How to fix the Divi sidebar? (fixed sidebar)

Published on 10/06/2018 | 2 comments

The sidebar of a website must be relevant. How to fix the Divi sidebar then? If your sidebar contains many widgets, it is possible that your visitors have already forgotten the one in the first position, right? Not to mention that if the content of your article is very long, the sidebar can also be empty when your reader reaches the end of the article.

For this reason, some themes offer the option of having a fixed sidebar. That is, when the user scrolls your page, your sidebar stays at the top, just below the header and will reveal the end of its content when we get to the end of the article only.

Divi does not allow this to be done natively. If you want to achieve the same result, Javascript is essential... As it is not given to everyone, I propose a much easier solution in this article...

Here is how the sidebar behaves naturally, it is not fixed and goes up with the content of the article:


What is a sidebar?

The sidebar is the sidebar that is usually located to the right of the blog/article part of your WordPress site. This may be on the left depending on the options of your theme. But here, we will only talk about Divi....

Qu'est-ce qu'une sidebar WordPress

The sidebar displays Widgets that you can manage from the Appearance tab > Widgets. There are many widgets and this list can be expanded depending on the plugins you use....


What to put in a sidebar?

There was a time when you could find everything and anything in a sidebar: a calendar, a newsletter call, a blog subscription, a search bar, a Facebook Page insert, a Twitter Wall etc.... Yet this is not wise. A sidebar is not a tote bag and must remain sober and efficient.

Avoid the Facebook Page or Instagram account modules: do you really think you will convert hundreds of readers into followers with this? I don't think so, but that's my strictly personal opinion.

On the contrary, I think it distracts your visitors and encourages them to leave your site: is that your wish? No... So stay sober and use your sidebar wisely.

For my part, I imagine that the sidebar is a promotional and strategic place, use it instead to convert your readers into something else: subscriber, customer etc....

Not to mention that all unnecessary widgets can cause damage to your site, especially in terms of performance (site speed).

Also to be read: how to improve the performance of your WordPress site with Divi?


How to fix the Divi sidebar simply?

To be able to fix Divi's sidebar you're going to have to do... what, 5 clicks? Nothing else, it's child's play! Here is the procedure:


1 - Install and activate the plugin "Q2W3 Fixed Widget".

Q2W3 Fixed Widget

First, you can go to the Extensions > Add tab to search for the Q2W3 Fixed Widget plugin or you can download it here. Then you can activate it, as usual.


2 - Set up the plugin

Once the plugin is activated, you can go to the Appearance tab > Fixed Widget Options to set some options.

paramétrage du plugin Q2W3 Fixed Widget

In this control panel, you will not have much to do except define an external margin "up" and "down".

réglages du plugin Q2W3 Fixed Widget

During my tests, I noticed that 100px for the top and 250 px for the bottom were necessary if the site uses widgets at the bottom of the page or 100px for the top and 100 px for the bottom if the site does not use widgets at the bottom of the page. These are the settings that were best suited but it may be different for you, so don't hesitate to do some tests.


3 - Modify your Widgets

Now everything is set up and it only took you 1 minute to "break everything"...

fixer la sidebar de Divi

You will still need to do an additional little action by going to the Appearance tab > Widget. You will need to open all your widgets and check the "Fixed Widget" box. This box must be checked for all your widgets.


4 - Check the rendering

That's it, everything must be perfect now. You installed the Q2W3 Fixed Widget plugin and it must have fixed Divi's sidebar. All you have to do is check the front-end rendering....



I've been looking for a plugin like this for a long time... Given that it has more than 100,000 active installations, we can guess that the developers will continue to maintain it. This plugin should therefore be a more or less long-term solution... It's up to you now!

Comment fixer la sidebar de Divi

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2 Commentaires

  1. Thierry Moizan

    Ce qui est dommage c’est que cela ne fonctionne pas avecle module sidebar de DIVI…

  2. Lycia

    Bonjour Thierry !
    J’avoue ne pas avoir pensé à cette option. Je n’ai pas testé cette extension avec le module Sidebar, seulement avec la Sidebar normale de WordPress. Apparement vous avez testé et ça ne fonctionne pas ? En effet, c’est dommage…

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