Plugins are the very essence of WordPress. Who could consider a blog or WordPress site without plugins? Unless you're a great developer and code everything yourself, it's almost impossible not to use them. The little problem is when this use turns into a frenzy and we install plugins all over the place... Precisely, the Divi theme allows you to do a little cleaning in the extensions tab! In this article, I propose a list of useless plugins for Divi, those that you can disable the day you use this theme....


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1. Exit Elementor or Visual Composer

Plugin inutiles pour Divi : Elementor

Elementor is a page builder for WordPress that has been acclaimed since its release and has overshadowed "old" ones like Visual Composer for example. What certainly contributed to its success is its easy front-end use but also the simplicity of importing pre-made layouts.

The Divi theme, on the other hand, has its own page builder: the Divi Builder, which has nothing to envy to the new page builder on the market since its recent updates.

Not only is the Divi Builder usable in back or front (from the administration part as well as from the visitor part) but also in addition, it now includes pre-constructed layoutshe too. So if you choose the Divi themeyou won't need to add a page-builder!


2. Adios Easy Google Font

Plugin inutiles pour Divi : Easy Google Font

Topics that do not include several types of fonts? It's more and more rare these days but with the Divi theme, you won't need a plugin like Easy Google Font, that's for sure! The latter allows you to change its basic fonts to use the fonts in the Google Font gallery.

The Divi theme includes this feature and even allows you to select your favorite font for each section or module independently.


3. No need for aAnimate It!

Plugin inutiles pour Divi : Animate It

Animate It! is a plugin that allows you to add an animation on an element, a section, a button etc. If you use this kind of plugin, you can disable it because the Divi theme offers different types of animations for each module you insert. You will be able to choose the type of animation but also, its direction, duration, intensity and delay.


4. Bye bye bye Header and Footer Script

Plugin inutiles pour Divi : Header And Footer Scripts

Header and Footer Script is a plugin that allows you to add code pieces in the header or footer of a WordPress theme - usually scripts or meta tags - to add some very important features or information. We could very well do without this kind of plugin if we create a child theme and that the necessary files are edited. But the Divi theme natively offers a small "window" that allows this possibility. This is the field "Add line of code to the one of your blog" in the tab Divi > Theme Options > Integration.

Code dans le head

By using this option, you will see that it is very easy to make changes or improvements to your site.


5. Hastaluego Google Analytics by MonsterInsights

Plugin inutiles pour Divi : MonsterInsight

Google Analytics by MonsterInsights is a plugin that allows you to perform advanced traffic analysis of your WordPress blog using the information in your Google Analytics account, and to link them together. However, I find this plugin too intrusive, it requires an incalculable number of authorizations, which I don't like very much...

Code Google Analytics

With Divi, we can do without this extension, you just have to paste your Google Analytics tracking script in the field "Adds code to the tag" located in the Divi tab > Theme Options > Integration.


6. Ciao Contact Form 7 !

Plugin inutiles pour Divi : Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is certainly the most used form plugin. It is simple to set up, it does its job well and even offers addons - additional extensions to add certain features... However, if you simply use it to offer a contact form to your visitor, you can disable it because it is one of the first unnecessary plugins for Divi.

Le module contact de Divi

Indeed, the Divi Builder offers a form module: you can easily configure it, choose your fields, with or without conditions, and even add a Captcha trap. In short, this module saves you a plugin!


7. Goodbye WP Simple Adsense Insertion

Plugin inutiles pour Divi : Google Adsense Insertion

Do you want to monetize your blog? You have opened a Google Adsense account and you want to insert your banner ads in your articles? WP Simple Adsense Insertion offers this feature but why install another plugin when the Divi theme offers it by default?

We talked about it in a previous article: the Divi theme allows you to add your banner ads in places designed for this purpose. This can be set from the tab Divi > Theme options > Ads tab.


8. Plugin no longer needed: To Top

Plugin inutiles pour Divi : To Top

This is a plugin that must have known its popularity period in the past when WordPress themes didn't think about the user experience. It is certainly still useful for thousands of sites but not for sites using the Divi theme.

Indeed, Divi offers an option to display the "back up button", just activate it from the Divi tab > Theme options > General.


9. No need for Page Scroll to ID

Plugin inutiles pour Divi : Page Scroll to ID

Page Scroll to ID allows you to add a "scroll" to a section of the page. This is especially necessary when you want to create an onepage site. If you use it and realize a redesign with the Divi themeyou can disable this extension because Divi allows you to easily use this feature.


In conclusion....


This small list of 9 useless plugins for Divi is only the tip of the iceberg. Indeed, the Divi theme is well equipped and allows you to use many features without unnecessarily requiring additional extensions.

In other words, the less you use features from various external sources, the less you risk inter-plugin conflicts and the easier it will be to maintain your site.

9 plugins inutiles pour Divi

9 useless plugins for Divi

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