Is it possible to remove Divi shortcodes easily if you change the WordPress theme? This is a question that hangs around on social networks. I often see these conversation topics where some people say it is impossible to change themes after using Divi... Or that you can't go back once Divi has been used!

Oh, yeah? Since when did your WordPress site marry with your Divi theme? Know that you can remove Divi easily and without tearing your hair! 😉

In this article, I present to you a plugin that will be very useful to you if you decide to switch from the Divi theme to another WordPress theme. You'll see that it will only take you 10 seconds to clean up Divi's tracks.

comment supprimer Divi


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What happens if you disable the Divi theme and activate another theme?

WordPress is fabulous for that: you can change the theme with a single click. Just go to the tab Appearance > Theme and activate the theme of your choice.

Only, there is a "BUT"... When you change the theme, it may be that the old one leaves traces. This is especially the case for themes that use builder pages like Visual Composer for example, to name a few.

So you know that if you activate a new theme that does not use the same builder page as the old one, you may have some surprises. This is the case of Divi who natively uses the Divi Builder (Divi's builder page).

If you need to understand the differences between Divi and Divi Builder, I invite you to read this article.


In concrete terms, here is an image of what will happen if you activate another theme after using Divi:


Version of a page built with the Divi Builder:

page avec le thème Divi

Here is what my page with the Divi theme looks like


Version of a page built with the Divi Builder, after activating another theme:

page après changement de thème

Here is my page after activating the Twenty Seventeen theme


Okay, it's frankly not reassuring and it may worry you...

However, please be aware that I have never had to redesign to move from one Divi theme to another. Most of my clients ask me the opposite, i.e. to move from their current theme to Divi.

And most (if not all) Divi users do not consider changing themes after using Divi....

So, a priori, you don't have to worry. But if one day you decide to change the theme, or if one of your customers asks you to, you can easily get rid of Divi!


Version of my page cleaned of Divi's shortcodes:

page après nettoyage

Here is my page after cleaning Divi's shortcodes


Does that make you feel better?

It only took a few seconds to go from the page displaying all Divi's shortcodes to a clean page. I would like to point out that my content has not been lost in the process.

I will explain how....


How to clean up your site and remove Divi's shortcodes?

The Divi Builder builds your pages using shortcodes. These are invisible when the Divi theme is active but become visible when you activate another theme.

Want to see him at work? Discover how the Divi Builder works


If your site is composed of several tens of pages built with the Divi Builderit would be counterproductive to remove Divi's shortcodes by hand. It would be tedious and it could drive you totally crazy!

Good news, there is a freemium plugin that will remove Divi's shortcodes. In addition, you will not have to set anything up: it is a question of Shortcode Cleaner Lite.

plugin shortcode cleaner lite

All you have to do is go to Extensions tab > Add and type his name in the search bar to find and install it.

Once activated, this plugin will detect all "broken" shortcodes, i.e. all unused shortcodes.

This plugin is therefore miraculous if you want to delete the Divi theme. But it will also clean up any unused shortcodes generated by other plugins.

I'm thinking in particular of the time when I added a "click to tweet" shortcode to each article in one of my blogs. The day I decided to remove this plugin, I had a lot of fun cleaning all my items... Shortcode Cleaner Lite would have saved me a lot of time!

In addition, once the plugin has cleaned your pages, you can go to its dashbord and check the work it has done:

dashboard Shortcode cleaner

  1. in the dashbord, you will find most of the essential information like :
  2. the number of "broken" shortcodes
  3. cleaning dates
  4. the types of shortcodes deleted


I propose to see Shortcode Cleaner in action in the following video:


Can we go back and reactivate the Divi theme?

It is likely that after activating another theme, you will regret your good old Divi theme 😂😂😂😂

In this case, it is quite possible to turn back. Shortcode Cleaner removes broken shortcodes. This means that if you reactivate Divi, the shortcodes will no longer be "unused" and your layout will return to its original construction (if you have not made any changes in your content in the meantime).


Don't even be afraid to switch to the Divi theme! Discover all you can do with....


In conclusion....

I really wanted to write this article for several reasons:

  1. because Shortcode Cleaner can be very useful to remove all types of shortcode that are no longer used, not just those of the Divi Builder,
  2. because I wanted to answer people who say that Divi "it's dirty" and that it leaves traces...
  3. because I wanted to prove that he's possible to switch from Divi to another theme without getting tired.

Feel free to leave a comment if you've already had to clean up a lot of shortcodes, maybe you have other solutions?


nettoyer son site après supression de Divi


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