Let's see in detail what can be set in the Navigation tab of the Divi theme options.

Know that there are no "good or bad settings", all this is subjective and will vary according to your web projects and the purpose you want to achieve....

The options you define in this tab may influence the behavior of your main menu. Visit here on the complete file dedicated to Divi's main navigation.

Onglet Navigation
Navigation tab

The "Navigation" option screen is composed of 3 sub-tabs: "Pages", "Categories" and "General Settings".

Here is the program of this article:

  1. The Navigation > Pages sub-tab
  2. The Navigation > Categories sub-tab
  3. The Navigation > General Settings sub-tab
  4. The other options of Divi

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Navigation > Pages
Navigation tab > Pages
  1. Exclude pages: I'm not sure if this option is interesting since to organize its navigation, it's better to go through the options offered by WordPress from the Appearance > Menu tab. See here to find out how to create a WordPress main menu.
  2. Drop-down menus: if this option is disabled, the subpages contained in your main navigation will not be active. Only first level pages will be taken into account.
  3. Home link: This option adds a link to your home page, however, if you have set your home page in the Appearance > Customize > Static home page tab, this will create a duplicate.
  4. Sorting of links: this allows you to set up the sorting organization of the links contained in your main navigation. Again, this has no value if you set your menu from the Appearance > Menu tab.
  5. Rank order: as for the link rankings, it is better to go through the Appearance tab > Menu proposed natively by WordPress.
  6. Number of levels in the drop-down menus: these are the levels equivalent to the depth of a menu. It all depends on how many sub-elements you need in your main menu.
  7. Save: of course, once you have made your changes, don't forget to save them.

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Let's now look in more detail at the "Categories" sub-tab available from the "Navigation" tab...

Options du Thème Divi : onglet navigation - 2
Navigation tab > Categories
  1. Excluding categories: Just like pages, it is possible to exclude categories in the main navigation. This is where you can tick or uncheck them. However, it may be more relevant to do this from the Appearance tab > Menu offered natively by WordPress.
  2. Drop-down menus: if your blog has child categories and you want them to appear automatically, you can enable this option.
  3. Empty categories: you can display all existing categories in the main navigation of your site. By default, categories that do not contain any items will be hidden. If you still want to display them, you can disable this option.
  4. Drop-down menu levels: just like the page drop-down menus, you can decide the depth of the drop-down menu for your categories. This will depend on your internal organization regarding the parent and child categories.
  5. Sort links: you can filter the ranking of links in your category navigation
  6. Rank order: just as you can sort them in ascending or descending order.
  7. Save: Don't forget to save your changes.

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Until now, the last two tabs did not have much added value but the options available from the "General Settings" subtab are rather important...

Options du Thème Divi : onglet navigation - 3
  1. Disable the upper level: when the option is disabled, the primary elements of your navigation will be clickable. If you do not want the primary element, containing menu sub-elements, to be able to be clicked, enable this option. For example, on this blog, Divi Tips, you can click on the element named "Divi Tips ALL FOR DIVI"« . This primary element is clickable because the option is disabled. If I had wanted the "ALL FOR DIVI" element not to be accessible, I would have enabled this option.
  2. Alternative scrolling method: when you create a scrolling navigation, i. e. by SCROLL, you add a CSS ID to access this part of the screen. However, it may happen that the title is cut off. Enabling this option corrects the problem. For full of tips about scroll, go here.
  3. Save: always the same, don't forget to save...

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