Black Friday Divi 2022

Black Friday & Cyber Monday: what you'll gain by buying Divi this year (2022)

Published on 19/11/2022 | 12 comments

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday: if you work on the web, you must already know these terms! Even though they have been well known by the general public for a few years now.

Here's what's in store for Black Friday Divi 2022:

"Buy any Divi product during Black Friday and get the biggest discount ever, a free bonus, a site template pack (Theme Builder) and exclusive access to dozens of additional product offers. Plus, you can win a free iMac while you wait!"

Source: official website
Black Friday Divi 2022
Black Friday Divi 2022

Announcement: this article contains affiliate links that you will easily recognise. The classic links are in purple and sponsored links are in pink.

1 - How does Black Friday Divi work?

I still remember my early days as a freelancer: I did not have much cash flow and I had waited for Black Friday to buy my Divi license. The prizes were going fast. I had received a lot including the Divi license at 20% off packaged with the free Caldera Form Pro license. That was already good!

But there were plenty of other lots.

Each bundle consists of the Divi license + the license of another product sold on the MarketPlace. For example: Divi Plus, Divi Overlays, Divi Den Pro, Divi Supreme, etc.

You can already locate all the lots on this page.

How does it work?

  1. You can already visit the official Black Friday page to click on the Save the Date button. This will add a reminder to your electronic calendar. That way, you'll be in the start-in-blocks on D-Day. Also, on this same page, you can register to participate in the draw to win a Mac.
  2. Be ready on November 22, 2022 at 4:00 pm to visit the official website (7AM PT).
  3. See which lot is active. As soon as you get to the lot you like best, place your order then. Be quick, because the lots are going like hotcakes.

So, in 2022, it looks like EleganttThemes is really going all out!

Add a reminder so you don't miss Divi's Black Friday 2022!

2 - Discounted Divi: the biggest discount of the year (and the only one)

There was a time when ElegeantThemes was generous with promotions to get Divi. It was not uncommon to get Divi with -10% or -20%... But it's the criiiise, as you may have noticed, and this year there were not many discounts on the license.

Divi Black Friday 2022 offers the biggest discount of the year:

  • -25% off any license (Lifetime or Annual)
  • Up to 44% off Divi Cloud and Divi Teams
  • Up to 50% off on the Divi Marketplace

Elegantthemes says now is the best time ever to take action: more discounts until next Black Friday 😱

3 - Black Friday Divi 2022 👉 $1.1M giveaway!

Like every year, ElegantThemes manages to make Black Friday a "highly anticipated" event.

It's official! Almost $1,100,000 in gifts will be distributed with each order. And this year, it seems that the novelty is that it will be possible to accumulate up to 5 bonuses, never seen before!

Among the bonuses: 18,000 extensions, new Children's Themes for Divi and Layout Packs.

4 - Exclusive layout packs

Every year, ElegantThemes' WebDesigners create Layout Packs (pre-built layouts) that you won't find anywhere else.

They are offered to all new customers as well as Lifetime customers. You can find them for download directly in your ElegantThemes account.

Note: if you upgrade your annual license to lifetime, these packs will also be offered to you.

Please note that these packs are only available during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, after that they disappear. So don't forget to download them and keep them on your computer or in your account Divi Cloud.

5 - What happens if I am already a Divi customer?

Already purchased your Divi license? Don't be disappointed!

As explained earlier in the article, if you have an annual license, the gifts also work for license upgrades. So don't worry, you can still take advantage of Black Friday.

🤩 And if, like me, you are already a lifetime customer, we also have access to exclusive layout packs and we also get exclusive discounts on products sold in the Divi Marketplace !!!

In addition to all this, you can also enter the draw for a chance to win the Apple iMac.

Well, you'll have to be very lucky to get it, but every year, one lucky Internet user gets it, so why not you?

Divi Black Friday will begin on Tuesday, November 22, 2022 at 4:00 pm (French time)... And the promotions will last until Cyber Monday !

6 - Now is the time to stock up on licenses!

If you're planning to buy digital products, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the perfect time not to miss!

Whether you want to purchase the Divi license or other licenses or products...

If you were still hesitating, now is the time to renew or upgrade your licence!

But above all, if you are thinking of buying anything, wait a few more days, it is really worth it!

Don't miss the Divi's Black Friday ! For the latecomers, you will still have the opportunity of Cyber Monday...

7 - Finally, a little history...

If you don't know the origin of this celebration from the United States, here is some history...

👉 What is Black Friday?

In French, Black Friday is translated as "Vendredi Noir". This celebration comes straight from across the Atlantic: from the USA and Canada. This "celebration" always falls on the same day: a Friday. This means that its date changes every year. Black Friday takes place the day after Thanksgiving, this holiday is celebrated every 4th Thursday of November...

A bit like our "Beaujolais Nouveau" which is released on the 3rd Thursday of November 🍷.

