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My opinion on Divi, you already know him, don't you? That's why I asked this question to Divi users....

A few days ago, I sent a newsletter to Divi Tips subscribers. I asked them to become "punctual writers" for this blog dedicated to the theme Divi.

If I had published an article that only gave my opinion about the Divi theme, it wouldn't have been very interesting...

No, I wanted to gather several constructive opinions on Divi, so that all types of users could express themselves.

For my part, I know WordPress and Divi very well, I give dozens of training courses every year, not to mention the courses I give at the University or the sites I create for my clients. So I really wanted to know how YOU use this theme, why, since when and what your opinion on Divi was. I even asked you to give him a mark out of 5....

Many of you answered the call and I thank you very much for it. Your various opinions about Divi as well as your user profiles could help other beginners to make their choice. It's cool 😉

The average score obtained according to your opinions: 4.45/5

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1 - Christine from the travel blog "Rollers under the feet"

How and why Divi?

I have been using the Divi theme personally for my blog for 2 years. I found the sites I had seen under Divi very aesthetic and after having visited the Web, specialists recommended it (like WP Marmite).

My opinion on Divi

Lycia was the "architect" of my site by building it in front of me and training me.

I have experience managing a site on Overblog and a site on Joomla.

Divi sometimes confuses me a little. But I'm learning little by little. I admit that I don't get my hands on it completely, I do some kind of maintenance....

I rewrite the texts of my pages for example and I manage with the Visual Builder which sometimes causes problems.

I think I've improved things by following the advice of Pierre Bichet's Facebook group, but I don't need to do any more right now.

The pluses and minuses

Divi's strong point is the aesthetics that can be obtained on a website. The concern is that the handling remains quite complicated and today, in the state of my knowledge, I could not turn everything upside down.

My rating: 4/5

Thank you Christine! If I can give you any advice: get your hands on a local test site. You do not yet master Divi perfectly because you are afraid to use it on your site in production 😉 . You are afraid of making mistakes and I understand you... When you work locally, you have a margin of manoeuvre that you don't have when you edit a website online.

2 - Benjamin Hamel of the health website "self-healing" health

I am passionate about the capacities that the body has to be able to heal itself and more particularly the capacities of our brain to be able to influence our physical body.

I have challenged myself to publish 52 video summaries of books to heal myself, you can find all the information on my website and in parallel to this project, I am training at the NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

How and why Divi?

I use the Divi theme as well as the Divi Builder on a personal basis for my website because I couldn't find any WordPress themes for my taste.

I have been using Divi for about 4 months, I used Thrive Architect before for another of my sites but this one didn't suit me, I didn't think the construction was intuitive enough, moreover, Thrive Architect's themes bugged quite often, so I quickly stopped using it.

Divi, on the contrary, seemed much more intuitive to me and for the moment I have had very few bugs with, I am much more satisfied with it, the handling has been much easier for me!

One of the things that made me decide to go to Divi is that later on I could integrate WooCommerce, I have the idea of creating a shop on my site in the future and the knowledge that Divi integrates this feature has helped me to go to this tool.

Thank you Benjamin and good idea! Especially since the WooCommerce Builder has just been integrated into Divi.

Personally, the price of DIVI did not discourage me and the fact that I can have a technical after-sales service behind me is quite reassuring!

What I like about DIVI:

Undoubtedly the ultra customization of websites! We can really do what we want and, still, I have only been using it for a very short time... I hope to improve as it is used and learn more and more!

What I don't like:

Sometimes I dry on certain things, for example when I write an article I post a video at the top of that article and it doesn't appear when you open the category where my articles are displayed, while as soon as the article is opened the video is displayed, I guess over time I would be able to find out where it comes from.

My note:

If I had to give Divi a score I would give him 4/5, the DIVI Builder and the DIVI theme are really very good but nothing is ever really perfect, at least it's for me the best Builder on the market!

I hope my opinion will have helped you in your choice, soon.

3 - Ingrid's opinion of ProjectCreation

I am a WebMaster in my own company since 2010. I create showcase sites and small e-commerce sites.

I take care of the design up to SEO and SEA referencing.

The first site I have carried out with DIVI in 2016 My cousin who is from the party had told me about DIVI, I tried it and I adopted it!

Why choose Divi?

I am now using the Divi theme on WordPress on a professional basis, for the creation of all my showcase websites. In parallel, I use PrestaShop for e-commerce sites.

