Inspiration: 9 examples of Divi sites from the food sector

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Today we're off to discover the most beautiful Divi sites in the food industry!

If your professional activity is related to food and/or drink - or if you just love it - you'll find that Divi makes it possible to make exceptional sites around this theme.

This list of examples mainly includes sites with a professional purpose: bakeries, coffee shops, restaurants, online food sales... And you'll see that Divi is perfectly adapted to all these situations.

For examples of restaurant sites made with DiviIt's this way!

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Food Divi Sites #1: Bean on the Green

Bean on the Green : siteweb alimentaire

Let's start this selection of the best Divi sites in the food industry with Bean on the Green.

It is an independent coffee shop located in York, Great Britain. A wide choice of coffees and hot drinks, as well as dishes and sweets, is offered by the establishment.

Bean is the bean, Green is the green...

The choice of site colors Part of the result: green in the secondary and two unusual primaries, a brown to purple and a red to brown (remembering that bean also means red bean)!

From this first observation, one can see the care taken in the visual identity of the brand.

The iconography also deserves to be observed. We're getting a pretty girly tone that harmonizes well with the chosen shades.

The shapes are round, with pictographs that point towards the cartoon. Very free green curves connect the different sections of a page.

All these choices give off an image of proximity and sympathy, which is very much in keeping with the spirit of the establishment as described on the site.

Among the plugins used for this site, we will note :

  • Simple Social Buttons
  • Enjoy Instagram Instagram Responsive Images Gallery And Carousel

See the site.

Food Divi Sites #2: Milkin More

Milkin'More site secteur alimentaire fait avec Divi

Milkin More is a eCommerce which offers recipes to stimulate the production of breast milk, but also baby food. Their food products, based on natural foods, are designed to be healthy and nutritious.

This highly advanced concept is served by a cleverly thought-out design. The colour white dominates, of course. As for the fonts, the headline font is round and thick, and the secondary fonts also have rounded shapes - also reminiscent of pregnancy, another dominant theme of the brand.

The separators within each section also evoke this "milky" effect with a softly curved white wave effect.

The home page opens with a full-page image and the dynamic appearance of white waves. The following are several parts:

  • a slogan, very well highlighted by the size of the title font and the radical stripping that surrounds it
  • a full width, full length photo, preceded and followed by separators
  • an excerpt from the catalogue with a menu to filter the product selection
  • another full-width image with a sales argument written in a large overlapping white drop
  • other business arguments following one another in two parts
  • testimonials from the community
  • a form to subscribe to the mailing list.

The shop is powered by WooCommerce. Note the use of the following other plugins in different parts of the site:

  • Sticky Menu Or Anything On Scroll
  • Popups
  • Woocommerce Products Filter
  • 1 Instagram Feed
  • WooCommerce Ultimate Gift Card
  • MailChimp For WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce Gateway Paypal Express Checkout
  • Divi_woo_layout_injector
  • Myworks Woo Sync For Quickbooks Online

Discover the site.

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Best Feeding Sites under Divi #3: 31 The Quay

Site fait avec Divi : 31 The Quay

Thirty One The Quay is a restaurant located in North Shield, not far from the city of Newcastle in England.

The colors of the site stick perfectly to the place:

  • a dominant blue colour for the proximity to the river which is reflected in the large bay windows of the establishment,
  • and a soft grey as a secondary colour, reminiscent of its modern brushed metal architecture.

The home page displays a full page slider with some very nice pictures.

Note the CTA in the top left corner for booking. In my opinion, this position is questionable, as a good call to action should be obvious... However, let's bet that a visitor who would try to book a table from the start would find this feature without too much difficulty when arriving on their site.

The scrolling leads us to a description of the restaurant, followed by invitations to visit the contents of the site (menu, events, private booking for a special occasion or corporate event...).

The layout of this section is interesting. It offers a first item in full width, followed by three images occupying a third of the screen width. It's a nice way to highlight the pictures.

The welcome ends with a mailing list subscription form of the establishment and finally by a beautiful full width quadrille as a footer.

The first quarter displays the coordinates of the restaurant and the next three are sliders displaying beautiful photos of the kitchens. We find this successful footer in the other sections of the site.

These other sections are quite classical, but just as neat. Note the perfect integration of full width Google Maps in the contact section.

From an aesthetic point of view, 31 The Quay is beyond reproach, and that's what earned it a place on this list of the most beautiful Divi sites on food products.

Notable plugins used :

  • All in one SEO pack
  • Bloom

See the site.

Divi sites on food #4 : Jouw Dag

Jouw Dag siteweb alimentaire

Jouw Dag is an online bakery located in Sassenheim, the Netherlands. In terms of design, their site stands out from the rest of our selection of Divi sites in the food industry.

Indeed, this choice of colours and fonts is not often seen in English or French-speaking countries. And I think they evoke the Dutch atmosphere wonderfully:

  • Pale yellow and light grey for colours. Two shades that are quite similar but that respond well to each other. A slightly more classic pale blue completes them in a secondary shade.
  • Angular fonts and pictograms at a time when curves dominate.
  • Straight dividers and clean cuts between the parties.

It's square, no fuss. The result is an impression of order, seriousness and... hygiene. Everything is in its place, you can feel the professionalism and rigour mixed with benevolence that is typical of the Nordic countries.

As far as the different sections of the site are concerned, there is a lot of order here too. As for the shop, it is perfectly integrated into the site.

