Marketplace is the official repository for modules, child themes and layouts (layouts) offered by third party developers or companies.

It is a place where any Divi-loving user (developers, graphic designers, web designers...) can make resources they have created available to the Divi community. This can be done for free or for a fee.

It's a bit like the Apple App Store or the WordPress plugin directory, but in a "Divi version". That's pretty good news!

2 - Divi MarketPlace: a guarantee of quality?

This is a legitimate question to ask, as marketplaces that sell resources for DiviThere are lots of them! And for good reason, the "Divi Marketplace" is quite popular in the web design world and within the WordPress community. Many third party companies are banking on the success of the Divi theme to try to generate turnover.

The Divi Marketplace should then be the authority. ElegantThemes ensures that it reviews code, design and testing to ensure quality products that meet specific standards.  

I guess they'd better check every product submission because their reputation is at stake!

So, yes, buying a third-party product on the Divi Marketplace is certainly reassuring for the end customer. It's a real guarantee of quality, especially since the platform commits to refunding the customer within 30 days if they are not satisfied.

Did you know that you can test Divi for free? Go to this page and click on "TRY IT FOR FREE

3 - What can be found on this marketplace of Divi products?

The products offered on the Divi Marketplace are very diverse. At the same time, the Divi ecosystem itself is very diverse!

In fact, you'll find everything you need to build great sites with Divi :

In short, as you can see, you will find many resources that will certainly help you in the design of your web projects.

plus de ressources pour Divi

4 - The Divi Marketplace and free products

The platform went online today and there are already a few free products. This is already a good start. The "price slider" allows you to filter the results according to price. There are some nice products such as Popups for Diviwhich I am sure you are familiar with.

Divi Marketplace Gratuit
Move the cursor to filter products by price.

Let's hope, however, that the number of free products will increase over time! Time will tell...

If I were Elegantthemes, I would force creators to offer 1 free product for 1 paid product, this would make the catalogue grow quickly and allow all Divi users to access this marketplace, good idea, no?

5 - What are the impacts for non-official marketplaces?

At first, one might think of this as unfair competition to established Divi marketplaces such as Aspen Grove Studio, BeSuperfly, Divi Cake or Divi Space for the best known.

While some of these marketplaces are very well known, dozens of others are in the shadows. The Divi Marketplace is there to shed light on all these products that are sometimes too little known.

Of course, with the Divi Marketplace, the established marketplaces may one day disappear, but I imagine that the creators have everything to gain by offering their products on various channels. It's a real boon for them!

6 - How do I become a "creator" (seller) on the Divi Marketplace?

If you think you can enrich the Divi Marketplace catalogue by offering quality resources (plugins, layouts, child themes, etc.), the process is rather simple, just go to the official form to become a Creator and fill in all fields to submit your application.

Divi Marketplace Devenir Createur
Selling on the Divi Marketplace

There are, however, some important information to be taken into account:

  • Sales commissions: you will receive 70% for each sale.
  • No exclusivity requirements: you can sell on various marketplaces.
  • Visibility: you benefit from the visibility of the Elegantthemes website and the success of Divi.
  • Product sales and support: it is your responsibility to take care of customers who have purchased your products.
  • Unlimited website: all products are sold with an unlimited website license (no restriction on the number of sites that can use your products).
  • Annual licence: All products are sold with an annual licence. The customer must renew the licence to obtain updates and support.
  • Approval requirements: Products must adhere to WordPress best practices, follow development guidelines, meet design guidelines and be GPL licensed.

If you meet all the criteria, you can start selling on the Divi Marketplace!

7 - How far will Divi go?

To conclude this article, I ask myself and I ask you the question: how far will Divi go?

In my opinion, ElegantThemes should have created this marketplace earlier. They should also have opened the API earlier (the documentation allowing developers to create extensions and modules for the Divi Builder).

But it's never too late, and over the last few months/years, ElegantThemes has proven to us that we can rely on the Divi themeAs a user or webmaster, you will not be disappointed. This theme is constantly improving, updating and implementing new features, all of them useful...

So what's next? I can't imagine... Can you?

Divi Marketplace
Divi Marketplace
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2 Commentaires

  1. Anne ANDRE

    Bonjour Lycia,
    je dois avouer qu’un mois est passé depuis ma découverte et achat (!) de Divi pour créer mon premier site (vitrine), et voilà je dois t’avouer que je ne partage plus du tout cet enthousiasme pour Divi…J’ai beaucoup galéré à prendre en main l’outil, perdu beaucoup de temps (et même lu les deux livres que tu vends WP et Divi -mon mari me les a acheté via son entreprise-)…rien à faire les mystères de Divi sont restés insondables.
    Je dois dire que je suis passée sur Elementor : et là, la révélation !!! C’est tellement plus facile et fluide !!! je m’y suis sentie tout de suite à l’aide ! En gros je crois que quand on débute, Elementor est beaucoup plus facile (et reste très pro. D’ailleurs j’ai pris la version PRO). Donc je pense que j’aurais dû plus regarder les commentaires et avis des débutants (comme moi !) pour me faire mon opinion (tester aussi avant…hum j’ai vraiment cru que j’y arriverai).
    Voilà si mon avis peut aider quelqu’un j’espère que ma contribution sera utile, sinon désolée de faire un peu la rabat-joie 😉
    Bonne continuation.

  2. Lycia Diaz

    Salut Anne, tu m’en vois désolée ! J’espère au moins que mes Ebooks ne t’ont pas déçu ?

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