The best Divi blog layouts: give your blog a boost!

Published on 13/01/2020 | 4 comments

Want to give your blog a fresh look? With these Divi blog layouts, you'll find ready-to-use designs, grids, layouts and features. It's the perfect way to give your site a fresh, professional and dynamic look!

The blog is a strategic point of your site. It is in this section that you will attract and retain your visitors. It is therefore particularly important to take care of this part.

However, most themes only offer a rather basic and static blog design, which won't necessarily appeal to your readers. When you see the features and visual quality reserved for the other sections most of the time, it's a shame to let the blog part lag so much behind.

Fortunately, for Divi, it's different!

You will easily find a lot of layouts for your blog pages... But you will have to sort them out!

That's what I'm proposing to you, with this selection of the best Divi layouts for blog.

Announcement: this article contains affiliate links that you will easily recognize. The classic links are in purple and sponsored links are in pink.

A quick reminder: what is a layout?

Layouts are predefined pages, modules, rows or sections that you can use in your Divi sites. You can load them from your Divi library or directly from the Divi Builder.

Elegant Themes releases new layouts very regularly. These are 100% free for personal or commercial use. This is one of the many benefits of the Divi license.

Other publishers also offer templates, some of which are not free.

Also read: how to create a blog post template with the Divi Theme Builder.

How to import your Divi layouts?

  • Create a new page and load the Divi Builder
  • Click on the "+" in the purple bar. It will take you to the library.
  • Use the search to find the layout you need, select that layout and click "Use This Layout".

For third party layouts (other than Elegant Themes), you will need to download them from the publisher's website first and then include them in your library using Divi's import tool.

Discover the detailed procedure for import or export Divi layouts here.

#1 Divi Blog Layouts : CSS Grid Blog Layout

CSS Grid Layout

This Divi blog layout creates a magazine design using a CSS grid to dynamically present your blog.

The first post is displayed on a single column, the next two on two columns, and then the following on three.

The CSS Grid Blog Layout design fits well on any screen size and any length of content.

Also, the CSS variables make it easy to edit. A button class adds a bit of jQuery that allows you to customize the "read more" links with the buttons in the theme customizer.

Indicative price : Free of charge See the layout

Many other free layouts are available on the official Elegant Themes blog. Browse them here.

#2 Divi Magazine / Blog layout

layouts pour blog divi magazine

Divi Magazine / Blog Layout provides a layout similar to online magazines like BuzzFeed. It will allow you to create your own online magazine using your blog categories.

The "front page" article is displayed in full width. Then there are 5 posts that are displayed as small square images with titles that are displayed on the hover.

These can display your latest articles in all categories or the latest posts in each of your categories.

A section displays the latest posts in a single column next to a text element, a video module and an image module that create a sidebar. It is followed by a section with a blog grid.

Other sections include a call to action, contact forms and other blog modules with different layouts. There are three possible color combinations: red, blue and yellow.

Little extras offered in this layout:

  • Royalty-free images from Unsplash are included.
  • A one-step import just like a child theme to import demo data.

Approximate price: $49.95 (not including promotions) See the layout

#3 Best Divi Blog Layouts: Single Post Layouts for Divi

layouts divi pour blog single post

Single Post Layouts for Divi is a pack of five layouts.

The first one proposes to display an image on the left with the category, title, meta, social follow buttons - and content on the right.

The second layout uses a header image with category and title buttons, author information on the left and content on the right.

The third layout shows the picture on the front page with social buttons, title, author image, meta and content overlapping in a single column.

The fourth layout removes the author image, places the meta in the featured image, and presents the social buttons and content in a box that covers the featured image.

The fifth layout uses a featured image with information about the author which overlap on the right with social buttons and a thumbnail, and the title, meta and content on the left.

Suggested price: $25 See the layouts pack

#4 One Half and Two Quarter Alternating Blog Layout

layouts divi "one half and two quarters"

This free layout uses the Divi blog module with custom CSS to display posts in an alternate layout.

The layout presents posts in two different widths: a half screen and a quarter screen (hence the name). This will allow you to display a row with one image on one side and four images on the other.

It also adds a gradient overlay with a hover effect that displays the clip and the read more button.

