Integration tab and Updates tab : How to configure them?

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The settings of the Divi theme options are quite simple. In this article, I suggest that you focus on the last two tabs of this option screen: Integration tab and Updates tab.

What are they used for? What are the configurations to be performed?

Here is the program of this article:

  1. The Integration tab
  2. The Updates tab
  3. In conclusion

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Onglet Intégration
Integration tab

The Integration tab is a very important tab if you want to bring advanced customizations to your Divi theme.

It will allow you to do them, in a simplified way, without getting your hands on the code in depth.

On Divi Tips, you will find several tutorials that use this Divi feature.

options d'intégration
Integration options
  1. "Enable Header Code" goes hand in hand with "Add a line of code to the Head of your blog". The tag is required for all sites. It has some very important lines of code. You may need to add lines of code to this location but generally you will need an extension such as Insert Headers and Footers. With Divi, this plugin becomes useless because this theme allows you to activate this feature and insert the code you need. For example, you can add a new font to your site or do more complex things.
  2. "Activate Body Code" goes hand in hand with "Add code to the Body". The "Body" tag is present on all the pages of your site (including articles). This tag can be used to inject code wisely as a Google Analytics tracking code. You can then activate this feature and add the code you need. For more information, please click here how to link Google Analytics with Divi.
  3. "Enable Top of Page Code" goes hand in hand with "Add code at the top of articles". This is more or less the same as the previous functionality (code in the body) with the particularity that the code will only be used on your articles and not on all the pages of your site.
  4. "Activate the Bottom of page code" goes hand in hand with "Add code at the bottom of articles". This option offers the same functionality as the previous one (code at the top of the articles) except that the code (Javascript) added here will be injected into the footer (footer). Most of the time, this is the recommended place.
  5. Save: Don't forget to save your changes.

Discover all you can do with the Divi theme

2 - The Updates tab

Onglet Mises à jour
Updates tab

This Updates tab is very important because it is thanks to it that you will be able to install the next updates of the Divi theme with a simple click!

Remember, in a previous article, I explained to you how to install the Divi theme on your sitewe saw then that it was necessary to obtain the license offered by Elegantthemes.

You must therefore have an Elegantthemes account if you want to benefit from theme and plugin updates.

Options du Thème Divi : onglet updates
  1. Username: This is where you will insert your username with which you connect to your ElegantThemes account.
  2. API Key: The API key is located in your ElegantThemes account.
  3. Save: Remember to save the information you have just entered.

To better understand, I invite you to read this tutorial dedicated to updating the Divi theme.

Did you know that you can test Divi for free? Go to this page and click on "TRY IT FOR FREE"

3 - In conclusion....

The "Integration" and "Updates" tabs available in the Divi theme options are, in my opinion, the most important tabs with the General tab.

This is where most of the theme's feature settings are located.

If you wish to know the other options of this theme in detail, here is the list of articles in this series:

  1. How to set up the parameters the General tab of the Divi theme ?
  2. How to set up the parameters the Navigation tab of the Divi theme ?
  3. How to set up the parameters the Creator tab of the Divi theme
  4. How to set up the parameters the Layout tab of the Divi theme ?
  5. How to set up the parameters the Advertisements tab of the Divi theme ?
  6. How to set up the parameters the SEO tab of the Divi theme ?
  7. How to set up the Integration tab and Updates tab of the Divi theme? (you are on this article)
onglet intégration et update de Divi
Divi tutorial : integration tab

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6 Commentaires

  1. Zakaria

    Merci pour tes articles, je les trouve utiles et très explicites, ça me donne envie de travailler avec DIVI, déjà ma décision est prise en lisant tes 10 bonnes raisons… 🙂
    sinon j’ai une petite question, est ce que en ajoutant du code dans l’onglet intégration, on a plus besoin de créer un thème enfant ??

  2. Lycia

    Bonjour Zakaria. Tout dépend du niveau de customisation dont tu as besoin. L’onglet « intégration » ne remplace pas le fichier functions.php d’un thème enfant. Donc selon ce que tu souhaites faire tu devras toujours faire un thème enfant.

  3. fiorio

    Bonjour pouvez vous m’aider.
    J’ai commencer à travailler des modules avec DIVI 3.0 sous WordPress 4.9. Avant cela je ne connaissais pas, j’ai pris la main sur cette version et ensuite j’ai suggérer à mon client de mettre à jour DIVI pour avoir accès à toutes les nouvelles fonctionnalités.
    Le site n’est pas en ligne et je ne travaille pas en local :/

    Depuis j’ai un message d’erreurs sur tous le textes présents dans n’importe quel module :
    et_pb_text could not be displayed
    hide error message
    TypeError : Cannot read property ‘iframeContainer’ of undefined in TinyMCE in div in ETBuilderTinyMCE in div in div in t in ETBuilderModule in t in div in t in ETBuilderColumn in div in t in ETBuilderRow in div in t in ETBuilerSection in div in t in div in ETBuilderRoot in t

    Merci de votre aide.

  4. Lycia

    Bonjour Fiorio,
    Je ne vais pas être d’une grande aide. Peut-être que vous devriez prendre une capture d’écran et l’envoyer au support de ElegantThemes ?

  5. Raphaëlle Petitjean

    Merci pour tous ces articles! En particulier, je viens de (enfin) trouver où entrer mon code API…

  6. Lycia

    Super Raphaëlle !

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