Inspirations: 10 examples of very colorful sites made with Divi

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I have selected for you some very colorful sites made with Divi. It's always nice to find some inspiration!

But who said that colors were out of date? You will see that colors can give a very punchy side to a site without falling into excess... Although...

In this article, you will see everything! Here is the program:

  1. A design in turquoise & yellow tones
  2. A design in fluorescent tones!
  3. A blue website
  4. A multi-color site
  5. A red starred header
  6. A purple site too....
  7. A pink Grenadine site
  8. A design in fuchsia tones
  9. A design in yellow-orange tones
  10. An old-yellow color site
Sites très colorés faits avec Divi

Advertisement: This article contains affiliate links that you will easily recognize. The classic links are in purple and sponsored links are in pink.

1 - A design in turquoise & yellow tones

siteweb couleur turquoise

If I had to describe the home page of this very colorful site, I would say it is "wow"!

I love these 4 Divi sections that follow one another from turquoise to yellow to green to pink! Acid-coloured sections with tonal-on-tonal images in parallax. It's almost genius (lol)!

The header with the pineapple in levitation is also very successful!

Nothing very complex on the technical side since the site is a very simple onepage...

Discover this colourful site here.

2 - A design in fluorescent tones!

siteweb couleurs fluos

Although black & white is predominant, the design of this site also highlights the fluorescent colours that punctuate your screen.

Blue, yellow, green and fluorescent pink!

A little extravagance in the menu and its logo which changes colour regularly.

They have chosen a left side menu that's a little out of the ordinary. It's very successful!

Ready to break your screen? Discover the site.

3 - A blue website

siteweb couleur bleue

The design of this website is beautiful! Everything is perfect: the choice of colours, handmade icons, offset buttons, highlighting of titles...

Special mention to the "logo that extends beyond the main menu" and to the "LazyLoad icon" that allows the user to wait for the download.

The site uses the Dividends of Divi on almost all its pages and the Community page uses the Accordions modules like a FAQ... Nice!

Admire this Divi blue and pink site without further ado!

4 - A multi-color site

siteweb multi-couleur

A very intelligent design, in the style of the 70s and an animated header...

When you arrive on this site, you discover the logo and a lot of multicolored images that come out of the screen with the scroll of the mouse. That's great! That's great!

It is a site dedicated to podcasts. Each video is published within an article and a category. Each category has its own colour.

His orange half-tone footer is also very successful.

See the site.

Did you know that you can test Divi for free? Go to this page and click on "TRY IT FOR FREE"

5 - A red starred header

siteweb couleur rouge

This site is quite simple but as soon as you visit it, there is this bright red header hero that challenges you. At the bottom of it we discover a constellation that follows the movement of the mouse when it hovers. It's quite exciting.

If you want to reproduce the same thing, it is possible thanks to my tuto Particle.js for Divi.

This red starred header is found on all pages of the site.

Visit the site.

6 - A purple site too....

siteweb couleur violet

A strong purple header that allows a looped video to appear transparently.

The other sections offer blue and green. The choice of these 3 colors is rather surprising... but why not?

The background of the main menu is completely transparent. Too bad, they could have made a reminder of the violet-blue-green with a menu that changes colour.

Discover the site.

Need more inspiration? Discover all the official Divi Showcases.

7 - A pink Grenadine site

siteweb couleur grenadine

This site is all pink-grenadine and white, I find it quite soothing in fact.

The choice of fonts is also very successful.

It is a coaching website on which you feel confident. Is it due to the colour? Or perhaps because a portrait of the therapist is highlighted on the homepage?

Would you like to see life in pink?

8 - A design in fuchsia tones

siteweb couleur fuchsia

More pink here, but more sustained. Almost fuchsia. The header hero invites us to scroll down with an animated down arrow.

When you go down, the second section is a video, in the form of a wave. They certainly added Dividers to achieve this effect.

Afterwards, we arrive on a parallax section with a beautiful blue sky and a bright sun.

At the bottom of the page, we also find the four predominant colours.

Each page has a unique and very original header in flat design.

To fill up with inspiration, I advise you to browse all the pages of this very colourful Divi site.

Discover the site.

9 - A design in yellow-orange tones

siteweb couleur orangée

Do you want some color? You'll get some! At first glance, the harmony between red, yellow and orange is very successful.

Too bad that when you scroll it goes in all directions... Blue, fixed background images that change from section to section (without having a full section between two sections with image).

The site is to be discovered here.

10 - An old-yellow color site

siteweb couleur jaune

Yellow, blue and grey. It's not the best choice of colors in my opinion and yet, the design is harmonious. Yellow is predominant and the blue tips provide an unexpected contrast. That's not bad at all.

The other pages of the site are in adequacy with the home page.

To discover here.

Need more resources on Divi? Visit ElegantThemes' blog full of ideas and tutorials!

In conclusion: would coloured sites be back in fashion?

What do you think of ultra-coloured websites? Do you think it's too kitschy?

For my part, I think that a very colorful site can be very classy if the design is well thought out, in harmony with the brand's colours as well as its theme.

Depending on the theme of the site, we can't afford it: imagine a site for a law firm or an accounting firm with bright colors... It wouldn't be serious!

So, as soon as I have the opportunity, I love adding some colorful notes to the sites I create with Divi... And you?

sites divi très colorés
colorful websites made with divi

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