Sometimes, some people cannot understand the differences between Divi and Divi Builder and this can lead to confusion between you and your customer (or between the site creator and the user), especially if the conversation takes place remotely. It is important to distinguish these two products offered by the ElegantThemes platform.

Le thème Divi est différent du Divi Builer

The Divi theme is different from the Divi Builer


In this article, we will see exactly what the differences are between Divi and Divi Builder.

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What is the Divi Theme?

As its name suggests, the Divi theme is simply a WordPress theme that allows you to benefit from its own design.

This theme offers appearance options that generally affect the Header (the header of the site with the menu and logo) and the Footer of the website (the footer and the widget area), not to mention the Sidebar containing your blog Widgets and the appearance of your blog page.

Le thème Divi

Learn more about the theme Divi

Unlike most themes purchased on ThemeForest, for example, the Divi theme does not include a BUILDER PAGE from a third party. Most of the time, these premium themes are delivered and optimized for Visual Composer.

The Divi theme, on the other hand, comes with its own page builder called DIVI BUILDER.

The particularity of the Divi theme is that the Divi Builder is embedded natively in the theme files. In other words, if you install the Divi theme and enable it, you don't need to add a page builder, or even the Divi Builder since it is already active in the theme.

It is important to understand this nuance: no need to install the Divi Builder if you use the Divi Theme.

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What is the Divi Builder?

As you can see, the Divi Builder is a plugin. It is an extension that allows you to build complex and original layouts, something that WordPress does not allow, for the moment.

The Divi Builder is simply a Page Builder - or Page Builder - in the same line as Visual Composer, Elementor, Beaver Builder, SiteOrigine and many more!

Le Divi Builder

Since the Divi Builder is an extension, it means that you can install it in any WordPress site, regardless of the WordPress theme used. It is compatible.

Like any page builder, once installed and activated, you will see a purple button to activate the builder and start your layouts.

When you don't need it, you can decide not to enable it and use the classic WordPress editor. It's as simple as that.

Discover the Divi Builder now!


Example of integration of the Divi Builder on the theme Twenty Seventeen

As we have just seen, the Divi Builder is compatible with all WordPress themes... YES, BUT...

Indeed, this extension is compatible and will work but you may have some surprises.

Since each theme is different, each developer has coded its theme in a different way to get the right design.

Divi Builder utilisé dans le Thème Twenty Seveteen

Divi Builder used in the Twenty Seveteen Theme


However, when you use the Divi Builder, it only replaces the main part of the page, i.e. the part allocated to the WordPress editor. The one where you write your content.

Not everything outside the classic content can be modified via the Divi Builder. This is logical since this part is managed by the theme.

It is therefore possible that you will have to inspect the code and make some CSS modifications so that the Divi Builder fits perfectly into the design of your theme.

Sometimes, a few small optimizations are enough, I made you an example in video:


What are the advantages of the Divi Builder?

Although it can have its weaknesses, the Divi Builder is a page builder that has many advantages over its competitors:

  • it is maintained: by this I mean that this plugin is the favorite and the strength of ElegantTheme, so it is continuously updated, up to several times a week!
  • it evolves and improves with each update: many features are added to each update
  • it is very well thought out: everything is thought out so that the user is not lost. I see it in my training, I have Elementor and Divi Builder tested in parallel and it's always the same speech: the Divi Builder is much easier to learn and much more UX.
  • it can be used in FRONT as well as in BACK: you can build your layouts from the back office but also from the visitors' side. It's very easy.
  • it embeds a lot of layouts: recently, the Divi Builder allows you to download incredible layouts in one click.
  • it is not expensive: the Divi Builder is included in the ElegantThemes license but you can only buy the plugin. In addition, the license gives you the right to use it on an unlimited number of sites.

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Recap': the differences between Divi and Divi Builder

To summarize, the differences between Divi and Divi Builder are simple:

  • Divi is a theme while Divi Builder is a plugin
  • Divi is usable on any WordPress site - the Divi Buider is usable on any WordPress theme
  • Divi is in charge of the general design of the site while Divi Builder is in charge of the design of the page or article

Most of you already knew the differences between Divi and Divi Builder but I have seen too often on Facebook forums and groups comments about them... Now you can't confuse them anymore!

différences entre Divi et Divi Builder

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