Divi and Divi Builder: what I think!

At first a fan of "From Scratch" sites (I studied development), I had trouble getting into CMS....

But by necessity, the ease of integration and the potential of content management, I ended up joining WordPress.

The Divi theme was a revelation for me, a new way of working that saves a lot of time while leaving a lot of room for creativity.

The Divi price may seem high but when used to create multiple sites, the Lifetime license is really worth the cost.

The pluses and minuses:

Using only the Divi theme allows me to save a lot of time while creating different sites thanks to the flexibility of the Builder and my knowledge of CSS.

The new Visual Builder is very practical, it has revolutionized the way I create websites, it's child's play!

It is a pity, however, that there are not more modules, which would make it possible to be even more creative in the construction of the site.

My note: 4/5 - I highly recommend the use of Divi!

Thank you Ingrid, the Divi theme already has 46 modules not to mention those for WooCommerce that have been added recently. We can hope to see new ones coming soon, since dozens of updates are made every month ;-). In my opinion, it is the Blog module that should be improved as a priority.

4 -Aurélie Leverrier from the site Web-design-creations

I have only been freelance for a few months (May 2019) following a professional reconversion. I started with very little experience, but thanks to the sharing of good practices like your blog, I learn more every day 😉

My opinion on Divi:

I have been using Divi, on a professional basis, since the beginning of 2019 on the advice of a webmaster friend.

I have tried other WordPress themes before but I adopted Divi because it is a very practical theme when you know it well.

At first, it's a little obscure because there are so many possibilities that you can feel a little overwhelmed.

But in fact, it really allows you to customize the sites from scratch.

Divi offers great creative freedom and that's what I appreciate. For having tested other themes, each time I found myself limited, which was never the case with Divi.

The real advantage of Divi :

What I appreciate is its flexibility and the many tips and tricks you can find on this topic. It allows me to learn and move forward.

My note: 5/5, because frankly, I don't see much to say about Divi!

PS: Thank you for your kindness, this is not the case in all communities, where a beginner who asks a question can easily be criticized.

Thank you Aurélie! On Divi Tips, there is something for everyone! Beginners are obviously welcome, knowing that I too struggled at my beginnings 😉 so I understand you!

Did you know that you can test Divi for free? Go to this page and click on "TRY IT FOR FREE"

5 - Jean-Luc Robert from the site Info-System

I am a part-time web freelancer for the moment (about 20%), with the objective of increasing this rate, to decrease my occupancy rate at my current job.

I have been using Divi since 2018. At first it was personal, but now it has become professional.

Why Divi? I chose Divi after reading an article about WPMarmite.

What I like about Divi:

  • You buy the theme and you have the page builder (DIVI Builder) included.
  • If you create sites for your customers, you take the Lifetime license and it is quickly profitable.
  • You only form yourself into one WordPress theme. In my case, I followed the training of Nicolas Richer from ElegantSchool, which saved me time.
  • You can create websites with different designs.
  • This theme evolves very regularly: given the number of updates (sometimes several per week), I think it is a great working tool.

Of course it is not free of defects, for example the form module does not offer enough options, compared to other extensions. I install Contact Form 7 and then add a few lines of CSS to it to adapt it to the site.

What I don't like so much:

I hated the problem of loading the Builder but since version 3.29.3 it seems solved.

My note:

As I don't have a lot of WordPress experience (only 3 years), and I haven't had the opportunity to know many different topics, my grade may not be very objective: 5/5

Thank you Jean-Luc. Indeed, the Divi theme offers many advantages that others do not offer. And as you say, the Lifetime license is really beneficial for website building professionals.

6 - Marie du blog de loisirs créatifs "the soul of the handmade"

My name is Marie and I have created a blog on creative leisure (especially notebooks, mixed media and creativity, for those to whom it speaks 😉).

My first intention was to share my tricks and artistic discoveries. So I had oriented myself towards a free theme but quickly I felt limited in functionality.

Then gradually, my online project took a more concrete turn and I decided to make it my main activity. This is why I chose a premium theme that can adapt over time to the development of my business.

My opinion Divi:

I first started with the Extra theme of Elegantthemes but the French-speaking community of Extra is unfortunately not very developed!

I had difficulties to customize some elements without using CSS (like footer...). So I finally resigned myself to using Divi and finally, I don't regret it!

I can easily import layouts for my pages and personalize them with my own photos.

