Divi layouts are available directly from the Visual Builder, and this, since version 3.0.99 of Divi.

These layouts - also called "layout" - were created by experienced graphic designers/web designers who work at the ElegantThemes team.

In this article, I propose you to discover the Divi layouts that are available in 1 click from the Visual Builder and that will save you a lot of time when creating your sites with Divi.

Here is the program:

  1. How did we do it before the layouts?
  2. How to insert a layout now?
  3. The list of 880 Divi layouts classified by category
  4. Individual use
  5. In conclusion
Des packs de layouts Divi

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1 - How did we do it before the layouts?

Before the Divi Builder shipped pre-designed layouts, ElegantThemes distributed pre-made layout packages that could be downloaded from the official website.

This was followed by a series of tutorials to learn how to use and customize them. It was already quite nice!

However, some novices could be lost as to the installation of these famous packs: you had to download the.zip folder, extract the.json files and then import them from Divi's library.

Not complicated but much more time-consuming than the functionality of the Divi Builder

For more explanations, read: how to import or export a Divi layout.

2 - How to insert a Divi layout now?

Now, handling becomes simpler and more intuitive.

Indeed, two clicks are enough to install a new pack of Divi layouts!

Here's how to do it:

  1. Go to your administration and add a new page (for example)
  2. Add a title, as usual, then activate the Divi Builder
  3. Simply click on "Load from library".
Charger les packs de layouts Divi
Load Divi layouts packs by clicking on "load from library"

As if by magic, a list of layouts packs appears!

Les packs de layouts Divi
For the moment, the Divi builder has 19 Divi layouts packs on board.

Click on your favorite to know its content....

For more precise explanations, discover how to import a layout from the visual builder.

3 - More than 1000 Divi layouts available!

The Divi Builder currently offers 139 Divi layouts packages, representing a total of 1029 pre-made layouts.

These packs are classified by theme:

The Art & Design category

28 packs are available in the Art & Design category, for a total of 213 layouts.

layout art & design

You will certainly find inspiration if you need to create a website in the fields of fashion, interior design, graphics, make-up, etc.

Discover all the layouts of the Art & Design category

The Business category

This is the richest category with 72 packs containing 533 layouts in total.

If you need to create a corporate website, this is where you can browse through the catalogue to find the most suitable design for your project.

layout business

All trades are represented: from florists to restaurateurs, web hosting providers, wedding planners and painters!

Discover all the layouts of the Business category

The Community & Non-Profit category

8 packs fall into this category with a total of 59 pre-designed layouts.

layout non-profit

You will find layouts for your MeetUp, donation, animal collection or political candidate sites.

Discover all the layouts of the Community & Non-Profit category

The Education category

8 packs containing 58 individual layouts to create sites for schools, dance or yoga schools, e-learning sites etc.

layout education

Discover all the layouts of the Education category

The Events category

Ideal if you need to create a website for a special event such as a wedding, a web conference or even a marathon. You will find 67 layouts in 9 packs.

layout event

Discover all the layouts of the Events category Events

The Fashion & Beauty category

Anything that appeals to jewellery, make-up, Spa etc. If you need to create a blog on these themes, you can choose from 58 layouts spread over 8 packs.

layout beauty

Discover all the layouts of the Fashion & Beauty category

The Food & Drink category

If you wish to find out more about the inspiration to create a website Restaurantthe Food & Drink category offers 117 layouts divided into 16 packs! There is enough to do....

layout food

Discover all the layouts of the Food & Drinks category

The Health & Fitness category

Coach websitesYoga, therapy, dentist, nutritionist etc. These layouts are ideal if you need to create a site for a health practitioner. In total, 141 layouts divided into 20 packs.

layout health

Discover all the layouts of the Health & Fitness category

The Lifestyle category

As its name suggests, here you will find layouts for your lifestyle sites and blogs: travel, garden, golf etc. A total of 76 layouts divided into 11 packs.

layout lifestyle

Discover all the layouts of the Lifestyle category

The Online Store category

101 layouts divided into 14 packs to create your e-commerce sites. Most shops are represented as the sale of fruit juices, jewellery, tea etc.

layout shop

Discover all the layouts of the Online Store category

The Services category

537 layouts available in 74 packs. There are many layouts here that are classified in other categories.

layout services

Discover all the layouts of the Category Services

The Simple category

Only one pack is available here with 15 layouts.

layout simple

Discover all the layouts of the Simple category

The Technology category

In this category, you will find inspiring layouts for your video game, digital product, podcast or web developer sites. In total, 18 packs and 137 layouts.

layout technology

Discover all the layouts of the Technology category

Individual use of each Divi layout

The layouts are independent of each other. When one of these layouts catches your eye, you can select it and see in more detail what it is made of.

On average, each pack contains 8 layouts and consists of a Home page, an About page, a Contact page, a Blog page, a Landing Page, a page for Portfolios or Services etc.

Each pack offers harmonious layouts but you are free to choose the layouts independently of the packs. You'll just have a little more work to harmonize everything afterwards.

Mises en page Divi
Discover or use the layouts proposed by Divi

For each layout, if you click on it, you will have the choice between "View live demo" or "Use this layout", which means you don't have to import the entire package.

I find this very interesting, unlike some premium themes that offer "one-click demo" installations and import a whole bunch of useless pages and images.

If you click on "Use", the layout is installed and you only have to open each module to modify it. It's so simple!

Learn more about the Divi Builder Modules

In conclusion....

The Divi Builder is certainly the page builder that offers so many ready-made layouts. No other manufacturer has such a rich library of choices.

Even if I'm not a big fan of pre-made layouts, I really think it can help a lot of people. Especially if you don't have the "WebDesign" fiber.

And even if you don't use them in their entirety, you can still install some of them to give yourself a little inspiration and put your foot in the stirrup to tame the design of a page with the Divi Builder.

Finally, do not hesitate to appropriate these layouts and modify them so that they correspond to your expectations and your projects...

Here's another one. good reason to choose the Divi theme !

Layouts embarqués dans Divi
Layouts embedded in Divi: say it on Pinterest!

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