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Updated on 01/06/24

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How to set the options in tab Creator of Divi Theme options ? What are they for? How to make the right choices?

Although one of the recent updates to the Divi theme has incorporated new, more appropriate translations, it sometimes remains a little blurry.

To obtain Divi in "good French", you can read this article.

The evidence is for this tab named "Creator"I don't know what that means... However, here we will talk more about performance and user experience.

Creator tab of Divi options
Creator tab of Divi options

This is what we will see in this article. Here is the program:

1 – The sub-tab "Creator > Integration of Post Type« 

integration of post type
Post Type Integration tab

As you can see on this screenshot, nothing very complicated here.

You can, if you wish, enable or disable the Divi Builder on certain post types such as:

  1. Articles
  2. Pages
  3. Projects

By default, these are all enabled.

Why disable them? This may be useful if you use editors on your site and you do not want them to use the Divi Builder certain types of publications.

For example, you can decide to Write your articles with Gutenberg only, native WordPress editor. Thus, no one can activate content creation with the Divi Builder page.

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2 - Sub-Tab Creator > Advanced

Creator Tab - Advanced
Creator Tab – Advanced

Since The Creator tab > Advanced, you can activate or disable certain options.

  1. Static CSS file generation: this option allows to declare the CSS styles generated by the Divi Builder in a static file. This means that these files will be cached, as do plugins like WP Rocket or WP Super Cache. This option may improve the performance of your Divi site but this will only work if option #3 (declaring styles locally) is enabled.
  2. Clear: This is a bad translation of "clear" which means "clean". In other words, it allows to empty the cache.
  3. Declaration of styles locally: with previous versions of the Divi Builder, the CSS styles of the modules were displayed online (inline) in the footer. Activate this option if you want to restore this behavior. Personally, I do not advise to activate this option.
  4. Product visit: This is the virtual visit of the Divi Builder. If you activate, it will automatically start every activation of the Divi Builder. If you're upset, just turn it off here.
  5. Enable the latest Divi Builder experience This allows you to use the latest version of the Visual Builder. By deactivating this option, you will find a Divi Builder en Back Office optimized since Divi version 3.18. I don't think it's a good idea to disable this option because the new Divi Builder offers many new features.
  6. Enable classic editor This option allows you to keep the classic WordPress editor, the one used until version 4.9.x. This prevents you from installing the plugin Classic Editor which offers the same functionality. Personally, I do not advise to activate this option.

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3 – Other options of the Divi theme

We're done with the Divi Creator tab settings. You saw that they are very simple. Enable or disable the ones you want and remember to save your records to every tab you edit.

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Divi options: creator tab

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  1. Margot Riche

    L’onglet Post Type Intégration n’apparait pas dans l’onglet Créateur. Du coup, le Builder n’apparait nul part sur mon WordPress. Avez-vous une solution à mon problème ? Merci par avance,

  2. Lycia Diaz

    Bonsoir Margot, c’est bizarre !
    Il faudrait contacter le support je pense mais avant, il faudrait vérifier s’il n’y a pas un conflit avec un autre plugin.

  3. Phil

    J’ai créé un Custom post « Photos » à l’aide des pluggin CPT UI et ACF avec un groupe de champs personnalisés (un champ image / un champ legende /un champ date / un champ lieu /etc.) que j’ai bien assigné à mon post « photo ».
    Quand je vais dans les options de thème DIVI et l’onglet créateur, mon Custom post « Photos » n’apparaît pas !!!
    Savez-vous s’il y à un réglage particulier à faire dans CPT UI ou ACF pour que cela résolve mon problème ou avez vous une autre idée ?

  4. Lycia Diaz

    Hello Phil,
    C’est pas normal. Tu devrais pouvoir l’activer car le Divi Builder est supporté sur les CPT depuis 2018. As-tu trouvé d’où ça vient ? Y’a-t-il quelque chose que tu aurais pu oublier lors de la création ? Ou un conflit avec un autre plugin ?

  5. Phil

    Merci pour ta réponse Lycia.
    Non je n’ai pas trouvé le réglage à effectuer. Mon custom post n’apparaît toujours pas.
    Du coup je passe par projet et je créé un projet par photo et mon Custom post ne sert plus à rien. Mais mes champs ACF fonctionnent dans mes projets puisque je les ai assignés aussi aux projets.
    Bref, de la débrouille…
    Merci encore. Mais si tu as une idée un jour, je suis preneur…

  6. Lycia Diaz

    Oui ! La débrouille, y’a que ça de vrai 😉

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