After a few tutorials, I found the builder quite easy to use. Once you understand how the modules work, the layout is intuitive.

The pluses and minuses:

Divi is completely responsive and it is possible to issue a conditional logic to display certain elements only on computer (Desktop) in order not to interfere with mobile browsing, it is convenient to optimize SEO.

On the other hand, I sometimes have display bugs between my admin version and the visitor's page, or on the display of my fonts...

But I think that having changed the theme several times before switching to Divi doesn't help to have a very clean code...

Finally, the fact that the Divi French-speaking community is reactive helps me a lot to find solutions to my problems and to advise me on the best compatibility between plugins (by the way, thank you Lycia!).

And we must not forget the support of Elegantthemes which is super reactive and always gives a solution to implement.

The theme is regularly updated and new features appear over time. It is therefore a theme that is constantly evolving and adapting!

My note: 4/5

Thank you Mary for your detailed opinion on Divi. Too bad for Extra, it's a good magazine theme but you haven't lost anything in the process, in my opinion 😉

obtenir Divi - get Divi

7 - David COUDRAY from the Company ProServ

For more than 18 years, I worked in a computer maintenance company in Ile de France. During these many years, I have carried out several missions:

  • Technician,
  • Technical Manager,
  • Technical-commercial,
  • Project Manager.

Now, father of 3 children: to disconnect myself from the screens, I do car mechanics, electrical work and general cooling.

How and why Divi:

I opted for Divi at the beginning of 2019: it is my first theme and I use it for personal and professional purposes.

The choice of theme is essential... As much as a plugin can be easily changed, so much for its theme, it's as if you sign a contract with it. You take your bearings and habits which is difficult to change in a snap!

What tipped in the balance was that I was looking for a theme with a Visual Builder so that the customer can easily make some modifications.

Actually, I didn't know about the Page Builder Elementor when Divi was chosen (I was lost in the mass), but many were in my field of vision.

My opinion on Divi:

Personally, I like Elegant Themes' pricing policy, even if the licenses remain a little higher than the others in general.

But the lifetime license is interesting, especially for a professional.

Another strong point: updates follow one another quickly, each time bringing new features that are equally interesting and important to each other...

The blog part of the Elegantthemes website is also very informative, even if I still don't understand how to subscribe to their various newsletters.

Unfortunately not enough French content except for a few blogs like Tips Divi 😉

Advantages and disadvantages

I like the Visual Builder as a whole, unlike the theme which is sorely lacking in customizations (unfortunately, there is still a lot of improvement to perfect it).

Lack of parameters on some modules as well as several types of modules could be added such as a vertical slider, an image carousel (without third-party plugin) etc.

But we agree that today, the page builder is really operational, even much more!

My note:

  • The Divi Builder: 4.3 (the perfect does not exist)
  • The Theme itself: 3.2 for a paying theme is loose (fortunately Divi theme child fixes a few things for neophytes).

Thanks again David 🙂 . You're right, the Divi theme remains simple. On the contrary, I see it as a great advantage, it's a strength! The "gas plant" themes are generally heavy, the more options there are, the more complicated it is to set up (example OceanWP, to name but a few). So, yes, the Divi theme is pretty basic but the Visual Builder is there for just that. And this will make sense with the arrival of the Theme Builder (Divi 4.0). This is the choice made by the developers of Elementor Pro who also coded the theme Hello: it is the most basic theme that can exist! Zero option, nothing, nada: everything is to be built with the builder.

8 - Maël from the site Metodo

I am, with my partner, a consultant in digital communication. We support entrepreneurs in telling their stories online.

This is done through a communication strategy, the production of web content (articles, videos, newsletters) and through in-company training.

How and why Divi?

We have been using Divi on a personal basis (on our own site) for about a year, but I don't exclude the idea of doing it on a pro basis, given the number of requests I receive to create sites.

Looking at what was best, Divi's name came up several times.

I was very attracted by the fact that I could build directly on the site (in WYSIWYG), without using a text editor.

And then, when I went to the Elegant Themes website, I saw that they were doing an end-of-year promotion that was really worth it. It was almost half price: another reason to try the adventure.

My opinion about Divi:

I was blogging on my own site in 2012, which I then closed to travel.

Back in 2019, I wondered if things had changed and with Divi, they really had!

The fact of being able to build your site on the page: it's an old dream come true...

I particularly appreciate the Lifetime offer which allows you to pay only once and have access to interesting and useful services such as Monarch or Bloom for example.

