If you activate the Mega Divi Menu, you can insert images to get a very nice effect. That's what I propose you do and I explain all this in this tutorial: how to insert images in the Mega Divi Menu.

No need to know how to code....

The header of a site is an essential design element. Divi offers different types of headers that you can customize according to your needs.

Insérer des images dans le menu principal de Divi
Here is an example of a main menu (Mega Menu style navigation) containing images to illustrate my blog categories

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Here is the program of this tutorial:

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What is a Mega Menu?

A mega menu is a drop-down menu that consists of many elements and is displayed horizontally below the main menu.

Its purpose is to help Internet users find what they are looking for more easily and saves them a lot of time.

In general, mega menus are widely used in e-commerce to improve conversion. This is what this explains to us Mega Menu definition.

Step 1: Creating your main menu

First, to create a mega menu with images, you will need to create pages and a main menu...

Here are the steps:

1 - Creating your pages

First of all, you will create the different pages that will constitute the tree structure of your site.

I advise you to think carefully about the structure of it, it is very important for the experience of your users but also for it natural referencing of your site.

2 - Structure of your main menu

Once these pages have been created, you can create the structure of your main menu. To do this, I give you an appointment in the back office of your site, at the tab Appearance > Menu.

If you do not yet have an existing menu, you will need to fill in the field "Menu name" (name it as you wish, for example "main menu") and then click on "Create menu".

Créer votre premier menu
Creating your first menu

Then, you will just have to tick the pages in the left box and click on "add to the menu".

They will be positioned on the right, it will be the structure of your menu: the highest element being the element that will be the most left of your navigation - the lowest element will be the most right element.

You will drag these different elements from top to bottom or bottom to top to organize your menu as you wish.

Définir la structure du menu principal
Define the structure of your main menu by checking the elements on the left and adding them to the structure of your menu on the right

Finally, you will assign a location for the menu you have just created, as this is your main navigation, you will check the box "main menu" at the bottom of the menu creation page. Don't forget to save.

Assigner le menu principal
Don't forget to assign the location of your menu to "main menu".

=> Warning, if you move elements to the right, these elements will become sub-elements of a main element. You can then add as many sub-elements as necessary.

For example, in the Divi Tips blog, the "All for Divi" has 4 sub-elements.

Discover all you can do with the Divi theme

Step 2: Convert your classic menu to Mega Menu

There, your main menu is created. You will be able to convert a main element into a "mega menu" but for that, it will have to have several sub-elements (very important!), otherwise, it has no interest...

As a reminder, a mega menu displays the elements of a horizontal navigation rather than a vertical one. This will be perfect for inserting images in the navigation, but how do you do it?

  1. Always in the back office and always in the tab Appearance > Menulocate the tab "screen option" at the very top of your page, on the right.
  2. Expand this menu and check the box "CSS classes"
Classe CSS pour mega menu
Enable CSS classes to use the Mega Menu function

Then open the menu item you want convert to Mega Menu and assign it the CSS class "mega-menu"

Attribuer la classe mega-menu
Assign the mega-menu class

Save your changes

To consult the official documentation on the creation of a mega menu, click here.

Step 3: Insert images into the Mega Divi Menu

These images will be visible from your main navigation....

1 - Uploads of your images

The first thing you'll need to do is to upload the images, which will illustrate your menu, to your site's media library at the Media > Add.

Once this is done, you can retrieve the URL of each image to use in your menu.

For this, you can go to Media > Libraryyou will click on the image in question and select its URL (ctrl+A then ctrl+C or cmd+A then cmd+C).

URL image pour le Mega Menu
Retrieve the URL of your image for the Mega Menu

2 - Create custom links

You will return to the tab Appearance > Menu to insert these images into the Mega Divi Menu. You will choose to insert a "Personalized Link" on your menu.

=> In the field Web addressyou will insert the link of the page to which the menu item should lead. For example, if I want to send my visitors to a category on my site, I will enter the following address:


The best way is to go to the page in question and copy/paste its URL, it will avoid errors.

=> In the field "link text" you will insert the link below, taking care to modify the bold elements according to your site:


Here is an image of what it looks like:

Liens personnalisés Méga Menu Divi
Insert custom links in the Divi main menu

=> Repeat these steps as many times as necessary and don't forget to save your changes...

Step 4: Check the final rendering of your Mega Menu in pictures

Finally, you can go back to the "Front" side of your site (visitor side), reload the page: the images should appear in your Mega Menu and by clicking on them, you should join the pages you have set up.

Here is the result:

Insérer des images dans le Méga Menu de Divi

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To conclude...

So it's not that complicated to customize DIVI !

In addition, this tutorial does not use complex code, everything is available from your administration! So, at work 😉

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