Sites web pour restaurant faits avec Divi

Inspirations: 10 examples of restaurant websites made with Divi

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Nowadays, I still meet restaurant owners who think that it is not useful to have a website and that a Facebook page can suffice, but they are wrong on all counts! Not only do customers want to be able to check the menu before they come to see if the restaurant is within their budget, but they also want to be able to book online at any time.

In addition, he wants to have information that is sometimes awkward to obtain over the phone, such as the price of a glass of champagne or a glass of wine.

Finally, he wants to see the dishes on the menu, to see appetizing photos, etc. In short, he wants to know where he is going to put his foot in it! In short, he wants to know what he is going to eat so that he can avoid putting his foot in it!

I have selected for you some restaurant websites made with Divi and you will be amazed by what this WordPress theme is able to do.

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sites restaurant faits avec Divi


Find out what you can do with the Divi theme


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1 - El Torrero

site restaurant fait avec Divi : El TorreroAlthough the order of this list is not important, I wanted to introduce you to the site El Torrero first because I think it's fantastic! The navigation of the homepage is very stylish and well done. You don't find that on every site...

Indeed, mouse scroll reveals sections where the images are split into two parts: the left part slides up while the right part slides down. This is very original!

If you are a professional, as soon as you enter this site, you might wonder what theme is being used: it is none other than DiviIt's amazing what you can do with this WordPress theme. The other pages of the site are simpler, but don't stand out.

The gallery page is also nice with the hover of the images revealing the name and description of the dishes.


2 - Restaurant Saisons

sites restaurant faits avec Divi : Restaurant SaisonsThe homepage of the Restaurant Saisons is sober yet very original. The colour white is dominant with small touches of this rather trendy mustard yellow. The originality lies in the background images of the sections which are fixed and which give the impression that the plates are superimposed: a black plate / a white plate and so on... It's all a question of opacity and scrolling.

The site is built on a onepage that leaves room for satellite pages such as the "reservation" page, where there is a reservation calendar, or the "offer" page, which displays a shop that allows you to create gift vouchers with WooCommerce.


3 - Eat

sites restaurant faits avec Divi : EatThe site of the Eat Thai restaurant is very simple, yet so effective! A single page that announces the colour - an intense orange by the way - where each photo of a dish is highlighted with a description and a price.

On the left is the menu, or rather the main navigationThe site is simple and effective, I told you!


4 - Freshbox

sites restaurant faits avec Divi : FreshboxThe home screen of the Freshbox site displays a full screen slider with automatic rotation. Next comes a succession of highly coloured sections with Parallel sections. The 'order online' page leads to an online ordering page with impressive options for each item...


5 - Mendocino Farm

site restaurant fait avec Divi : Mendocino FarmThe homepage of the site Mendocino Farm displays light colours combining white and sky blue... Moreover, this page is short and does not require a long scroll, which is rather pleasant and rare nowadays.

The originality of this site lies in its double navigation (one at the top, the other at the bottom) which is very stylised and which makes icons appear next to each element. The choice of the main font, a hand-drawn version, is also very well chosen.

None of the pages on this site are left to chance, it's a really good job!


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6 - Rustic Kitchen

sites restaurant faits avec Divi : Rustic

At first glance, the Rustic Chicken website looks simple and basic... and yet it is not! Its home page is certainly loaded with images, but what is very original are the sections that slide from right to left and lead to the different menus offered by the establishment.


7 - Speakeasy Coffee Bar

sites restaurant faits avec Divi : SpeakeasyThe site of Speakeasy Coffee Bar is very sober. It is a onepage in black and white tones that simply proposes a location and the menu of the establishment. The navigation is nice: it is on the left side of the screen, with the hover of the mouse, no need to click.


8 - Balance Gastronomy

sites pour restaurant faits avec Divi : Equilibre GastronomieThe site of Balance Gastronomy reveals a homepage that is out of the box. Not only is it a "nested" layout, but the home page displays only the main pages of the site in a checkerboard format.

The mouse hover allows you to click and go to the different pages. The colours are soft, in shades of beige/brown/navy blue.

The "our work" page displays a full-page gallery of beautiful photos with a description revealed in the hover.


9 - Two Samuels Restaurant

sites pour restaurant faits avec Divi : Two SamuelsThe site of Two Samuel Restaurant offers a hompage that plays alternating black and white sections, some solid / others in parallax mode. The other pages of the site are in agreement. The colours and fonts are very well chosen.


10 - Casa Dorita

sites pour restaurant faits avec Divi : Casa DoritoThe site of Casa Dorita gives an old-fashioned impression. The colours and fonts are well chosen. When scrolling, the home page shows a succession of sections, sometimes full page, sometimes split in two, all with parallax image effects. It is very successful!

The navigation appears on the right side of the screen, after clicking on the icon. The photos are very beautiful and make you want to go there! The site is also multilingual.


To conclude...

This is a great list that will inspire you !

Whether you are a restaurant owner or a web designer, you have a lot to think about: what functionality should my restaurant's website have? What design? How to organize the homepage etc...

What did you think and what is your favourite site?

If you too would like to present your latest work with Divi, please do not hesitate to contact us submit your site to appear in a future article in the "inspiration for Divi" section.


10 exemples de sites web restaurant faits avec Divi

10 restaurant website inspirations made with Divi: say it on Pinterest!


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4 Commentaires

  1. Men

    Le site el torrero est superbe, une découverte visuelle.
    Magnifique, comment faire le même site en e-commerce.

  2. Emanuel d'agence web repentigny

    Tous les sites sont aussi charmants les uns que les autres. Apprécier l’un sans l’autre ne serait pas bien joli de ma part. Je crois plutôt que chaque site a quelque chose qui valorise le concept du Restaurant. je n’en veux pour preuve que le site du Restaurant ÉQUILIBRE GASTRONOMIE. Même le simple logo en tête du site est parlant. Au passage, je félicite le ou les concepteurs de ces sites. C’est vraiment un travail de Pro.

  3. Lycia

    Merci beaucoup Emanuel.

  4. L'échappé Grille Bar

    Les sites des restaurants sont tous aussi sympa les uns que les autres. Ce serait abusé de préférer un site par rapport à un autre. Cela dépend surtout de la politique marketing de chaque Restaurant. Tenez par exemple le thème du site de ÉQUILIBRE GASTRONOMIE. C’est très bien pensé. Surtout avec le logo ÉQUILIBRE. Au passage une grande acclamations aux équipes de Web Design. Sur tous les sites, il y a de quoi donné envie de manger et d’attirer de potentiels clients pour ensuite les fidéliser.

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