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Divi fashion sites offer excellent examples of what can be achieved with this WordPress theme.

Indeed, each hobby or field of activity has its own needs... But Divi adapts perfectly and very easily to all situations.

If you want to create a fashion website, you should know that it is one of the most popular topics online. There are countless websites about this and to stand out, you need to pay particular attention to the visual aspect.

In addition, the fashion industry is always looking for the latest trends. It therefore needs a powerful tool to enhance them. Fortunately, Divi has what it takes to build any type of fashion site.

To help you, here is a selection among the best Divi fashion sites.

You can find a little bit of everything: studios, shops, magazines, designer sites and of course blogs.

You can use these sites as inspiration for the use of colourthe use of images, layout, fonts, etc.

Advertisement: This article contains affiliate links that you will easily recognize. The classic links are in purple and sponsored links are in pink.

Divi fashion website n°1: Veronica Ariel

sites de mode divi veronica ariel

We start very strongly in the Divi fashion sites, with the designer's site Veronica Ariel.

This is a good example of dynamism and simplicity, with a good focus on products and the shop.

As soon as you arrive, you will discover the designer and her products in a full-page photo showing her in her studio, followed by photos in various formats but arranged with taste and punch!

The call-to-action or a simple click on one of the photos leads directly to the shop.

At the top of the page, the sticky menu (with scrolling reduction effect) draws attention to Veronica's Instagram account, where you can follow her news and the superb photos of her creations.

Fashion website n°2: Trishia Grace

Trishia Grace

Trishia Grace is a West Hollywood fashion designer. She has developed a brand of clothing that is both functional and sexy.

It is therefore the website of his studio and his collection of vintage style dresses, designed for evening wear or for more casual moments.

Clothes are hand-dyed with interesting patterns and vibrant colours. They are designed to easily match other clothing.

The very elegant welcome highlights Trishia and her creations.

As for the newsletter registration formit integrates well with the background image. It concludes with an elegant footer with social tracking icons and a beautiful background pattern.

The contact form does not incorporate a plan. Instead, it provides a personalized link to Google Maps.

Its menu is simple. There is a link to the shop, the blog and the contact form. During the scrolling, the logo remains in place but the transparent menu becomes shaded.

There is also a nicely stylized section separation. The great advantage of this Divi fashion site: it combines elegance and simplicity, while highlighting the brand's colours.

Did you know that you can test Divi for free? Go to this page and click on "TRY IT FOR FREE"

Fashion website n°3 : I am Italian

sites mode divi i am italian

I Am Italian is a magazine specializing in high-end sunglasses and other luxury products made in Italy.

It covers previews, art news, fashion trends, celebrities and the glasses they wear, beauty, events, specific brands, etc.

The home page includes a full page with:

  • a full page slider under the first menu,
  • a second slider of smaller format incorporated in the menu pointing to the categories of the magazine. This full-page category menu framing the latest posts is a great find!

Each category points to the corresponding blog posts. The articles themselves cover the subject in detail with many photos and videos.

We continue with a subsection that highlights the categories of the blog.

Each block displays the last two posts in each category, giving the reception a beautiful magazine look.

The site also uses PrestaShop in a sub-domain dedicated to its commercial part. The link, not too invasive, is in the menu (Shop).

Divi fashion website n°4 : The Desire

the desire

The Desire is a fashion and lifestyle blog created by the Spanish Cristina Castro in 2013. Like many fashion bloggers, she shares photos of her daily looks.

His blog has had several versions and has been a great success.

Thus, this blogger has collaborated with many brands in the fashion industry including Vila Clothes, Romwe, Evax, Steve Madden, Lays, Lowlita&you, Dayaday, Designer vintage Loreal, Shein, Liujo, etc.

The homepage is clear and uncluttered. It highlights the images. There are:

  • thumbnails pointing to the last 4 posts (the blog was paused a few months ago and we see that two cover images are missing, too bad!)
  • excerpts from full-width posts,
  • links to its social networks
  • a photo gallery.

