SEO tab of the Divi theme options

SEO is the English term to talk about natural referencing ofwebsites. The Theme Divi is one of the few WordPress themes that embeds options to improve its SEO.

From the theme options, you can activate the SEO fields of the home page, articles and index. We will then find 3 sub-tabs that we are going to discover below...

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The SEO tab of the Divi home page

Divi theme Options: SEO tab-1

  • lozenges 1 to 4: This is where you can activate the SEO fields for your home page.
  • lozenges 5 to 7: Once you have activated the SEO fields, you will be able to enter your description, title and keyword.
  • 8 – Automatic title: In case you leave the first 4 options on "Disable", the Divi theme will then offer you to automatically generate a title according to 3 versions: [name of blog + description of blog] or [description of blog + name of blog] or [Name of blog only NT]. If you wonder what this is and where the theme will look for this information, it's very simple: it will take back what you entered in the General Settings tab of your site. This means the fields "site title" and "slogan".
  • 9 – Choice of separator: It is only a small option that allows you to choose the item that will separate the title and description of your blog. Generally one chooses a "pipe " or a "dash" (| or –)
  • 10 – Save: as usual, after making changes, remember to save them.


The SEO tab of the Divi articles

Divi theme Options: SEO tab-2

  • from Lozenge 1 to 4: As for the home page, this is where you can activate the custom SEO fields for each of your articles.
  • from Lozenge 5 to 7: As with the home page, once you have activated the SEO fields, you will be able to enter your description, title and keyword from each of your articles.
  • 8 – Automatic title: Ditto home Page
  • 9 – Choice of separator: Ditto home Page
  • 10 – Save: Remember to save your changes.

Attention, if you want to use the custom SEO fields from an article, you will need to activate the "Custom Fields" and enter them at the bottom of each article. To better understand, I've prepared a little video for you.


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The Divi SEO Index tab

This is to set up the SEO options for the category archive pages.

Divi theme Options: SEO tab-3

  1. Enable canonical URLs: canonization helps prevent indexing of duplicate content by search engines and, therefore, can help avoid duplicate content penalties and pagerank degradation. Some pages may have different URLs all leading to the same location. For example,, , and are all different URLs leading to your home page. From the point of view of the search engine, these duplicate URLs, which often occur because of custom permalinks, can be treated individually rather than as a single destination. By activating this option, you will be able to tell the search engine the URL you want to use officially.
  2. Allow meta-description: allows meta-descriptions for categories
  3. Automatic title Generation method: same as for pages and articles
  4. Choice of separator: same as for pages and articles
  5. Save: Remember to save.


In conclusion

These SEO options can be nice for those who start but to be honest, I never use it. I use in 100% of cases, the extension YOAST SEO...

Do the meta fields proposed by Divi replace the fields proposed by the Yoast SEO extension? Yes, indeed, it does the same job as the fields proposed by the Yoast extension at the bottom of each article.

Is the Divi SEO module as relevant as YOAST ? No, I don't think so! YOAST is definitely the best SEO plugin on the market. In addition to proposing fields to customize the meta, it does so much more: You can set up many options that boost the referencing of your site.

So the question we can ask is: why ElegantThemes has included an SEO module in its theme since it's not the top? Well I think it may be suitable for some people who are not yet very comfortable and who if the installation and setting up an advanced plugin like that of YOAST...

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Divi SEO Tab

Focus on the SEO tab of the Divi theme options
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