Create an Instagram link page with Divi (without extensions or Linktree)

Published on 04/12/2020 | 10 comments

Creating an Instagram link page is so easy to do when you use a page builder like Divi and have a site. No need for additional extensions or third party services like Linktree!

Résultat LinkTree vs. Divi

In this quick tutorial, you will see that it is very simple and you will be able to build this page in only a few minutes... I have also prepared a video version for you!

Announcement: this article contains affiliate links that you will easily recognize. The classic links are in purple and sponsored links are in pink.

1 - What is an Instagram link page?

The only clickable link on Instagram is the one placed in your profile bio. If you use Instagram, you know it, it's quite frustrating. Users have then imagined to offer followers a landing page to indicate several useful links and avoid losing the user in pages not necessarily optimized.

Some people send users to sales pages, to an online store, to the homepage of their site or to another social network... And others choose to use third-party services such as Linktree...

2 - Why use Linktree ?

Frankly, I've always wondered?

In fact, yes, I imagine that Instagram users who don't have a website can easily use a service like Linktree to dispatch followers. But in this case, if they don't have a website, what else can Linktree do but send followers to other social profiles?

At the same time, this type of service is very widespread, there is not only Linktree, other services such as, Shorby or even by Laterare proposing exactly the same things.


These are utilities that have proven themselves for years but they have several drawbacks:

  • The design is limited.
  • No white label in free version in most cases.
  • The paid versions make you spend money unnecessarily.
  • You're losing traffic: it's better to send your Instagram followers to your site than to a third-party site!

So you get it, if you have your own site, you don't need this type of service to create your Instagram link page. There are other easier solutions...

3 - Why use a WordPress extension for your Instagram Bio?

Indeed, there are other alternatives for WordPress: the extensions for Instagram bio links.

10 WordPress Plugins Lien Bio Instagram
WordPress extensions to create an Instagram link page

As you can see from this screenshot, there is a bit of choice:

  • Bio Links
  • WP MyLinks
  • WP Bio Links
  • Linky
  • WP Link Bio
  • Social Link Pages

I have tested Linky myself, which is a French extension that is 100% free and offers a sober and pleasant visual:

Visuel extension Linky
Linky extension

This type of extension is perfect in the case where the topic used on your WordPress site is not flexible enough or does not allow delete header and/or the footer. But if you use Divi, you can do without an additional extension.

Did you know that you can test Divi for free? Go to this page and click on "TRY IT FOR FREE

4 - Create an Instagram link page with Divi

Here's how to make this type of landing page for Instagram in just a few minutes:

4.1 - Build the Instagram links page in "mobile first" mode

Page de liens Instagram avec Divi
Instagram link page with Divi

First, go to the Page > Add tab. In the Page Attributes, make sure you choose "Blank Page", this will remove the header and footer from your site. This way, the Instagram user won't have to scatter.

Note that "Page attributes" are only available for pages (not for articles).

Then activate the Divi Builder.

Construction en Mobile First
Go mobile first to build the Instagram link page.

SinceInstagram is a mobile-only social network, it's worth building your link page in "mobile first". This means that you first build the mobile version before moving on to the other versions (desktop and tablet):

  1. Open the Visual Builder settings (at the bottom of the page) and activate the phone view.
  2. Add a section (blue), a row (green) and possibly an Image module to display your logo. Add a gradient color in the background of the section ( Content tab > Background of the section parameters).
  3. Add a new row within this section.

4.2 - Building the page body with the Visual Builder

In this new row, you will be able to add modules to build your Instagram link page:

Construction de la page de liens Instagram
Add a text module for example
  1. Insert a text module, for example "discover my services".
  2. Add a background color
  3. Add the link (URL) on the module and not on the text itself (Content tab > Link)
  4. In the Style tab, add margins if necessary to enlarge the module
  5. Add rounded corners if necessary
  6. And why not a shadow box...
Paramétrage du module Texte
Once the module is designed, duplicate it
  1. When your text module is "perfect", duplicate it as many times as needed
  2. Add a final section at the bottom of the page
  3. Then insert a module Follow us on social networks
  4. Add all the social networks of your choice
  5. If necessary, change the colours of the pictograms and align the module.

4.3 - Making some optimizations for the Desktop version

Now that the mobile version is finished, you just need to make some settings for the Desktop and Tablet versions, in case someone comes across this page.

Read this article to learn more about Responsive Divi

Version Desktop
  1. Open the Visual Builder settings and enable the desktop view.
  2. In the settings of the section containing the body of your link page, go to the Style > Spacing > Margins tab and activate the responsive option using the mobile icon.
  3. Add about 300px of margin on the left and on the right for the Desktop version only
  4. Check that the margins in Mobile and Tablet are 0px
Ajuster les marges pour la version Desktop

4.4 - Check the visual rendering on mobile

When your Instagram link page is finished, publish it and check how it looks on mobile. In the screenshot below, you can compare an Instagram landing page made with Linktree and the one made using this tutorial.

You will find the demo here or visit my own link page offered in my Instagram bio.

Résultat LinkTree vs. Divi
LinkTree vs. Divi visual rendering

Tip SEO Friendly Do not index this page in search engines(noindex). You can do this easily with an extension like Yoast or SEOPress.

Indeed, a link page such as this one has no interest in being indexed in Google. It would do more harm than good to your SEO, as its content is considered "poor".

Finally, get the URL of this page and place it in your Instagram bio, this will be the first page your followers will visit.

5 - Landing Page Instagram : the video tutorial

Find all the explanations in this video tutorial which shows you the procedure in detail:

Page Lien Insta Sans Linktree
Page Lien Instagram Divi

Need more resources for Divi? Check out the other articles in this section!

Don T Use Linktree

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10 Commentaires

  1. Denis

    Bonjour, je ne connais rien à instagram et je ne comprend pas bien l’intêret de cette page de liens. J’ai crée le modèle, comme expliqué dans ce modèle, que j’ai enregistré en brouillon pour l’instant . Ce que je ne comprends pas, c’est quelle est la nature du lien que l’on intègre dans la bio. est-ce tout simplement l’url de la page (par exemple, https ://xxxx). Ma question va peut être paraitre bête, mais je suis néophyte en la matière. Merci de m’apporter la précision.

  2. Aurélie

    Super article, je n’y avais pas pensé. Merci

  3. Lycia Diaz

    Salut Denis, oui exactement, tu récupères l’URL de ta page de lien et tu la places dans ta bio Instagram. C’est aussi simple que cela. Ainsi, ce seront cette page que tes followers visiteront en premier.

  4. naby.freeman

    Merci Lycia pour ce tuto

  5. Lycia Diaz

    Cool !

  6. Laurence

    Super idée et tuto, j’utilise divi depuis 3 ans mais je n’y avais pas pensé
    merci beaucoup Lycia

  7. Lycia Diaz

    Super Laurence !

  8. Caroline

    je viens de tomber dessus alors que je finissais ma page de liens justement ! je construis avec divi, c’est génial, merci pour tes astuces. je voudrais faire un lien depuis cette landing page vers mes podcasts : j’ai des podcasts sur certains articles, pas tous. j’ai mis une étiquette podcast, mais je ne sais pas comment faire apparaitre sur une même page les articles où seuls les podcasts apparaissent ? tu as une idée ?

  9. Lucas

    Excellent tutoriel ! Merci beaucoup 🙂

  10. Lycia Diaz

    Merci 😉

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