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Inspiration : 6 travel blogs made with Divi

Updated on 16/12/19

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The Divi travel blogs offer inspiring examples for this rich and varied theme.

In fact, Divi offers a wide range of possibilities and the creators of sites give it a heart-to-heart!

This selection shows the richness of the results that can be expected from a travel blog.

Some of these sites are purely from the passion of the blogger (or blogger) himself, others are from Monetized travel blogs.

In most cases, these blogs are well designed and make you want to schedule our next trip!

Why keep a travel blog?

The theme of the trip is very appreciated, whether on the blogger side or on the reader side.

Why? Simply because we all need escape ;-).

But most of the time, the motivations for creating a travel blog start with a passion:

  • Sharing with others,
  • Allow family and friends to follow us,
  • Offer a ray of sun to those who cannot travel,
  • Build an online travel album and be able to make it evolve.

So, if you want to start blogging, what are you waiting for?

The list of Travel blogs made with the theme Divi which will certainly inspire you and give you an idea of the design of your future blog!

1 – Life Part 2

Life Part 2 Site

This is the site of Jonathan and Sarah, two friendly retirees who take advantage of this "second life" to travel all over the world.

Between lifestyle tips and travel chronicles, Life Part 2 takes you on their tracks with a very friendly design with yellow and blue colors.

There is a section About to get to know the couple and especially a blog with both parties (advices and chronicles) well identified.

A link to a sub-domain opens on Jonathan's portfolio, which makes beautiful photos very disparate.

Escape guaranteed!

Do you know you can test Divi for free? See you on this page and click on "TRY IT FOR FREE"

2 - Rollers under your feet

Les roulettes sous les pieds - travel blog Divi

Christine takes full advantage of her retirement by sharing high-quality articles tracing her last journeys around the world!

She discovered a passion for her travel blog and it feels when we navigate on it.

Everything is in the shades of blue and this is frankly soothing!

The home page simply offers the latest blog articles classified by category separated by parallel axis sections. The list is long and well provided.

The blog is well categorized, by country or region of the world. The images are inspiring and there is no intrusive popup. Oh, God!

Discover how to easily create a popup for Divi here.

Plus, "Roulettes under the feet" is the only French travel blog on this inspiring list.

3 – This Big Road Trip

Site The Big Road Trip

This travel blog held by a couple is one of the best examples of the genre.

The welcome opens with beautiful images and a very stylish logo, followed by dynamic meters and blocks dedicated to their partners (traveling costs a lot of money and when you can get sponsored, it's a certain asset to do more kilometers).

Presentation sections – This big crew and This big vehicle – are like the rest very well presented and written.

A very special, friendly and fun tone emerges from the entire site.

The quality of writing is at the rendezvous and if you are fluent in Shakespeare's language, you can already add this blog to your favorites!

Don't delay! Discover the theme Divi here !

4 - The RV Atlas Podcast

RV Atlas site

One more original Divi travel site This time we're dealing with a podcast site.

The possibilities of Divi are still well exploited, with the possibility to listen to the last episode in one click.

The blog section, quite classic, further enriches the content of the site with a text component, which SEO assistance (Podcast content alone is not always enough to be well integrated into Google).

We also have the right to video and beautiful photos, very personalized.

This type of media, when done itself, brings significant added value and makes it possible to retain visitors effectively.

The RV Atlas podcast It is therefore distinguished above all by the variety of its contents.

This is a great inspiration for creating a successful blog!

5 – Tieland to Thailand

Tieland site

The couple who manage this site left the busy work and life of the West to settle in Thailand.

They use this blog to sell their tourist guides.

Result: one colour site oriental, hot and intoxicating.

On the reception, beautiful labels invite you to discover the sections of the site and the services offered.

It also offers access to premium content and coaching to help you change your life and settle in Thailand like them.

The emphasis is on social networks where our lovebirds are very successful.

Tieland to Thailand is a case of school Divi travel sites which works very hard, registered in an effective synergy with social media, varied content and services tailored to their target.

6 – Digital Nomad Girls

Digital Nomad Site

niche site if it is, Digital Nomad Girls is devoted to the phenomenon of digital nomads, but only for women.

The site has premium content with a registration strategy limited to certain periods of the year – an excellent way to create a sense of demand and exclusivity.

With its dominant pink and pastel green, small bubbles and trendy design, Digital Nomad Girls fits perfectly with him.

The blog is also in the tone, with a very girly, securities catchy And attractive thumbnails.

Need more inspiration? Discover all the official Divi Showcases.

Want to create your travel blog with Divi?

Did you find inspiration in this Divi travel blog list ?

Other sites made with Divi can give you design ideas for your next creations:

The Theme Divi offers 1001 possibilities of appearances, each as original as the other...

If you know any other Divi travel blogs, whether it's yours or not, don't hesitate to mention them in the comments

This article was written by David Albert, freelance editor who helps entrepreneurs publish quality content. More information on its website.

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