At customer support, they are pretty cool and sometimes help me when it comes to coding and it's complicated: it takes them two and a half seconds and it saves me a lot of time!

The Divi builder is designed to be used by a ten-year-old child (you should really try to check 😉 and allows, in a very short time, to build almost anything you want. It is this simplicity and ergonomics that I appreciate.

However, there is only one thing I hate: it's a bug that appeared recently and didn't exist before. When you write directly to the site, the mouse cursor automatically moves to the top of the section. Which means that it writes at the top instead of where you want it to be, in short... So to avoid these unnecessary steps, I no longer write directly to the site and go through the editor, which is a shame because it's the feature I liked the most, as explained above.

My note:

I admire the people who save me time (just like Divi Tips) and since I don't hold a grudge against the many nerve attacks that Divi has caused (I put that on the beginner's account), I would put 5/5. But because of the bug that doesn't seem to be fixed, I go down to 4.5/5.

Thank you Maël. It is true that since 2012, website design has changed a lot! Divi was launched in December 2013 but it is only in 2016 that Divi will offer the functionality of Visual Builder 😉

Essayer Divi

9 - The notice of Geoffrey Pin

I have been a web freelancer since 2019, I work with clients to improve their visibility and reach their potential target audience.

The purpose of all this? Get customers nothing more. Visibility is only a springboard. But optimizing the conversion rate is the real KPI of an SEO consultant.

How and why Divi?

I have been using Divi for my own website since July 2018: my entourage, made up of SEO and developers, advised me on this theme.

Finally, I find it very useful, very stylish and simple for a layman as well as an intermediate user. In addition, the design is unlimited!

In my opinion:

The Divi Builder is simple, quick to set up and totally flexible. All ideas can be shaped. Too bad a feature to apply the same mass formatting over several hundred pages is not available. Nevertheless, I have not seen any problems since I have been using it.

So, to summarize: simplicity, professional look, ergonomic but maybe not technical enough (difficult to customize some elements despite the options: some small constraints). Overall, I am very happy with this theme.

My note: 4,5/5

Thank you Geoffrey. If you are SEO, this article for make Divi SEO-Friendly might interest you 😉

10 – Sylvie de Sylbohec his opinion on Divi

Since 2009, I have been freelancing for operational marketing and the web. From logo to brochure, I also create websites for my clients with WordPress and Divi, among others. I therefore use Divi for both professional and personal use.

Since when did Divi start?

I have been using Divi for only 2 years: 1 customer and a partner told me about it one after the other and as I am curious about the new technologies, I tried it... and finally adopted it quickly!

Divi Opinion :

I hesitated at first and tested it for a few weeks. I was convinced by the ease of use, the enormous technical possibilities (or not), the well thought-out development for the less experienced users and at the same time the development professionals.

When I see all the regular updates, it's really powerful!

Divi: the most and the least

For the advantages, I would say that the interface is very easy to use, regular updates make the tool evolve, the tutorials offered give the dimension of the power of the system and its price... for life!

Oh yes, and also the support... even if the time zone brings us answers in the evening, they are on the cleat and a great help!

As for the defects, I have some display problems (due to my browser or maybe something else) and sometimes it's a bit difficult to make changes. Not to mention all the possibilities and countless options that sometimes make you lose your mind...or forget them.

My note: On a scale of 1 to 6... Divi is at least 7!!!!! 😀

Thank you Sylvie. It is true that Divi's learning requires a short adaptation period, but after all, it runs 😉 . I also agree with you that Divi is suitable for both beginners and developers.

11 - Hervé's opinion

I am Hervé and I have already created a website for an association under WordPress with the theme Enfold de Kreisi.

For the past 3 months, I have been building a personal website locally with WordPress and Divi.

Divi's strengths:

  • Reactivity for bug correction
  • Continuous evolution.
  • Many possibilities
  • Multiple settings.

Divi's weak points:

I appreciate the possibilities that this theme offers, however, I find that the annual subscription is a little expensive and that it takes a long time to master all the settings available in the Visual Builder... But this makes it a strength for maximum customization!

My note: 4/5

Thank you Hervé... When will the website be online? 😉

Thank you for sharing your opinion on Divi!

This article lists 11 Divi opinions from various user profiles.

I would like to point out that I did not select the emails I received and that all the answers were published in this article (no filter).

So a priori, Divi is rather well appreciated and obtains an average score of 4.45/5 based on these 11 opinions.