Indicative price : Free of charge See the layout

#5 Divi Layouts for blogs : Podcast Layout

divi podcast layout pack blog

This package includes everything you need to create a blog focused on your podcast. The following page templates are provided:

  • Home
  • Landing page
  • About us
  • Contact
  • Episode list page
  • Episode page (to view details and play a specific episode)

Podcasts have come back in a big way in the last few years and Elegant themes has come up with a very classy layout here, making it one of the best Divi blog layouts in this selection.

Indicative price : Free of charge See the layout

#6 Free Food Blog Layout Pack

divi food recipes layout

Another pack from Elegant themes, this time dedicated to food blogs. It is again a success, with yellow and mauve pastels as dominant colors and a high level design as this editor knows how to do so well.

Also read: 10 examples of restaurant websites made with Divi.

This pack includes the following pages:

  • Home
  • Contact
  • Landing Page
  • Presentation of the team
  • About us
  • List of recipes
  • Individual recipe page
  • Blog page

Indicative price : Free of charge See the layout

#7 Divi Blog Layouts: Divi Blog Extras

Divi Blog Extra

Divi Blog Extras is a plugin that adds 6 blog layouts to the Divi Blog layout options.

It is compatible with Divi and Extra and has Ajax loading and numbered pagination to display an unlimited number of posts on a single page.

It can be used as a category page builder using the Divi builder. It also adds a widget so you can display your posts in the sidebar with a highlighted image, meta description, etc.

Suggested price: from $14.40 See the layouts

#8 Divi Blog Layouts : Lara Divi Blog Module

lara blog module

Lara Divi Blog Module is a layout that allows you to display your latest posts in a card design.

These display a full-color image. The title, highlighted by an elegant border, is displayed in a block that overlaps the bottom of the image.

When you hover over the image, it zooms and becomes black and white. This layout is fully stylable since it is based on the default Divi blog module. This allows you to change the colors according to the design of your site.

Indicative price: from 5$ | See the layout

#9 Divi Blog Layouts : Travel Blog Layout

layouts divi pour blog travel

A beautiful free blog template by Elegant themes, this time about travel. This layout showcases your expeditions to faraway places with its modern, efficient and very "pro" design.

This is a change from travel blogs with a nice design, but which often look amateurish. Here, you will not only impress your visitors with your travel photos, but also with this classy and pleasant presentation.

This pack includes a total of 8 page templates, which should make it easy to find what you want!

Indicative price : Free of charge See the layout

#10 Elegant blog page layout

layouts divi pour page de blog

Elegant Blog Page Layout creates a blog page with a magazine-style layout that includes:

  • a slider,
  • the latest articles by category,
  • the latest articles in all categories,
  • the categories presented,
  • a sidebar in a multi-column layout

This sidebar can display :

  • an about widget,
  • a registration form,
  • advertisements,
  • social buttons,
  • standard WordPress widgets - the layout is designed to integrate them well

The layout of each blog post includes :

  • a stylized title,
  • a stylized sidebar,
  • a highlighted image,
  • the next and previous buttons,
  • a comments section
  • links to similar posts

A stylized divider allows to divide the different sections.

Indicative price : Free of charge See the layout

Discover many other resources to improve and customize your blog on the Elegant Themes website and in the Resources for Divi of this blog.

Best Divi blog layouts: review and final thoughts

These Divi blog layouts will make your job much easier! With them, you'll create a beautiful blog in just a few clicks.

Indeed, the use of layouts is very easy and represents an important time saving. This is definitely one of Divi's strong points!

This selection is voluntarily eclectic, in order to help you find your happiness, whatever your tastes and needs.

Don't hesitate to give me your feedback in the comments! Which layouts did you test, which ones do you prefer?

If you create a blog with one of these layouts, send a link so the community can see the result in real life 😉

Top 10 layouts pour blog Divi
layouts pour designer le blog de Divi

This article was written by David Albert, a freelance writer who helps entrepreneurs publish quality content. More info on his website.

10 best Divi Blog Layouts

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  1. Marie

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  2. Cemil

    Merci pour cet article !
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    Mais ça ne fonctionne pas.

    Help 😉

  3. Lycia Diaz

    Salut Cemil,
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