This year, Black Friday falls on Friday, November 25, 2022 (the 4th Friday in November). In 2023, for example, Black Friday will fall on Friday, November 24.

Black Friday is the kick-off to the year-end shopping season. It is the perfect time to start your Christmas shopping. Retailers have understood this since the 70's by offering exceptional sales.

Why "black"? Because at the time, the traders' accounts were kept by hand. When the lines were written in red ink, the accounts were negative. When the lines were written in black ink, the accounts were positive. Black Friday was the time when traders started to earn money again.

👉 What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is the Monday following Black Friday. Originally, the sales were only in physical stores and only for 24 hours. Then, Cyber Monday was planned to continue the sales in online stores.

But it must be said that "all means are good for selling"... Little by little, the Black Friday and the Cyber Monday have grown to become the "Cyber Weekend and even the "Cyber Week. In short, we don't know what else to invent!

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12 Commentaires

  1. kaellyana

    Coucou, j’ai fait comme toi l’année dernière, j’ai profité du black friday pour investir dans la licence de divi.
    Cette année je ne sais pas dans quoi investir, je réfléchit encore.
    Les lots mis en jeu sont top dit donc.

  2. Lycia Diaz

    Oui ! Kaellyana, des sacrés cadeaux à la clé… Cette année, je ne sais pas non plus quoi « m’offrir », j’ai besoin de rien, ou presque… Mais je me laisserai peut-être convaincre par une licence que je n’ai pas encore 😉

  3. kaellyana

    Alors moi comme j’utilise Divi ainsi qu’elementor j’ai encore de quoi investir.
    Mais pour l’instant j’ai pas lsours pour certaines lifetimes de plugins et thémes qui m’intérresse.
    Donc mon choix se réduit un chouilla.

  4. Lycia Diaz

    Hi hi hi ! Moi aussi j’ai les deux… Dommage qu’Elementor ne propose pas de lifetime, c’est son gros point faible… De toute façon, je ne l’utilise que sur un seul site. Booster for WooCommerce : j’hésite pour celui-là. Mais je ne pense pas en avoir beaucoup besoin, si je l’achète, c’est pour en faire un tuto 😉

  5. kaellyana

    Oui elementor c’est tous les ans.
    Je l’utilises sur plusieurs sites donc j’en besoin.
    y’a crocoblock qui me tente pas mal.
    Mais le prix
    Après y’a Astra
    mais pareil le prix
    j’hésites aussi avec wp rocket, mais soit ça marche soit y’a des soucis, alors mettre autant de sous dans un plugins et que ça merdouille sur certains sites, je suis un peu refroidie.
    Je ne connais pas booster for WooCommerce
    faut que je me penche sur WooCommerce, j’ai une boutique a créer. Je test avec divi, mais c’est pas simple.
    car y’a tout a créer, donc je ne sais pas si je vais rester sur divi ou si je partirai sur autre chose pour mon amie.

  6. Isabelle BLOSSE

    Bonjour à tous,

    j’ai profité du Black Friday l’année dernière et je n’ai pas pris le contrat en Lifetime, je pensais le prendre lors du black friday de cette année mais, si je comprends bien, nous ne pouvons utiliser cette offre qu’une fois ?

    Merci de votre réponse et merci pour toutes les astuces, le tuto sur le dégradé avec la parallaxe m’a grandement aidé !!! 😉


  7. Lycia Diaz

    Salut Isabelle et merci. Non je pense que tu auras droit au blackfriday, ça marche aussi si tu es déjà cliente il me semble. À vérifier mais je pense que c’est bon.

  8. Laurent

    Bonjour à tous les fêlés de Divi,

    En effet, depuis peu je suis passé à Divi et j’avais donc pris pour faire l’essai une licence à l’année mais en passant par un revendeur français. Or maintenant, j’aimerai franchir le pas avec une licence à vie en profitant de ce blackfriday.

    Cependant, je n’ai rien trouvé comme info disant comme on fait le jour du 27 novembre. Certes il y a plein de promo partout mais je n’ai pas trouvé pour ça…

    Probablement que l’humble fissure ne laisse pas encore passé assez de lumière d’où ma demande…
    Merci d’avance pour la réponse.

  9. Lycia Diaz

    Salut Laurent, attends un peu ils vont l’annoncer. Le lien dans mon article te mène à la page en question. Dès que c’est lancé tu y aura accès 😉

  10. Grafiness

    Super content, cet événement est unique en son genre aucun concurrent ne fait pareil ni sur la
    qualité ni sur les
    prix… vivement de belles surprises!!
    merci l’équipe de Divi!!!

  11. Renard

    Je n’ai pas très bien compris je compte m’acheter une license a vie je dois attendre le 27 pour avoir des remise ou la prendre maintenant pour avoir d’autre sorte de remise

  12. Lycia Diaz

    Salut Renard attends le 27 il y aura -25%

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