The "Looks" page displays blog articles per year, in the form of a gallery.

We can thus discover the evolution of Cristina's tastes and style, as well as the evolution of fashion trends.

The "My Style" category displays its looks in different contexts, which are subcategories (work, casual, special occasions, seventies, etc.).

The content is basically the same as the Looks page, i.e. the blog articles, but presented in a different way. Both approaches are of interest.

With success, Cristina even ended up creating her own Online shop with Divi :

To be noted:

  1. The back button at the top, original. This is a large light green circle with the diamond icon, which represents the blog.
  2. The superimposition on the flyover of the images, with a large button inside the same large circle and the same diamond.

Fashion website n°5 : Curto

sites de mode divi

This site is that of Sara and Angelo Curtoshoemakers in Brig, Switzerland, since 2000.

They therefore manufacture bags, shoes and various leather accessories, such as belts or wallets.

As producers, they also supply a dozen brands.

Angelo and Sara have adopted an ethical approach: there are no pollutants or toxins in their products.

The Curto site is a one page design that opens with a full screen video.

We continue with a storytelling passage with the "company" section, highlighted by a beautiful photo of the couple in their shop.

This is followed by a full width slider, which highlights the products, then links to the collections, information about their workshop and its location.

A click on the collections opens an independent gallery with a dynamic display of the products.

This is a good example among Divi fashion sites, as it is elegant and the visuals highlight the products and the company well.

The use of dynamic galleries and full-width photos contributes to the modernity of the design, without compromising the traditional atmosphere (invited by the harmonious choice of colours) of the whole.

Fashion website n°6: Susie O's Handbags

susie o's handbags

Susie O's is an online handbag shop.

The choice of products is carefully made: Susie selects "classic but with a little something" that sets them apart.

Similarly, the unique sorting tool offered by the site is unique.

This is the second menu, under the main menu, with a sticky scrolling effect.

It has three drop-down menus for which you can easily navigate through the categories, designers and/or colors of the products.

It remains visible on the scrolling and on all the pages of the site; its pink color makes it very catchy and we quickly want to use it to discover what is offered to us!

Apart from that, the site remains quite classic but functional, with its shop sections, about, events and contact.

As the sections are not very well provided (except the shop section), we quickly reach the footer, simple and effective, which includes social network icons and blends well with the rest of the site.

Divi fashion website n°7: Fashion or famine

site de mode divi : fashion or famine

Here is the minimalist option of this list of Divi fashion sites!

Fashion or Famine is a vintage clothing shop with a very refined menu and design.

Their site is a little old (it is no longer updated), but it provides a good example of simplicity and efficiency to highlight text and photo content.

The menu has only two entries: about and contact. The rest of the reception is composed of two columns, the left reserved for ticket extracts and the right, more restricted, centred only on links to the online shop and social networks.

It is therefore a good inspiration for sobriety - such a site has the added advantage of being extremely simple to create with Divi.

Need more inspiration? Discover all the official Divi Showcases.

Assessment and reflections

These examples of Divi mode sites show that the tool is perfectly adapted to this domain.

You have seen how varied they are in their style and approach. If you want to keep it simple and start on WordPress and Divistart with a minimalist site such as Fashion or Famine.

But with a minimum of practice and based on the resources provided by Divi Tipsyou will quickly be able to create more complex and dynamic sites like the other Divi fashion sites in this selection.

So I suggest you take a look around the list, note the elements you like most and apply these ideas to your own creations.

And what are your favorite Divi fashion sites? Feel free to share your opinions, questions and suggestions in the comments below!

This article was written by David Albert, a freelance writer who helps entrepreneurs publish quality content. More information on his website.

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    Salut Stéphane,
    Ce n’est pas un module Divi classique. J’ai examiné le code et il ne donne pas d’infos sur un plugin en particulier. On dirait un module custom avec du JS. Je n’ai pas plus d’infos à ce sujet… Désolée.
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