Discover this site.

Food sites with Divi #5: Perfect Pizza

Perfect Pizza

We go to the other side of the globe with the Perfect Pizza, an Australian site dedicated to a mini-group of two pizzerias. It has its place in our selection of the best Divi sites in the food sector, because it shines by its simplicity and dynamism.

The home page introduces the Perfect Pizza brand and opens on two separate pages, each dedicated to one of the restaurants. These two pages are very similar, with the parts following each other in the same order.

Two interesting points to note.

First of all, the play of colours. Each pizzeria has its own colour, green for one, red for the other. The home page uses both colors since it talks about the whole brand. On the other hand, each page devoted to a restaurant uses only its colour.

Next, note the amount of dynamic elements that appear when scrolling. This gives a lot of life to this site, without affecting its readability. The fact that the content is very basic and to the point has a lot to do with it.

It is of course possible to order pizzas online, but this is done through Menulog, an external platform managed by Just Eat.

Among the notable plugins on the Perfect Pizza site, we notice :

  • WP Rocket
  • Yoast SEO

See the site.

Food Divi Sites #6: Luv A Coffee

Site Divi du secteur alimentaire : Luv a Coffee

Let's stay a little bit in the land of kangaroos for this site dedicated to a coffee shop in the city of Emerald (Queensland state in Australia). This is a very nice one page site with a clean design.

We start with the full-page logo, followed by sections focused on the map (breakfast, lunch, kids, drinks).

The site concludes with the contact section (visit us), which is quite classically composed of a contact form and a full-width google map.

I like it a lot:

  • background photos to separate sections
  • the full width mini-gallery between the drinks and the contact area
  • the sticky menu that refocuses when scrolling and deleting social network buttons

Of course, these can be found at the end, along with the coordinates of the establishment.

The success of the Luv A Coffee website is due to its simplicity and consistency. The essential is there, no useless content, a presentation that is sober, efficient and aesthetic at the same time.

Notable plugin used: Food Menu Pro.

Discover the site.

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Food industry sites under Divi #7: Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop

Buttermilk Sky

Let's change hemisphere again and cross an ocean again... And this time let's go to the south of the United States where there is a small chain of tea/coffee shops: Buttermilk Sky.

Their Divi website is a great success for several reasons:

  • the full width video from the reception desk, very well done and highlighted
  • smooth and progressive display of images when scrolling
  • A very nice selection of photos
  • the full-page google map that allows you to select your store to order online in a few clicks (the order itself is outsourced to a third party platform)

Still, we're sticking with what is very classic on the whole: a small American channel that uses proven marketing and storytelling tools.

However, I very much appreciate the balance between dynamism and gentleness, as well as the "Southern tradition" effect that the channel manages to create in the visitor!

Notable plugins :

  • Yoast
  • Magnificent Popup

See this site.

Divi Food Retail Sites #8: Pearl's Seafood Market

Site Divi du secteur alimentaire

We now move on to Louisiana, where Danielle and Jason Martin have opened a seafood store: Pearl's Seafood Market. They offer not only the services of a fish shop, but also a restaurant section.

The reception of their site opens on a slider and continues with a small presentation on a background of waves in paralax.

The colours - yellow, blue-green and brown - blend surprisingly well. They contribute to the originality of the site, as is also the case for the angular fonts without MS and the effects of wear or frost on some backgrounds.

As far as content is concerned, it goes straight to the point with rather short but effective pages. The emphasis is on menus and product lists.

I was astonished that there was no contact form, but after all it's a decision that makes sense for a convenience store. The emphasis is therefore on location and telephone. A google map is of course integrated in the contact part of the site.

Noteworthy plugin: Yoast SEO.

Discover the site.

Examples of food sector sites #9: Cider Tonic

Cider Tonic : sites Divi du secteur alimentaire

Let's take one last detour to Australia! Cider Tonic is a cider vinegar eBoutique. It is produced according to the principles of permaculture (this method of organic and sustainable agriculture is quite widespread in Australia, because it was invented there).

The smartphone version of the site is particularly successful. This is also true for the computer version, but much less so for the tablet version: the home menu overflows on two lines and takes up too much space. Apart from this small defect that does not concern all users, it is a no-fault.

The gold colour on a white background evokes both cider and luxury products. This is fortunate because we are here at the crossroads of these two categories.

As for the WooCommerce store, it integrates discreetly and efficiently into the site.

Notable plugins :

  • WooCommerce
  • Mailchimp for WooCommerce

See the site.

Need more inspiration? Discover all the official Divi Showcases.

Conclusion and final thoughts

That concludes this little world tour of the most beautiful Divi sites in the food industry.

As you have seen, there is something for every taste and style. Whatever your food business, whether you sell on site and/or online, Divi provides you with all the tools you need to build an aesthetically pleasing and high-performance site.

I would like to point out in passing that the sites in this selection are presented in no particular order. If I had to decide on the ones I liked the most, I would place in the top trio Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop, 31 The Quay and Perfect Pizza (for its simplicity and inventiveness in the use of colours).

And you, which of these Divi sites in the food industry did you prefer? Feel free to let us know in the comments!

Similarly, if you have a Divi site to propose in this theme, do not hesitate to submit it in the com form.

This article was written by David Albert, a freelance writer who helps entrepreneurs publish quality content. More information on his website.

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