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The "Ads" tab will allow you to manage your ads and integrate banners into your content, if you have decided to monetize your blog or your site.

Onglet Publicités - Options du thème Divi
Ads tab

Here is the program for this article:

  1. Advertising to monetize your site
  2. Other means of monetization
  3. Divi's Ads tab
  4. Other Divi theme options

Announcement: this article contains affiliate links that you will easily recognize. The classic links are in purple and sponsored links are in pink.

1 - Advertising to monetize your site

Is it a good idea to monetize one's blog with Google Adsense banners?

Why not, if it's done intelligently...

It is important that these banners are not too intrusive and do not scare away your visitors.

It's quite rare actually, for my part, I run away directly if they are popups or if there is a banner in each paragraph.

You will see that the Divi theme allows you to insert a banner at the end of your posts without it being intrusive. And you won't need a plugin for that.

Be careful not to abuse the advertising banners, Google penalizes this !

2 - Other means of monetization

And yes! Monetizing your blog with advertising is quite complicated when you start your site.

For this to be profitable, you will need to have a huge amount of traffic.

You should know that Adsense advertisement pays you a few cents for each click. So, you have to play on the volume, otherwise it is useless...

If you're looking for other types of monetization, here's what you might consider:

  • Membership
  • The sale of information products (e-book, e-learning etc.)
  • Sponsored articles

Of course, you can combine all these forms of monetization to try to increase your income.

3 - The settings of the Divi Ads tab

Usually, to easily add banner ads within articles, you need a plugin. Here, Divi offers you an easy way to add this feature. However, you will find few options.

réglages onglet publicité
The settings of the Ads tab

1 - Enable 468×60 banner: With this option, you can simply enable or disable banner ads on your site. These will then appear at the end of your articles, just above the comments section.

Activation des bannières publicitaires de Divi
Here is how the banner ads look in the Divi theme options

2 - Select a banner: here, you must enter the URL of an image in 468*60 pixels format. This image must first be inserted in your media library. You will find its URL in the library.

3 - Banner destination URL: since this is an advertising banner, you can choose the destination URL when the user clicks on it. Generally, it will be an affiliate URL or a partner URL.

4 - Google Adsense: if you do not use affiliation, you can simply insert the code of one of your ads generated from your Google Adsense account.

5 - Save: save your changes.

4 - Other Divi theme options

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