And with version 4.0 in the works, the Divi theme can only get better... The future will tell us 😉 !

I would like to thank all subscribers who responded for this participative article.

avis thème Divi
Divi : avis utilisateurs
Divi : what users think

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6 Commentaires

  1. kaellyana

    Bonjour, merci pour vos divers avis.
    Je n’ai pas eue le temps de répondre pour participer. Mais tu as eue du monde alors c’est chouette.
    Merci à vous qui avez jouer le jeu.

    Pour moi ce qu’il manque surtout à Divi c’est l’amélioration de la partie blog. Le système de carte je suis pas très fan et l’autre manière est un peu trop moche.
    Du coup, selon les sites j’utilises Divi surtout si la personne ne veux pas trop bloguer. Si la personne veux une partie blog sympa et bien je cherche ailleurs.

    Je trouves que chez Divi le fait de ne pas pouvoir modifier le header et le pied de page avec le builder comme le permet elementor avec certains thèmes compatibles n’est pas tip top.

    J’ai crue apercevoir qu’avec la version qui arrives on le pourrait? à voir.

    Si Divi un jour améliore sa partie blog et que l’on puisse avoir pas mal de possibilité de design de cette partie, ils gagneront que j’utiliserai ce thème plus souvent.

    Niveau modules c’est pareil, je trouve qu’avec elementor l’on peut faire beaucoup plus de choses, notamment grâce aux plugins qui ajoute des fonctions. Ce que je ne voie pas pour Divi ? ou alors je suis miro.

    Enfin voila, je ne suis pas addict a un seul thème ni un seul constructeur de page. J’aime bien utiliser un peu différents trucs selon le projet.
    Cela permet de voir les possibilités des uns et des autres.

    Par contre la licence lifetime de Divi et les projets illimités ça c’est carrément cool. Et niveau licence lifetime ils sont moins chers que certains fabricants de thèmes style astra et cie.

    Merci à toi pour ton site et le contenu que tu nous mets.

  2. Lycia Diaz

    Super merci Kaellyanna 😉

  3. Alex

    Bonjour et merci pour vos articles, tous très instructifs.

    J’utilise DIVI depuis plus d’un an maintenant, pour la création de mes sites web pro, et, je le trouve effectivement très bien dans l’ensemble.

    Avantages :

    – la licence lifetime
    – thème user friendly
    – le Divi Builder
    – la communauté (il est tout de même préférable de maîtriser l’anglais, pour le support notamment)
    – le support très réactif et très aidant (là aussi à condition de maîtriser l’anglais)
    – la tonne de ressources

    Je trouve cependant, que les thèmes/layouts ne sont vraiment pas à la hauteur…

    Si l’on compare les layouts d’autres concurrents, (BeTheme pour ne citer que lui) ou d’autres plateformes comme Wix ou Squarespace, Divi est vraiment très très en retard au niveau design…

    Personnellement je trouve les layouts moches (c’est mon avis). Par ailleurs, ils ne sont pas du tout optimisés ni responsive, très peu ergonomiques et mal conçus. Ils ne respectent pas du tout les tendances graphiques et ergonomiques actuelles.

    Pour résumer les inconvénients :

    – Des layouts/templates qui laissent à désirer…
    – Thème assez énergivore, du coup parfois assez lent
    – la prise en main demande un peu de temps et d’investissement personnel. Contrairement à ce que Divi annonce, leur thème est assez complexe au départ, notamment pour les néophytes…
    – la plupart des sites Divi se ressemblent et donc vous ne sortirez pas du lot en utilisant ce thème, à moins d’être créatif…

    A noter que Divi est très bien pour qui a un minimum d’expérience en informatique, et de bonnes connaissances du web. Il s’adresse principalement aux freelances et agences web.

    Merci encore pour votre site, il est de très bon conseil 🙂

  4. Lycia Diaz

    Merci Alex !

  5. Christian Boyer

    Bonjour à tous,
    Depuis quelques années, je m’occupe à faire des sites pour des « copains ».
    J’aimerais acquérir Divi. Est-il possible, sous le thème Divi, d’intégrer un forum avec des accès libres, restreints, et pour l’administration ?
    En vous remerciant.

  6. Lycia Diaz

    Salut Christian. Je ne m’y connais pas trop en forum mais je crois qu’il faut que tu ajoutes un plugin comme BBPress. C’est en plus deWordPress et Divi.

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