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Inspiration: 6 travel blogs made with Divi

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Divi's travel blogs offer inspiring examples of this rich and varied theme.

Divi offers a lot of possibilities and site designers are having a field day!

This selection shows the wealth of results that can be expected from a travel blog.

Some of these sites are purely the result of the blogger's (or blogger's) own passion, others are monetised travel blogs.

In most cases, these blogs are well designed and make us want to plan our next trip!

Announcement: this article contains affiliate links that you will easily recognise. The classic links are in purple and sponsored links are in pink.

Why keep a travel blog?

The travel theme is very popular, both for the blogger and the reader.

Why? Simply because we all need to escape ;-).

But most of the time, the motivation to create a travel blog starts from a passion:

  • Sharing with its travels with others,
  • Allow family and friends to follow us,
  • To offer a ray of sunshine to those who cannot travel,
  • To build up an online travel album and to be able to develop it further.

So, if you want to start blogging, what are you waiting for?

The following list of travel blogs made with the Divi theme will certainly inspire you and give you an idea of the design of your future blog!

1 - Life Part 2

Site Life Part 2

This is the website of Jonathan and Sarah, two nice retired people who take advantage of this "second life" to travel around the world.

Between lifestyle tips and travel reports, Life Part 2 takes you on a journey in their footsteps with a very nice design in yellow and blue.

There is an About section to get to know the couple and above all a blog with both parts (advice and columns) clearly identified.

A link to a sub-domain leads to Jonathan's portfolio, which includes some beautiful and very exotic photos.

Escape guaranteed!

Did you know that you can test Divi for free? Go to this page and click on "TRY IT FOR FREE

2 - Wheels under the feet

Des roulettes sous les pieds - blog de voyage Divi

Christine is enjoying her retirement by sharing quality articles about her latest travels around the world!

She has discovered a passion for her travel blog and it shows when we browse it.

Everything is in shades of blue and this is really soothing!

The home page simply displays the latest blog posts sorted by category separated by Parallel sections. The list is long and extensive.

The blog is well categorized, by country or region of the world. The images are inspiring and there are no intrusive popups. I like it!

Find out more how to easily create a popup for Divi here.

In addition, "Des Roulettes sous les pieds" is the only French travel blog on this inspiring list.

3 - This Big Road Trip

Site The Big Road Trip

This travel blog by a couple is one of the best examples of its kind.

The welcome opens with beautiful images and a stylish logo, followed by dynamic counters and blocks dedicated to their partners (travelling costs a lot of money and when you can get sponsored, it's a definite plus to get more kilometres).

The introductory sections - this big crew and this big vehicle - are like the rest very well presented and written.

The whole site has a very special, friendly and fun tone.

The quality of the writing is excellent and if you are fluent in Shakespeare's language, you can already bookmark this blog!

Don't delay! Discover the Divi theme here !

4 - The RV Atlas Podcast

Site RV Atlas

Another original Divi travel site: this time it's a podcast site.

The possibilities of Divi are still well exploited, with the possibility of listening to the last episode in one click from the home page.

The blog section, which is quite classic, further enriches the content of the site with a text component, which referencing assistance (podcast content alone is not always enough to be well integrated in Google).

There are also videos and beautiful, highly personalised photos.

This type of media, when done by oneself, brings an important added value and allows to build up visitor loyalty efficiently.

The RV Atlas podcast is therefore distinguished above all by the variety of its content.

This is a great inspiration for creating a successful blog!

5 - Tieland to Thailand

Site Tieland

The couple who run this site have left their jobs and the tidy life of the West to move to Thailand.

They use this blog to sell their tourist guides.

Result: a colourful site oriental, warm and intoxicating.

On the homepage, beautiful labels invite you to discover the sections of the site and the services offered.

It also offers access to premium content and coaching to help you change your life and move to Thailand like them.

The focus is on social networks, where our lovebirds are very successful.

Tieland to Thailand is a textbook case of Divi travel sites that work very well, embedded in an effective synergy with social media, varied content and services tailored to their target.

6 - Digital Nomad Girls

Site Digital Nomad

A niche site if ever there was one, Digital Nomad Girls is dedicated to the digital nomad phenomenon, but only for women.

The site features premium content with a limited sign-up strategy at certain times of the year - a great way to create a sense of demand and exclusivity.

With its pastel pink and green dominance, its little bubbles and its trendy design, Digital Nomad Girls fits perfectly with its purpose.

The blog is also in keeping with the tone, with a very girly style, catchy titles and attractive vignettes.

Need more inspiration? Discover all the official Divi Showcases.

Want to create your travel blog with Divi?

Did you find inspiration in this list of Divi travel blogs?

Other sites made with Divi can give you design ideas for your next creations:

The Divi theme offers 1001 possibilities of appearances, each as original as the next...

If you know of any other Divi travel blogs, whether or not it's your own, feel free to mention them in the comments 🙂

This article was written by David Albert, a freelance writer who helps entrepreneurs publish quality content. More info on his website.

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