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The Layout tab of the Divi theme options is used to define layout styles in a general way and in a more precise way for the articles and the pages of your site.

Onglet Disposition des options du thème Divi
Divi Theme Options Layout Tab

Layout" is a term that means " layout". The layout of an article or a page is the visual presentation, the design.

This tab is divided into 3 sub-tabs. Here is the program for this article:

  1. Article model
  2. Sample page
  3. General parameters
  4. Other Divi theme options

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1 - Layout tab > Item template

Onglet Disposition - Modèle d'article
Layout Tab - Item Template
  1. Info" section of the articles: you can choose the elements that will appear in the "info" section of each article. This is the area, usually below the title of the article, where general information is displayed. This is often referred to as the metas You can click on the article's "Preview" button. Just click on Author / Date / Categories / Comments to activate them or click a second time to deactivate them. By activating them, they will no longer be visible.
  2. Comments in posts: If you want your readers to interact with you, it's best to enable the comment feature. This option exists natively in the WordPress settings as well, on the Settings > Discussion tab.
  3. Thumbnails in articles: "Thumbnails in articles" are the " featured images "This option is called "front page images". If you disable this option, the image will not appear at the top of the article but your "front page image" will still be used when sharing your articles on social networks. For example, on the Divi Tips posts, I've deliberately decided not to show the "featured image". If you use great photos as "front page images", it might be interesting to show them. If you want to add several images to the front page, you can follow this tutorialif you wish to change the size of the front page images, follow this one.

2 - Layout tab > Page template

Onglet Disposition - modèle de page
Layout tab - page template
  1. Thumbnail in pages: just like articles, you can decide to display, or not, the "featured images" of your pages, at the top of your content. If you deactivate this option, your pages will not display your featured images.
  2. Comments on Pages: This is a general option that allows you to not accept comments on your pages. If you want to enable comments on only some of your pages, it's best to go through the WordPress menu: Pages > All Pages > hover over your pages with the mouse > click on Quick Edit > choose to enable or disable comments (see the video below).

3 - Layout > General Settings

Paramètres généraux
General parameters
  1. Article info section: this option looks suspiciously like the same option offered in the "article template" tab, yet there is a subtle difference. Here, you'll be able to decide which metas to display on the blog page and not on the post itself. The blog page is where all your posts are listed. Here, Divi displays the author's name, publication date, etc. of each post (right under the post's thumbnail). If you don't want certain info to be visible, just click to disable it.
  2. Thumbnails in indexes: You can enable or disable the display of thumbnails, i.e. " Featured Image " of your posts on index pages, such as the blog page.
tutoriel débutant pour apprendre à utiliser Divi

4 - Other Divi theme options

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réglages onglet disposition Divi
Layout Tab - Divi option

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